Wednesday, March 23, 2016


2016, I think, will be known as a landmark year for comic book movies. There are six different superhero movies being released this year - Deadpool, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, and Dr. Strange. That's quite a lot! And you'll notice that most of them have something in common - they're team up films. The only film that doesn't have any other superhero characters featured, that we know of, is Dr. Strange. The others either feature a team up, a superhero showdown, or some combination of the two.

They fought. Then they teamed up. We'll be seeing this two more times this year . . . 

Ever since The Avengers broke box office records and stole all our hearts back in 2012, it's been the norm for the more successful films to have at least a cameo from another superhero. Think about it! Captain America: Winter Soldier featured Black Widow as a co-star, Ant-Man featured a cameo by the Falcon, and now there's talk of the Hulk being a major player in Thor: Ragnarok.  Wow . . . That's a lot! Not to mention that on the TV side of things, the Punisher made an explosive debut on Daredevil this year while Barry Allen was just a recurring guest star on Arrow before spinning off on his own show. It's the wave of the future I tell ya! Or rather, it should be.

Let's face it, we've seen the origin story done dozens of times. We get it. Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered, Krypton exploded, Steve Rogers was skinny then got roided up! It's been done. We're done with those types of films. Deadpool played the origin smart. It established the hero early on then gradually gave us the backstory. It helped to make the movie have a better flow and seem much more interesting. The origins aren't as vital to liking the characters or understanding the characters as the studios want us to think. The original Tim Burton Batman film just showed a little bit of a backstory but largely the film just jumped in on the action. It allowed the audience to just jump right in and get to the point.  

Ever since the Avengers, one of the biggest complaints about the solo movies was, "Where are the other Avengers?" Never mind that in the comics, each character faces crises all the time without assistance from the other heroes. But I get it. In a live action setting, it seems silly that these world ending catastrophes would be happening and the other heroes wouldn't step up. The easy solution? Bring them in! It's probably a big reason why Cap 3 features the New Avengers, because it would look ridiculous and cheesy to establish these new characters and then not follow up with them. It was one of the reasons I was happy to see cameos from War Machine and Falcon in Age of Ultron. It helps make the movies seem more connected when the characters interact. To be honest, it feels more like the comic books. 

One of the reasons I'm excited for Batman v Superman, is to see the role Wonder Woman will play. This is a great way to introduce her character before launching a solo film. Also, it looks like we'll be seeing Aquaman, the Flash, and possibly Cyborg. And then of course there's Spider-Man's introduction to the MCU in Captain America: Civil War. 

Spider-Man is a menace! 

Putting heroes in a film together is a great way to establish that they all live in the same world as well as giving credibility to some lesser known heroes like Deadpool and Cyborg. The DC TV shows have been doing it for a while now with Firestorm being introduced on The Flash, the Atom on Arrow, and in an upcoming episode, Jonah Hex on Legends of Tomorrow. They don't take away from the main story. If anything, it adds more excitement and interest. Rather than just have a new rogue every week, often the heroes are at odds, making a much more interesting, character driven story. Plus it helps to open up the world a little more. By having Firestorm on the Flash, we can see one or two of his rogues rather than a repeat of Reverse Flash or Captain Cold. It gives the writers more options in the long run. 

I'm hoping to see more heroes team up in future comic book movies. I'd love to see Robert Downey, Jr cameo in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot and I'd love to see another Justice League member cameo in a future Batman film. It's something that hasn't really been done before, until this year. I'm confident we'll be seeing more of this as the films keep getting made. I mean, we gotta keep them interesting right? If we're paying $10 or more per movie ticket I want more bang for my buck damn it! 

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


With Batman v Superman just days away, at the time of this writing, I think it's only fitting that I take a trip down memory lane and discuss the first time Batman and Superman met - back during the glory days of The New Batman/Superman Adventures.

I've always been a big comic book fan. What really got me into Batman was the Tim Burton Batman film from 1989. What kept me coming back was the amazing Batman: the Animated Series. That show was so much fun to watch and I always had a sense that I was getting much more story than most cartoons dared to tell. That was definitely confirmed when I was growing up, buying the DVDs and thinking to myself, "Wow. This show is still great! These are very mature stories!"

