Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 BEST GEEK OUT MOMENTS (in recent memory):

I admit right off the bat that this is a slightly cheesy list.  This list could go on and on and on.  But first let me define GEEK OUT for me: GEEK OUT - is when I either jump up in the air, or laugh hysterically, or think a moment is so pulled from the comic books that I cannot contain my excitement and probably embarass my friends at the movie theater.  These moments are usually accented with a "Fuck yeah!" or a "Hell yes!" or a "That was fucking awesome." By the way these are in no particular order. So here we go:

  1. SPIDER-MAN 2 (swinging through the semi truck) - The first time I saw this part was in the previews.  Spidey is doing his classic swinging through New York City and he glides right through the crack between the truck and the trailer of a semi.  My eyes bugged out of my head and my jaw dropped.  You always wonder what the comic book pages would look like in real life but that moment topped it all!  Luckily Spider-Man 2 has the luxury/honor of having the best CGI effects of all the movies. 
  2. BATMAN BEGINS ("I'm Batman") - I knew from the moment the director, actors, and assorted crew were announced that this movie would be fantastic.  When the first trailer came out I had a geek out moment but nothing compared to seeing and hearing Batman say, "I'm Batman!"  I mean Falcone's all freaked out, "What the hell are you?" and Batman breaks through his sunroof and pulls him out.  Actually that whole scene is amazing.  They portrayed Batman almost like a serial killer in a horror movie.  Which is the most accurate portrayal of Batman. Also, Christian Bale's voice in Begins was way better than the voice he tried in The Dark Knight. 
  3. THE DARK KNIGHT ("A little fight in ya.  I like that!" "Then you're gonna love me!") - Again, another great moment from the previews but dammit if it wasn't just as amazing in the movie!  The line is kinda cheesy but ya know what?  That's what makes these movies great!  The villains are evil and the heroes always have a good quip up their sleeve (or in this case in their utility belts lol!!  Ahem . . . ) I could probably give about 900 geek out moments in this movie (and from Heath's Joker alone) but I narrowed it down to this because it felt like something out of the comic.  The Joker is too busy threatening Rachel to realize that a man dressed as a giant bat is standing next to him.  It's a classic Batman/Joker moment in my book.
  4. SUPERMAN RETURNS (flying up the elevator) - Say what you will at Bryan Singer's attempt at doing a sequel to the original Richard Donner Superman: the Movie.  Yeah, the movie is a little boring and Superman doesn't really do anything except admit he had a bastard child with Lois Lane (who is failing gym class?  what a dork!)  When he learns that Lois is trapped out at sea he sneaks over to the elevator.  This is actually a very subtle moment but to me it's so iconically Superman that it gives me chills.  I love how he just quietly takes off his glasses and undoes his tie as he shoots upward.  I love how simple that shot is.  That's what makes it totally awesome for me.
  5. THE BIG BANG THEORY (Sheldon dresses up as the Flash) - I didn't think I would like this show.  I don't know why though.  This show is very, very funny.  I never thought I would get to see a show where a comic book store is a regular standing set.  In Season Two, Penny develops "Penny Blossoms" and the gang stays up all night making them.  Penny convinces Sheldon to drink coffee and he is just high on the caffeine.  The best is the very end of the episode, Sheldon has been off camera for a while and little did we know he was putting on his Flash costume.  He runs out of his room screaming, "ZOOM! ZOOM! ZOOM!" It was one of the few moments in sitcom television where I laughed so hard that I almost fell out of my chair. 
  6. IRON MAN ("I am Iron Man") - This movie impressed me on a number of levels.  I was very excited to see it but much like the parody done on The Onion I felt like the best parts were in the previews and the movie would not live up to its hype.  Fortunately for me, it not only lived up but exceeded the hype.  Then there was the end of the movie.  They come up with an alibi for Stark and he proceeds to read the cards he's given.  I sat there thinking, "Oh come on!  They can do better than this!"  And then, much to my delight, they did do better.  He puts the cards down, smirks, and says, "I am Iron Man!"  I couldn't believe it!  I couldn't remember another comic book movie where the hero did something like that.  It really helped to set it apart from everything else I had seen.
  7. STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE (Darth Maul vs the Jedi) - I was a kid when I saw this for the first time so unlike most of the diehard fans I thought it was fantastic.  But one thing I shared with those diehard fans was when Darth Maul showed up giving the Jedi that, "Let's fuck some shit up" look and Qui Gon stepping up and saying, "Bring it."  It remains my favorite lightsaber battle of all the Star Wars movies.  Although in Revenge of the Sith it was totally brutal and intense, this one set the stage for what was to come.  And I think I cried when Darth Maul died but not when Qui Gon died.  Is that bad?
  8. SMALLVILLE (Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions) - Much like the Dark Knight,  there are probably hundreds of moments I could mention.  However, this (as of right now before season 10 starts) remains one of the best for me.  As I have said before, Season Six is my favorite season and this moment stands out to me as one of the best in any season.  The Justice League has teamed up for the first time to take on their enemy, Lex Luthor, and then they channel their inner Lonely Island and walk away in slow motion from the explosion.  Then the camera zooms in on Clark Kent.  It's hard to think of Superman as a bad ass but dammit if Tom Welling doesn't make you nod and say, "That guy's a bad ass!"
  9. TRANSFORMERS ("Megatron!" "Prime!") - This movie is like Michael Bay's dream come true.  He gets to blow things up legally.  This movie is actually not too bad.  I'm not really a Transformers fan.  But you have to admit, fan or not, that the movie had some pretty awesome CGI for the robots.  My favorite moment in the movie is when they have the fight in the city.  Optimus Prime joins the fight, transforming from his truck mode to his fighting mode.  Then he stands up and yells, "Megatron!" And Megatron, tossing aside Jazz, screams, "Prime!"  You can just feel their hate for each other in those two words.  I let out a, "Whoa!" and watched as those two giant toys went about trying to tear each other apart.  Sweet . . .
  10. SAW (Jigsaw stands up) - This is not a comic book movie but this moment does stand out to me as one of the best "WTFs!" in almost any movie I've ever seen.  The first Saw is one of the better horror/thrillers I've ever seen.  I knew when Adam and Gordon killed Zepp I knew that he was not Jigsaw.  I pretty much rolled my eyes when Adam found the tape recorder in Zepp's pocket.  But then the dead dude in the middle stands up, cracks his neck and pulls of the prosthetic off his face.  I literally stood up and yelled, "What the fuck?!"  I was amazed!  Now THAT was a twist I did not see coming.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Superman: Secret Origin

