Friday, August 31, 2012

Smallville Season 11 Chapter 15

written by Bryan Q Miller        art by Chris Cross

After 11 years I finally got to see it - Bruce Wayne meeting Lex Luthor.  If he had ever appeared on the show that is probably how it would have gone down as opposed to Clark getting a lot of screen time with Bruce.  But this worked out better.  Cuz this time we got to see Batman meeting Superman and the inevitable fight scene before the team up.  Things like that should get annoying cuz every team up comic book property seems to do it but ya know what?  It's just damn fun to watch!

There are some nice references to Smallville's past such as Lionel having invited the Waynes to join Veritas as well as Lex referring to the Earth 2 Lionel as a "maniac posing as my father".  Also, I really love Superman making the criminals he caught in the last issue apologize to the children.  That was a very Christopher Reeve moment that I laughed at.

As much as I did enjoy this chapter I was a bit disappointed.  The flow seemed a little stunted.  I liked it a lot but the scene between Lex and Superman seemed unnecessary as well as the Toyman cameo.  Maybe that will come back later but right now it didn't seem to fit.  But as I said, Batman's first impression with Superman was definitely memorable and I look forward to Clark's reaction in the next chapter.

Also, seriously, Chris Cross?  Ugh . . .

Four Crime Bibles out of Five

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