And it just got better! Those same producers went on to make Superman: the Animated Series. While I enjoyed the show, I didn't fully appreciate it till I was an adult. But that was not the case during the team up episodes with Batman. I remember back when video stores were still around I must have rented The Batman/Superman Movie 100 times and watched it over and over again. To this day, it makes me smile. While there isn't really a fight between Batman and Superman in it, there is tension and conflict. Superman doesn't agree with Batman, but Batman doesn't care. He's going to catch the Joker and leave.

The first time the characters meet is pure genius. Batman is interrogating a criminal in a nightclub. Superman comes in to stop him, saying that he's got all the information he's going to get. Batman grabs Superman and tosses him across the room. Superman stares at Batman with a classic, "How the hell did he do that?" look. As Batman goes to continue his interrogation, Superman rams into him, smacking him against the wall. "I heard you were crazy. I didn't think you were stupid," a pissed off Superman says before using his X-Ray vision to sneak a peak at Batman's true identity. Batman doesn't seem surprised that Superman would do this. Instead, he whips out a small chunk of Kryptonite and watches Superman become weak, even though the piece is just a sliver of a larger piece that the Joker has in his possession.

Later that night, Superman returns to his apartment and puts on his pajamas as Clark Kent. He takes a phone call from Lois Lane, who has started dating Bruce Wayne, and he notices something on his cape. He grabs a bat-shaped device, uses his telescopic vision to see Batman spying on him. Batman gives him a sarcastic salute and runs off. "Touche," Superman grumbles and crushes the Bat-tracer that Batman had placed on him.

The episodes in question are absolutely perfect for a first time meeting between Superman and Batman. It features a team up between Lex Luthor and the Joker, who are sublime together, a romance between Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne, who later discovers that he's Batman, and plenty of action as the heroes put aside their differences and take down their nemeses. Basically, in the late 1990s, an eleven year old boy couldn't have wished for anything better.

They kept the crossovers to a minimum, but some of the best episodes came out of it like "Knight Time" which saw Superman posing as Batman while trying to find out what happened to Bruce Wayne. Superman, in Batman's costume, fights the Riddler, Mad Hatter, and Bane. It's pretty much as bad ass as it sounds. It's revealed later that Wayne was being mind-controlled by Brainiac to build a new craft for him to escape from Earth. "The Demon Reborn" saw the return of Ra's Al Ghul. In that episode, the Lazarus Pits no longer could help to keep him alive, so he attempted to steal Superman's strength.

Those two episodes, combined with Superman's return in Batman Beyond eventually paved the way for the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series. Some of the all time best Batman-Superman-Justice League stories have been told in animation, even over the comic books (any die hard fan will agree to that). Batman and Superman's friendship felt like it was earned over a mutual respect for each other despite their different approaches to fighting crime. Watching Justice League, I could see where they had that friendship and partnership that was stronger than any other characters. And it all started with The New Batman/Superman Adventures.

I've been wanting a Batman/Superman film ever since I was a little kid. I mentioned before how back in 2002, there was talk of Wolfgang Petersen directing a film from Andrew Kevin Walker's script.

My heart soared and I couldn't believe that I was going to get an honest to God team up movie featuring Batman and Superman! Then . . . you know . . . we didn't get that movie. Instead, WB gave Christopher Nolan a shot at Batman with Batman Begins and Bryan Singer took on Superman Returns. While each film has their fans and critics, there were always rumors that possibly Superman and Batman would cross over. While Superman Returns didn't fare well at the box office, and Nolan went on to make two more Dark Knight films, there were still rumors. Hell, after Man of Steel premiered I remember reading that WB was willing to offer Christian Bale $50 million to reprise his role as Batman for MOS2. That turned out to only be a rumor, as Bale admitted later he was never approached, but the thought was always there. When were Batman and Superman going to be in a freaking film together?

That's when San Diego Comic Con 2013 happened. It was finally going to happen! A month later, it was announced that Ben Affleck would be playing Bruce Wayne/Batman. As the usual, and frankly, unprovoked, fanboy hate came out. I will admit I was hesitant at first. Then I saw Argo and The Town. My fears were put to rest. I knew immediately that Affleck would be a great Batman. My feeling has never changed and if early reviews are any indication, I'm right. This film will be nothing short of epic to me.