written by Geoff Johns  with art by Gary Frank

This is I believe the conversation that happened between Dan Didio and Geoff Johns before Geoff started writing:

DAN - Hey Geoff, I was think it would be cool if you wrote a Superman origin story like you did with Green Lantern.

GEOFF - Uh . . . Don't people already know the Superman origin?  Hasn't it be told like eighteen times this past decade alone?

DAN - No.  Uh . . . nope.  I don't know it anyway.  Never heard it.

GEOFF - What? Yes you have!  We just watched Superman: the Movie and you said it was the best Superman origin story ever!

DAN - You must have me confused with Jim Lee (our other editor).  Happens all the time.

GEOFF - What?
DAN - Anyway, I called Gary Frank and he's on board to do the artwork.

GEOFF - I dunno Dan.  I'm busy with all this other stuff.

DAN - That's too bad . . . I guess I'll have to give it to James Robinson . . .

GEOFF - No, fuck that guy.  I'll do it.

DAN - Good deal!  Take your time, I'm pretty sure everyone knows how it's gonna end.  Wink.

GEOFF - Did you just say, 'Wink' instead of doing it?

Please be clear that I don't think Geoff Johns hates James Robinson or that Dan Didio is such a weird guy (but maybe).  Anyway, I think it's pretty clear how I feel about this particular story.

While, normally Geoff Johns name on a comic book gets me all excited (and this is not necessarily an exception) and Gary Frank is an added bonus, this story got me feeling kinda meh . . .

It's still a fantastic origin story but to be honest I felt that the origin of Metallo, Lex Luthor, and Parasite was a lot better than the origin of Superman.  Geoff handles all the elements correctly, they just fit together so well you would think this story has been told a dozen times before.  Plus we have ANOTHER one coming out this fall with Superman: Earth One by JMS and Shane Davis.  But that one actually does sound cool and original.  This story felt more like if Geoff Johns wrote Superman: the Movie.  Which is what he was probably going for.

All in all it's a good read, fun and a (slightly) new take on the Superman origin.  It's good but it's not great.  Oh well, better luck next time Johns/Frank (Batman: Earth One!!!)

Batman # 700 - 702

written by Grant Morrison with art by Tony Daniel, Frank Quitely, David Finch, and Andy Kubert

Nowadays when I hear the words, "Grant Morrison writing Batman" I get very excited.  But I have to remember to put my thinking cap on.  Morrison does not write for the small minded.  I personally think that the best artist to cater to his unique style is Frank Quitely.  But then again, you can't quite imagine RIP being drawn by anyone else.  I'm getting off track - back on topic!

