Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I remember when this film was first announced. It was Marvel's first self financed film. Director - Jon Favreau (from Elf). Starring - Robert Downey Jr. I was already impressed. I've always been a big comic book fan. Anytime a comic book movie is announced I get excited. I didn't know a lot about Iron Man. I knew he was an Avenger. I knew he went through like a billion different armors. And I knew he had an alcohol problem. I was surprised that Downey was cast since the role of Tony Stark seemed to hit close to home for him. I found out later that that was precisely why he was cast and why he was interested. He brought a lot to the role of Tony Stark. The truth is that the movie would have been totally different if another actor had been cast.

In a parallel world this could have happened . . . 

As the rest of the cast was rounded out, I became more and more interested. Gwenyth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, and Jeff Bridges! These are all Oscar nominated/winning actors (including Downey)! Marvel wasn't afraid to go for some real talent for this film. I was thrilled. I've said before that I'm a sucker for a good trailer but I'm also a sucker for a good cast. I liked all of these actors and knew that they would bring quality performances. Once the trailers rolled in, I was sold. This movie was gonna be great!

I mentioned in a previous post that Iron Man is one of the most important comic book movies ever made and I maintain that. After watching the film, I could tell that comic book movies were changing. During that end credit scene, we were on the way to something new and exciting. Suddenly, the movies were connected. We were going to get an Avengers film! It all started with this movie. If this movie hadn't been as good as it was, the budding Marvel Cinematic Universe would have been dead before it had a chance to live. Thanks to Robert Downey Jr's performance, the amazing special effects, and the promise of a larger world just outside Stark's door, this movie opened the door to the Marvel Universe. 

Side note - I went to this movie on a date with an old girlfriend. I was actually nervous that I was gonna annoy her with how excited I was during the movie. Turns out she was geeking out way more than I was. That was a good feeling. It made me realize that I wasn't crazy for liking these movies as much as I did. Everyone can enjoy them now. So called "nerds" were growing in numbers. 


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Monday, April 20, 2015