Over the years I've read many comics featuring Batman and Superman. Sometimes solo adventures, sometimes with the Justice League, sometimes in a team up or a guest spot in each other's books. I can tell you one thing - the pairing, fights, arguments, hand shakes, etc have always made me smile. Batman and Superman are the best characters in comic books. When they team up, assuming the writing is well done of course, it's magical and exciting to me. Every time I see Batman and Superman in animation, video games, comic books, I think back to The New Batman/Superman Adventures. I've always loved Batman and I totally believe that Batman could beat Superman in a fight. But to be honest, I don't want them to fight. I want them to get along, be best friends, and kick the crap out of the bad guys. Because that's who they are. They're heroes! And to me, they're idols. Characters I've looked up to my entire life. And now that I get to see them in live action? It's going to bring tears to my eyes.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Next week we will see the official launch of the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) with the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I mean Superman already had his film, but this time we'll be meeting a few other members of the Justice League in a team up film.

Yeah that's them . . . 

It's been well documented, but over the past two decades several DC characters have had false starts in the film world. In some cases, pre-production had already begun or at the very least the scripts had been handed in to the studio executives. For one reason or another, Warner Bros would always get cold feet and wound up not producing these films. Of course we've had great films with Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, mediocre films like Superman Returns, and straight up terrible films like Catwoman. Oh and Green Lantern falls somewhere in the middle there, depending on how many beers I've had . . . 

Anyway, there are plenty of lists out there that talk about how these films got their start and then they fell to the ground. I love reading about those because it's fun to play the what if game. What if we had gotten a Batman vs Superman film back in 2004? What if Joel Schumacher had actually made Batman Triumphant after Batman and Robin? It's definitely for the best that these films never happened because now we're getting a very exciting start to the DCEU with Batman v Superman later this month, Suicide Squad this summer, Wonder Woman in production, and Justice League Part One currently in pre-production with many more on the way. 

 Yes . . . Yes . . . YES!!!

Like I said, it's still fun to play the "what if" game. The more I think about it, I wonder why let these ideas go to waste? Why not have these never produced films made into comic books or graphic novels? That would be an interesting way to show off the "what could have been" by giving fans an idea of what these films could have looked like. I've made a list of the films I would like to see brought to life by DC Comics. I've kept the list to mainly the ones I'm genuinely interested in (yes, most of them are Batman) and although I don't have any specific artists in mind I will suggest certain looks for certain characters based on actors I think would have been cast in the role, or who were rumored for roles at the time. So . . . without further ado . . . 


Once upon a time, Joss Whedon pitched a Wonder Woman film to Warner Bros. If I remember correctly, this was back in the early 2000s when superhero films were just starting to really become ultra popular with the first X-Men films, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, and of course the Nolan Dark Knight films. Every studio was trying to get their hands on a new superhero to adapt. Whedon had an idea for a Wonder Woman film, apparently being a period piece but also showing Diana throughout history. WB passed on the project, and Whedon was later offered The Avengers by Marvel Studios. So . . . nice job WB. Really, good job!

To this day, Whedon does express some resentment toward WB for passing on the project. It's hard not to sympathize with him considering his track record for action, adventure, and of course female driven franchises. The rumor is that he was considering then unknown actress Colbie Smulders for the part of Diana. He later went on to cast her as Maria Hill in The Avengers. Maybe to make up for it? Who knows! Anyway, my thought is give Whedon a shot to tell his Wonder Woman story as a mini-series. The artist could even model Diana after Smulders to give Whedon, and his fans, closure on what could have been a really great film. 


Back in 1992, after the premiere of Batman Returns, many fans were unhappy with the way Tim Burton was taking the Batman franchise. Warner Bros got a little cold feet and decided it was best Burton leave the Bat-universe alone and focus on other projects. Before the reins were officially given over to Joel Schumacher, Burton had started work on a potential third film with his crew. At the time, the only villain in the film would have been The Riddler and Robin was due to finally make an appearance (he had been cut out of the first two films). While some of these ideas did show up in Batman Forever, Burton had stepped down and Michael Keaton went with him. 

The above pic is a photo that made the internet rounds not long ago. Burton's team had gotten as far as redesigning the Batsuit yet again. Granted, it was probably for the best as Batman Returns remains divisive among fans even to this day. However, you can't deny that it would have been cool to see it come to fruition. So, why not bring it back as a comic book? I'd love to see a Burton-ized version of the Riddler, rumored to have been offered to Robin Williams, along with Robin, Batgirl, etc. 