#700 is a milestone issue so naturally DC wants it to be something special.  Getting four amazing artists and one amazing write will make it quite special indeed. "Time and the Batman".  Interesting concept given Bruce Wayne's recent tour of history via Darkseid's Omega Sanction set to 1.21 jigawatts.  We get to have three different but intertwined Batman stories with Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, and Damien Wayne all donning the cape and cowl.  Also a cool cameo by Terry McGinnis as Batman Beyond. 

# 701 and 702 did not really impress me at first.  I'm all for "filling in the blanks" which was the attempt here by DC.  You learn what happened to Bruce in between RIP and Final Crisis.  At first I felt like, "Yeah we know all this already, what's the big deal?"  Then I realized, we don't know everything.  Morrison is simply giving us an insight into the thought process of Bruce Wayne.  Bruce is a very smart man.  He is basically unbeatable.  In these issues we see him needing to stop and breathe just like the rest of us.  This issue made me wonder if Bruce could have possibly prepared for this mission.  Somehow, he is ready and takes on a god of evil with a smirk and a "Gotcha."  Hell yes if you ask me.

Morrison always intrigues me because his work is always better as a whole.  And with this particular story you need all the pieces to fit together.  Morrison's pieces fit together but like any good puzzle it's gonna take ya a while to figure it out.  I personally love me some Dick Grayson as Batman but I can't WAIT to see Bruce put that cowl back on.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It has been a crazy week so the posts have not been coming that often (that's what she said) but yesterday was new comic day so there will be some soon!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ah yeah! I got to add the Black Lantern Batman to my collection!

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A wise woman once said, "It's just another manic Monday.  I wish it was Sunday.  Cuz that's my fun-day.  My I don't have to run-day."  Well maybe not words of wisdom but certainly true.  Working a 9-5 job I can certainly relate to hating Mondays.  Also, Tuesdays seem to be the day that just plains SUCKS.  I don't know why but they do.  Thursdays are only relieved by the fact that the next day is Friday (also NBC tends to have the best comedies on Thursdays).  Fridays are great because they are the end to a long and stressful week.  Saturdays and Sundays can go either way - kinda depends on the person.

But JJ (you may ask) you left out Wednesdays.  Why? Well, I'll tell you - Wednesdays are great because it is new comic book day.  I try to look forward to every day and hope that it will be better than the first but sadly this is not always the case.  However, Wednesdays seldom disappoint. 

Since I'm in a small town there is not much to do - but it is a college town so the night life tends to be quite interesting (if you're into that kind of thing).  I've only been here a couple years so Wednesdays have almost become my favorite day of the week.  My lunch break is spent getting a quick meal and jumping in my car to the comic book store. 

My list has gradually grown over the past few years.  My "gateway drug" back into monthlies was the Batman storyline Hush by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee (a full review will be here soon).  That led to Superman/Batman, Supergirl, Green Lantern: Rebirth to my now extensive almost $50 a month list.  I'm sure other guys spend more than that in a week but it's enough for me now.  Although I'm sure it won't take long for the comic book publishers to entice me with a new exciting sounding book. 

Wednesdays used to be just another day of the week.  Nowadays they are something very special to me.  Movies come out every week, but let's face it only a handful a year are actually worthwhile but pretty much every Wednesday we can look forward to an exciting new superhero adventure!


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NYC Comic Con is coming up ! Sigh what am I going to wear? Also I need a new camera

Friday, August 20, 2010

I keep thinking as amazing as David Finch's Batman looks I would love to see more of his Flash. His shot of him on Brightest Day 0 just isn't enough!

Smallville Favorites

So here is the deal - I'm a huge Smallville fan.  Have been since day one.  This particular post will show you my favorite episodes from each season.  I've been a fan for all nine years and will continue watching through the end of the upcoming season ten.  Ten years!  Wow, I was in eighth grade when the first season premiered and now I'm a grown man watching the end.  And yes, unlike some people, I've loved every year.  Sure there have been some bad episodes but there have always been gems and they more than make up for the bad ones.  So let's get started:

• PILOT (Season One) – It’s a little cheesy picking the first episode of the series but as far as Superman origin stories go, this is one of the best. Having Clark not immediately accept his destiny, making it more like a guilty conscience making his choices, was a totally new idea. Tom Welling, in just a one hour pilot, proved to be a great Superman even without the “tights and flights”. Even Michael Rosenbaum was amazing as Lex Luthor. It takes true talent to make the world’s greatest supervillain and make him likable. I thought the idea of Lex and Clark becoming best friends was also a wonderful twist on the Superman mythology. Plus, Clark has a super-fight with his first villain and it was very good. I’ll never forget the previews for this episode and waiting with great anticipation to watch it. It’s hard to believe it was ten years ago! I was there for the beginning and I will be there for the end. And it all started with this episode.

• RED (Season Two) – Clark Kent is a great hero. But what happens when his inhibitions are taken away? Well, this episode has one advantage of being written by one of my favorite comic book writers, Jeph Loeb. One of the great things about this episode is that most Smallville episodes where someone is “changed” they don’t remember it - No such luck for Clark. As far as great drama TV goes, this one has a great ending. Clark wants to tell Lana how he feels but can’t because it will compromise his secret. It was like Ross and Rachel from Friends. Sort of . . . Anyway, I love personality shifts in shows. They tend to be some of the best episodes of ANY show. Tom Welling really showed off his acting well in this episode. It’s not easy to play your character a totally different way. Plus Kristin Kreuk is not the damsel in distress and it’s clear she has feelings for Clark but is very betrayed by him. She pulled it off really well, making her decision to shun Clark a believable one. Not all the red Kryptonite episodes were winners but being the first – this also makes this the best.

• ASYLUM (Season Three) – I’ve always wondered what the show would be like if Lex knew Clark’s secret. It was hinted at for 7 years but in season three when he found out he was going crazy (literally). This is a real shiner (no pun intended for baldy) for Michael Rosenbaum. He plays the victim really well. You are really rooting for him to escape and remember Clark’s powers. Also, having three villains come back and attack Clark is something he should get used to when he finally puts on the costume. Plus Eric (from LEECH) is one of my favorite Smallville villains and it was cool to see him again. I hope he comes back for season ten. That would be sweet. But anyway, Lionel plays the villain so well in this that you truly hate him. It’s also great to see Clark have to face the fact that he lost this battle and it was a huge win for the villain.

• ONYX (Season Four) – Personality shifts are the best episodes. But let’s be fair – this one BARELY qualifies. Lex, throughout most of the series up to this point, has been one of the heroes. To see him truly become the villain of the piece is amazing. “You were right about me all along Mr. Kent. I am the villain of the story.” That is one of the best lines in the entire SERIES! Rosenbaum is phenomenal at playing both the good and evil sides of Lex. Also, having a green Kryptonite ring was a nice touch. It’s also great to see Clark’s reaction to how evil Lex really is.

• VOID (Season Five) – There are a lot of great episodes. There are great Lex moments, great Clark moments, great Lois moments, etc. But this episode and it’s whole Flatliners vibe is pretty awesome.  Now you might be thinking this is an odd choice.  But this episode is great for its subtle moments. To be honest, the true highlight of this episode is when Lex and Clark “die”. Lex’s follow up with his mother after the events of LEXMAS (Season Five) is truly chilling. Rosenbaum plays his shock and fear at what he will become very well. His lie to Lana later is also a good tear jerker. On the flip side, Clark’s moment with Jonathon is probably John Schneider’s best performance since LEGACY (Season Three). His pride when he looks at his son, knowing what he will ultimately become, is also a tear jerker (in a good way). I also loved how they made it so Jonathon could forgive Clark since it was basically his fault he died. When he says, “You’re gonna be a symbol of hope and justice” to Clark I cheered. Sometimes those little moments are as exciting as the big ones (like Clark wearing the “S” in season nine). And that’s just great television.

• JUSTICE (Season Six) – I know what you’re thinking, “Come on, JJ! That’s a good one but surely you can find a better one! You love Season Six!” Yes, season six is probably my favorite. And yes, there are many gems, ZOD, LABYRINTH, FREAK, PROMISE, NEMESIS, NOIR, and PHANTOM. Wow, that’s a lot. Anyway, what makes this one special? Well, unlike my Season Five choice it’s for completely obvious reasons. It’s the freaking Justice League! Just like my Season Three choice (ASYLUM) where the villains team up it’s nice to see the opposite happen where the heroes team up. It was such a nice touch having all the previous heroes come back. And each actor captured them perfectly. It’s also great to hear the names Impulse, Cyborg, and Aquaman used not as jokes but as their actual codenames. Also, the fact that they team up against Lex Luthor (which will happen many times in the future) for the first time is as awesome as it gets. Plus, that shot at the end where they pull a “Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions” is fucking amazing! If you are not cheering then you are stupid!