Apparently, this idea was pitched to DC in the same vein as the Wonder Woman '77 and Batman '66 comics, where the stories would take place after Batman Returns. As you can see, Billy Dee Williams would have become Two-Face, Catwoman would be back, Robin would make an appearance, and (we assume) so would Barbara Gordon. I had a previous post saying that DC should produce a comic like this and it makes me sad that it was passed over. What a missed opportunity! Look at that! How cool is that? Plus it would be cool to see Batman drawn to look like Michael Keaton. And for extra fun, and a nod to Tim Burton, why not draw the Mad Hatter to look like Johnny Depp?

I mean, right? That would be so cool! Maybe DC will change their mind and eventually release a digital comic based on this idea. Because why not? It's not like Batman isn't a hot seller or anything! Speaking of . . .

There's no need to get into the history of this story. The bullet points are that Schumacher was going to direct a third Batman film with George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell, and Alicia Silverstone returning and with Nicolas Cage playing the Scarecrow. There was even the option for Jack Nicholson to come back as the Joker in a fear induced hallucination. Regardless of your feelings toward Batman and Robin, THAT would have been cool! But Warner Bros decided not to go ahead with Batman Triumphant, probably because the title gives away the ending, and eventually we did get a Batman vs Scarecrow film with Batman Begins but that obviously was MUCH different that what was originally intended. 
A few years ago, Schumacher talked about producing a series of graphic novels detailing his original ideas for all three of his Batman films. If you have ever seen his other films then you'll know that the man is actually quite good at crafting dark, twisted stories with complex characters. I'd like to see what he could do with a dark, serious Batman rather than the campy one that he gave us in the first place. It would be cool to see the characters drawn to look like the actors including Nicolas Cage as the Scarecrow. 

Look at that! He doesn't even need a mask!
Strangely enough, this isn't the first time we'll see Cage on this list. But we'll get to that later. For now, I'm hoping that Schumacher does get a chance to redeem himself with his Batman graphic novels. That would be a lot of fun to read and see it play out in my head. 
Now this one would have been interesting! In the late 2000s when The Dark Knight was kicking ass at the box office and Marvel's "shared universe" was being teased to the populace, everyone was trying to get in on the superhero game. David Goyer, co-writer of the Dark Knight trilogy, wrote a script for a live action Green Arrow film that would have seen Arrow framed for a crime he didn't commit, imprisoned in a Supermax prison with some of the worst criminals in the DCU, then trying to escape with a handful of said criminals. Really, this film would have been fantastic. It's a shame Warner Bros got cold feet because everything that was talked about the film sounded so cool. in a way, it would have been Arrow before Arrow was ever conceived. It would have featured C and D list DC villains (haha) with cameos by more high profile characters like the Joker. While I don't think this film would have tied into the Nolan Bat-films, it still would have been really cool.
So again I ask, why not make a graphic novel? Goyer actually has plenty of experience writing comic books. Plus with DC's Rebirth on the way, it would make for a very interesting launch for the Green Arrow comics to go in. Or you know maybe . . . Arrow Season 5? That works too . . . Oh and speaking of David Goyer . . . 

If you look up "Never Produced Comic Book Films" or something along those lines you'll see David Goyer is attached to quite a few. After writing all three Blade films, co-writing the Dark Knight trilogy, and writing Man of Steel, it's clear that he's a huge fan and wants to be as involved as he can be making new and exciting comic book films. A few years ago, he had written a treatment for a Flash film with the intention to direct it as well. Rumor has it that he wanted Ryan Reynolds for the lead, and the Flash would actually be Wally West, not Barry Allen. However, the story would have featured multiple versions of the Flash, probably traveling through the Speed Force. Goyer went on record saying that the movie would have really played up superspeed for everything they could think of in terms of theoretical physics, wormholes, time travel, all that cool stuff. Basically, it would have been one hell of a trippy film. It probably would have been really unique and exciting. 
Just like with the Green Arrow suggestion, maybe this is something that can be visited during DC's Rebirth. I mentioned in a previous post how I think the Flash comics are in desperate need of a new and exciting direction. Out of the box thinking with the Speed Force like Goyer wanted for the film is exactly the kind of direction that could make the comic stand out from everything else. That would be a really exciting comic to read every month or biweekly, as the Rebirth comics are now biweekly. But who knows? Maybe some of Goyer's ideas will make it into the Flash film starring Ezra Miller. Or Goyer could jump on the Flash TV series and throw some cool ideas in the mix. For now though, I'd like to see what his film would have looked like. 
Before Superman Returns was released, Warner Bros tried every kind of take on Superman that you can think of. While there is a more famous version of a failed Superman film known (and we'll get there I promise), one that was actually pretty close to production was a Superman film written by JJ Abrams and to be directed by either McG and then later Brett Ratner. Interestingly enough, Henry Cavill actually auditioned and screen tested for Superman back in 2004 for this film. Ratner was going to bring in Anthony Hopkins as Jor El and it looked like everything was up and running. Then details of the script got out: Krypton was not destroyed. Kal El was an alien prince sent to Earth due to a seemingly never ending civil war on Krypton. Lex Luthor was a CIA agent but later revealed to be a sleeper Kryptonian spy sent to kill Kal El. Basically, fans got wind of the changes from the source material and they were not happy about it. Warners got cold feet and scrapped the film, later giving Bryan Singer a shot with his pseudo-sequel Superman Returns
Yes, there are some changes made from the source material, but moreso than any other film listed here, it's probably why it has the potential to be a really cool graphic novel. It could easily be an "Elseworlds" tale with Superman's history tweaked just enough to be different, but the characters remain largely similar to the main DC continuity. To my knowledge, JJ Abrams has never written a comic book, but it doesn't mean that his script couldn't be dusted off and reworked by a regular DC writer into a really inventive and different look at the Superman mythos. Plus that costume design is really cool! And who wouldn't want to read a Superman book where Jor El looks like Anthony Hopkins?

See? He looks perfect!

This particular film, believe it or not, has been in the works for 15 years. Way back when, Wolfgang Petersen, director of Air Force One, and Andrew Kevin Walker, writer of Seven, were working on a Superman vs Batman film for Warner Bros. This was back when both franchises were separately not going anywhere so there was the idea to throw them together. The basic idea would have been Bruce Wayne's wife murdered by the Joker and he looks to seek vengeance but Superman tries to stop him. Eventually they would team up but the majority of the film would have seen them at odds. Batman v Superman looks to be following a similar path, but it looks like Lex Luthor is manipulating Batman and Superman rather than the Joker. Regardless, that was the idea. But apparently the script was too dark and rewrites were done and each subsequent rewrite looked less and less promising so the film was abandoned.
I actually remember reading about this and being really excited. I was so mad when the film was never made. Now you understand why I keep saying Batman v Superman is the film I've waited my whole life for! Even though there have been PLENTY of Batman vs Superman comics since this film was announced, I'd still like to see what Walker's script would look like in action. The script is available online (I guess) but I've never read it and I probably never will simply because I always have a hard time believing those things are legitimate. I'd rather see an official DC Comics sanctioned graphic novel featuring the Dark Knight vs the Man of Steel. Even though I own like 6 or 7 versions of that story . . . What? I told you before I was greedy.
Here's a film that would have gone down in history as either the coolest thing ever or the worst. George Miller, fresh off the success of Happy Feet, (no that's not a joke) was tapped by WB to make a Justice League film. This was before the Avengers and during the Dark Knight's heyday. The basic plot was Maxwell Lord brainwashing superheroes, hence the Superman v Wonder Woman fight pictured above, using stolen OMAC technology from Batman. If Mad Max: Fury Road is any indication then the film probably would have been spectacular. However, rumors of Talia Al Ghul's appearance in the film and continuity issues with the Dark Knight trilogy, overblown budget, plus the 2008 Writer's Strike forced WB to shut down production. Which is a shame because the cast looked really cool and that little bit of concept art looks pretty awesome. 
Granted, this story was loosely based on the OMAC Project and Tower of Babel comic books but it would still be cool to see this done with those actors' likenesses as their characters. This could be another case of where the comics could go with DC's Rebirth. It's a great philosophical debate where Batman is basically monitoring the other superheroes because, as a mortal, hence the title, he's afraid of the power they possess. Like I said, it's not an original story for the comics, but a new take on it would be great especially with the new Justice League film currently in pre-production. It would be a fun, different take on the Justice League. Especially since that concept art shows the Superman "S" shield is based on Kingdom Come. I freakin' love Kingdom Come, man!