• PERSONA (Season Seven) – To be honest, it was between this and ARCTIC. I love that last moment with Lex and Clark in the Fortress of Solitude but that doesn’t compare to this entire episode. From the great drama of Clark and Lana when she realizes she has been sleeping with his evil twin (who was not so evil to her) and Lex’s heart break when he has his (cloned) brother murdered is just great television. Even if it’s a little weird. Seeing Brainiac again is definitely a highlight. James Marsters is a wonderful actor and is a truly magnificent manipulator when he gets Clark and Bizarro to fight while he looks to save himself. And again, Welling plays the villain in the piece but not as straight forward as the last time we saw him. You see that he genuinely cares for Lana but can’t help his true nature. Kinda like Lex in season six.

• BRIDE (Season Eight) – As far as entrances go, Doomsday gets one of the best of the series. I dunno how everyone else reacted but I really liked the idea of making Doomsday a human and making him a weird doppelganger for Clark. The whole Cloverfield bit in the beginning is one of the best teases I have ever seen. This episode really changed the whole course of the season with the almost-kiss between Lois and Clark, Lana coming back, Green Arrow willing to commit murder, and especially Clark’s embarrassing failure at stopping Doomsday. I also love that the show broke a few unspoken rules – like Chloe was saved from Brainiac’s influence in the previous episode (ABYSS) but is now back under his control! I thought that was cool and a good way to trick the audience. But the best moment has to be the ending where we see that Lex has been watching this whole time! I haven’t had a geek out moment like that since they played the Superman theme in ROSETTA (Season Two).

• ABSOLUTE JUSTICE (Season Nine) – I gotta break my own rules here. This is technically two episodes but since I watched it as one two hour event the night it premiered it counts as one to me. I haven’t been more excited for a television event in a long, long time. Mostly Smallville moments like the PILOT, ROSETTA, CRUSADE, JUSTICE, LEGION, and this one. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and now Fridays I have looked forward to the show. But to be super excited for just one episode? You know it’s gonna be something special. The highlight for me is that this was written by Geoff Johns, my favorite comic book writer. Not only that but this episode is so chock full of great DC moments that the geek outs were almost orgasmic! From Dr Fate’s conversations with Lois and Clark to the final battle, what wasn’t there to love about this episode? The Justice Society makes a very believable entrance into the show and it’s clear that Amanda Waller, Checkmate, and the Suicide Squad are going to be formidable opponents for our heroes. Plus the Apokolips reference was a great surprise!

Don't worry, my season ten favorite will be posted next spring after the finale.  I do have a feeling that it will be the actual finale but ya never know . . . (no but it probably will be)


It's come to my attention that my blogs are waaaay too long.  Don't worry I will be fixing that with the upcoming ones.  My apologies!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The New Avengers #3

written by Brian Michael Bendis  with art by Stuart Immonen

I will be the first to admit - I thought the new numbering for this book was totally unnecessary.  Actually, I still think that.  Plus I also think that having Wolverine and Spider-Man on this time and the regular Avengers book is really stupid.  However, I'm wiling to put that aside due to the fact that Spidey references my favorite movie of all time - Ghostbusters. 

Don't get me wrong, I've always been a fan of New Avengers, I just think it's silly to have the same characters in multiple books with the same title.  I mean, Wolverine and Spider-Man as individuals have like 12 books apiece (plus a book they star in together).  Sheesh, we get it!  Spider-Man is cool and Wolverine's a bad ass . . . Ya just need ONE book to say that!  But I digress . . .

This story just gets better and better!  We pick up with one of my new Bendis favorites - Victoria Hand.  I liked her in Dark Avengers and think she is awesome here too.  She has kind of an Office Space moment where she freaks out in her car and then sees the sky literally falling.  Then, Iron Fist is stuck in another dimension (or as Buffy would call it "a Daffy Duck cartoon").  He has a classic Bendis banter with "the unseen enemy" and we go back to the sky falling and the New Avengers ready to kick some mystical butt!

Ms Marvel, the Thing and Spider-Man take the lead with Spidey making his aforementioned Ghostbusters references and the Thing loving it while Ms Marvel doesn't get it being as how she has not seen the movie.  I find this type of banter with the heroes during their fights to be pretty funny actually.  People tend to hate Bendis for the way he writes but I think it's funny to mix the mundane with the fantastical (eg: The Incredibles).  Also the Thing does not say, "It's Clobberin Time!" which Spidey (and myself) find upsetting. 