 Oh and don't you worry . . . I've saved the best for last . . . 

This is one of my absolute favorite stories from Development Hell. There are plenty of reports on this story out there in the interwebs so I won't get into it too much. Essentially, Kevin Smith was hired to write a Superman film, Tim Burton became interested in directing, Nicolas Cage was attached to star, and even Kevin Spacey was in talks to play Lex Luthor. The story was going to be based on the Death of Superman comics and hopefully restart the franchise. Well . . . it never happened for whatever reason. But let's face it - this film, one way or another, would have been fucking amazing. I mean come on! Odds are, this film was a recipe for disaster but you never know. At the very least, it would have been interesting. Batman is a character that already fits in Tim Burton's wheelhouse. Superman? Eh, not so much. I'm sure Kevin Smith turned in a cool script, he's said as much despite the ridiculous restrictions he was given by producer Jon Peters. Late 90s Nicolas Cage, while not a good choice for Superman, was still in his prime and a proven action star. There were even rumors of Michael Keaton being courted to return as Batman for a scene or two. 
Let's all be honest here - we all kind of want to see this movie. Smith has written a number of well received comics in the past. Plus his Comic Book Men co-star, Walt Flanagan, has drawn a few of them. So why not get them together and show us what this weird, twisted Superman film could have looked like? Granted, Smith has said that he didn't have a good experience working on the project, but it does seem like he can laugh about it now. If none of my other suggestions come to fruition, this one should! I mean, I'm grinning ear to ear just thinking about it. It would have been a Superman movie to remember (unlike Superman Returns). Man . . . it would have been fucking great! Let's get on the ball, DC and get this produced! 

Anyway, those are my suggestions for what WB/DC should do with all these perfectly good scripts they have lying around. Well, I mean they may not be lying around necessarily, but you know what I mean! I love reading about these interesting and/or bizarre films that could have been made. Why not get some use out of them? 

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Monday, March 7, 2016


It seems like all we ever talk about anymore is this damn DC Rebirth thing! Well, that's because if we're not talking about that then we'll talk about why I think Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the greatest thing ever!

Cuz it will be!

I have similarly high hopes for the DC Rebirth coming this summer. If it truly is a "getting the characters back to what makes them great" movement that Geoff Johns and company claim it to be, then I think we as comic book fans will be in for a real treat!

I mentioned before what characters I think are in the teaser image above. Then I started thinking, what characters are in ACTUAL need of a reboot? When Johns "rebirthed" Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, those characters had been dead or at least "good as dead" (after all this is comics) and they desperately needed new life breathed into them. Luckily, we got just that with Geoff Johns. Now, I'm not sure which, if any, of the characters during this Rebirth event Johns himself will be writing, If I had to guess, it won't be very many due to his responsibilities with DC Entertainment as a whole. But if the other writers are taking a cue from him, then what characters desperately need a rebirth? I'd like to share with you my top choices.


Confession - I have not read the Grayson series, I do have copies of it, but I've not had a chance to read it yet. So I will not talk about that series or what's come of it (despite me knowing what's happened). I will say that I think it's great that Dick Grayson as a character got to do something new and different in the comics. It's what helps keeps characters interesting. But let's face it, it was only going to be temporary right? Dick Grayson is Nightwing now. True he began life as Robin, the Boy Wonder, but I think moreso than any other character his evolution into his own hero stepping out of his mentor's shadow stuck and rightfully so. Grayson is one of DC's absolute best characters. Nightwing has always been a popular and wonderful character. While Dick has gone from sidekick, to hero, to legend, to spy (Robin, Nightwing, Batman, Grayson respectively) I think his best portrayal is as Nightwing. Just as Johns gave Hal Jordan renewed life as Green Lantern after spending so much time as the Spectre, I think it's time someone gave Grayson a new lease on comic book life as Nightwing again. Plus, while I liked the Red and Black costume in the New 52, I kinda miss the blue and black. So . . . let's rebirth that while we're at it! 