During the fight Jessica Jones is all like, "Will someone please think of the children!!" More specifically her baby in Avengers mansion.  She flies back home to save her, all the way proving that she is a mediocre heroine in the process (which she admits).  Then Hand shows up and is all like, "Hold on, I've got a giant gun" and proceeds to shoot random ghost thingies. 

During all THAT, Brother Voodoo, Dr Strange, and Damion Hellstrom retreat to Voodoo's Sanctum to figure out how they can put a cap in the dimensional oil spill (haha topical humor, get it?).  Voodoo is all like, "Dudes, I suck at this Sorcerer Supreme thing."  Hellstrom is like, "Yeah pretty much" and Strange is like, "No no, you're fine (yeesh)".  Hellstrom tries to figure out who could be powerful enough to make all three of these dudes look like amaters and Dr Strange lies with a simple, "I don't know."  What a jerk.

Meanwhile, in the "Daffy Duck Cartoon", Iron Fist realizes that holding the Eye of Agamotto gives him a bargaining chip.  But he's all like, "Dr Strange is my buddy and he's gonna kick your ass!"  Then the freaking dude that TRAINED Dr Strange (I don't know his name) is all like, "Oh no you di-idn't!!"

As usual with the Bendis/Immonen team up on New Avengers I was not disappointed.  This issue actually got me more into the storyline than the previous two.  Here's hoping that this arc continues to heat up.  Although I do hope Spidey and Wolverine pick a damn team already . . .

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday 8-18-10

It's right before I'm supposed to leave for work.  I really don't want to go.  But I suppose I will because otherwise I will not be able to pay my bills.  Seems logical does it not? 

But I'm like this close to finishing season 2 of the Big Bang Theory that I just got.  Then it's on to Batman: the Brave and the Bold Season One: Part One.  Yeah I'm currently obsessed with seasons of television on DVD.  Maybe I should review them here?   Again that would seem logical being that I started a blog. 

Crap, now it's actually time to go.  See ya!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Superman #702

written by J Michael Straczynski  with art by Eddy Barrows

JMS does what few people are capable are doing - he writes Superman very well.  Well, more specifically he writes the character of Superman and his wonderful qualities as a human being very well.  Granted, Superman is not human but (as I like to say) he is a "super-man" in terms of not only his powers but his great qualities as a man such as his honesty, integrity, and his inherit "I wanna be friends with that guy" quality.

The basic idea in this story is the same as in the last issue where Superman is walking around America.  In this issue he is in Detroit, MI.  I have never had the pleasure of visiting there but I hear it's great (well, no I haven't actually heard that but someday I might).  It starts with Superman playing basketball, and letting a dorky kid win to gain the admiration of his peers.  Granted that sounds supremely cheesy but JMS is so talented and Barrows makes the art work well enough it does not feel like an after school special, but a heart warming movie moment. 

Then Superman meets a guy with a strange sound coming from him.  Superman figures out that it's not a heart murmur or indigestion and invites himself into his house.  Then the guy's roommate (complete with warsuit) attacks Superman.  Superman beats the thing down and adds a very, "Mmm hmmmm" moment at the end.  He finds out that all the people living in this house are aliens and living here illegally.   "Ugh," he says.  Then leaves wondering what to do with them. 

Then a homeless guy almost dies, and Superman says to the aliens, "Hey you gotta help him!" And they're like, "No!" Pause, "Ok fine".  Then they set up a factory with state of the art medical equipment which helps to give back a lot of unemployed people their jobs.  Let's just hope they don't try to form a union in an upcoming issue.  Also Clark Kent makes a great cameo to the same homeless man that almost died.  You think he would recognize him but hey we could make those jokes for years right?

Anyway, the issue ends with Superman walking and talking on his cell phone to Lois Lane (I wonder what his ringtone is for her?) and he says, "Oh what could possibly go wrong with walking across America?" just as Batman looms in the shadows ready to pounce him.  Or possibly ask to join him.  I am assuming this is still Dick Grayson and he would want to be buddies with Superman and not piss him off as only Bruce Wayne can.

All in all I was very pleased with this issue.  I have to be honest that I like when creators shake things up and the idea of Superman just going for a walk across America is definitely shaken not stirred (yikes that was bad).  I was a big fan of JMS's run on Thor not so much his Spider-Man but I do love his take on the Man of Steel and it gets me all the more excited for Earth One.  Let's hope he can keep this run going strong!