I mentioned before how Supergirl is most likely one of the silhouetted images in the Rebirth teaser. I believe Supergirl is in desperate need of a Rebirth. With a highly successful TV show on the air right now, she's never been hotter. I mean like for real . . . ha . . . ha . . . Anyway! In all seriousness, it makes sense for Supergirl to get a Rebirth. Right now, her comic is non-existant and before then it was not a hot seller. With a brand new TV show out and connections to the larger DC TV multiverse confirmed, now is the time to bring Kara Zor-El to the forefront of the DC Universe. And the show is the perfect template to base it on. Essentially, you get all the great action from a Superman story but you mix in the drama of growing up and being in a famous person's shadow. Supergirl struggles with that both in the comics and in the real world. The show is doing a good job of giving the character her own voice, now the comics need to follow suit. The trick is to give her to a writer and artist with a real passion for the character. That's something that she has been sorely lacking for years. Hopefully, we'll see a great team give the character the Rebirth that she needs!


I mentioned before how Connor Kent as Superboy was one of my favorite characters during Geoff Johns's Teen Titans run. I think Connor is in need of a Rebirth. I was not a big fan of what was done to the character during the new 52. I felt he had a great origin and there was no need to tamper with it. But . . . that's what happened. Truth be told, I didn't read the books, I read about them and what I read did not impress me. Like Supergirl, Superboy is a great character. Whereas Supergirl wants to make a name for herself as more than just "Superman's cousin" I think Superboy is sort of the opposite. He wants to prove himself worthy of the S shield that he wears. Given his parentage as the son of Krypton and Earth (in the form of Lex Luthor) he has a great cross to bear. Does he choose the path of the hero or the villain? This was explored a lot during Teen Titans and when he went solo in Adventure Comics. I think there is still room to explore this concept. He's a very different character from Clark and that's what makes him so unique. There's more angst, inner turmoil, and fun to be had with a younger Superman character. I think a lot of that has been lost with the new 52 comics. Let's see Superboy return to his roots and get back to greatness!


What the hell ever happened to this guy? He was introduced before Geoff Johns left Green Lantern and hasn't really been seen since. He was in the Justice League of America comic (again by Johns) but then vanished. He hasn't been a prominent character in any of the Green Lantern comic books despite being quite popular when he was first introduced. Now? Nothing! This is a shame considering I really liked him and looked forward to seeing more of him. Since DC is doing it's best to embrace diversity in the comic books I think bringing Simon back and giving him either his own book or a lead in a team book would be a great idea. Like all the best Green Lanterns before him, he was able to do things with the power ring that no one else could and proved himself worthy to be a Green Lantern. The Green Lantern Corps is all about diversity, which makes Baz's return not only logical but kind of expected. Why waste a perfectly great new character during the Rebirth event? Bring him back and make the fans realize that they've been missing out! 


Yepp. I went there. Yes, I've mentioned all three of the major "super" characters but truthfully, I believe they all need a Rebirth. Superman, quite frankly, is a tough character to crack. On the one hand, you have people saying he's not relate-able because he's too powerful (which is a poor reason not to like him IMO). On the other hand, people think he's too much of a goody two shoes (which is another poor reason not to like him). So how do you make Superman relevant and interesting? Writers and artists in the past have either made him younger (like in Smallville) or de-powered him, like he has been in the recent comic books. I think those are bad ways to go. You don't need to de-power him. Quite frankly, I've always seen Superman as a super-man in the sense that he's the man we should all strive to be like. He's taken his tragedies and made them into strengths. He's stood up for what's right even when no one else agreed or believed in him. That's the kind of hero that we need today. We need a hero that will stand up for what's right and just even if it's unpopular or controversial. The best versions of Superman, in my mind, are the ones where he hears both sides of the argument, weighs the options, and makes his decisions then. Now, this Superman also has uncompromising moral values, but it doesn't make him naive or old fashioned. It just makes him unique and interesting in a cynical world. I'd like to see a return to form for Superman. Hopefully, Rebirth will deliver that for me. 

These are my suggestions on who needs a Rebirth in the DC Comics Universe. With any luck, most if not all of these characters will be brought back to their former glory with great teams behind them. Otherwise, what's the point? 

Till Next Time!

JJ - the Comic Junkie!