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Mobile blogging!

That's right folks! The always pleasing never teasing JJ is now blogging from his mobile phone! Should be more to come so stay tuned!

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5 Reasons Green Lantern Isn't as Bad as They Say:

Now I'm sure you have seen a list or two like this before but I'm gonna make one of my own anyway.  In my mind, GREEN LANTERN was one of the summer's best movies.  It really bothers me that I'm in the minority with thinking that.  I've seen so-so movies (DAREDEVIL, FANTASTIC FOUR) and I've seen very bad movies (CATWOMAN, GHOST RIDER) and I personally do not think that GREEN LANTERN falls in these categories.  If I were to make a list of the 10 best comic book movies GREEN LANTERN would definitely be on the list.  Now, it may not make the top 5 but you see what I mean?  Anyway here are the 5 main reasons GREEN LANTERN is not as bad as the critics say:

5) ACTING 101:

It takes a truly talented actor to act next to nothing (in terms of green screens) and Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong did that very, very well in their scenes.  Compare this to the acting in the STAR WARS prequels.  Granted someone like Ian McDiarmond and Liam Neeson did well but new and upcoming actors like Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christiansen, and Natalie Portman (who are all great actors) were given poor direction and were not able to act well against nothing.  I call this "Acting 101" because you are told to act when there is nothing around you.  It's literally the first lesson you learn as an actor.  But then again, movie acting and stage acting are two very different concepts.  However, Reynolds, Strong, and even Temeura Morrison did very well in their scenes.  They believed in the situations they were in and were able to look past it and give wonderful performances.


Truth be told the decision to make the Green Lantern suits a CGI creation did not surprise me.  It's a good idea because it totally makes sense.  It's literally in the comic books that he does not put on a costume like Superman or Batman.  The suit comes out of his ring.  Actually seeing it move on screen I admit at first was a little off putting but the more I thought about it (and upon second and third viewings) the suit looks pretty amazing.  I personally think there are moments in the movie when you can't tell that it's a CGI creation anyway.  Also the constructs that Hal and the other Lanterns make look really awesome.  Those are OK to be CGI creations to me simply because they need to look a bit, dare I say, "hollow?"  Plus this is the one time when filmmakers can make the CGI look just a bit off and not have the audience be upset about it.


Just about every actor cast in this movie truly understood their character and performed them very well.  Ryan Reynolds is (despite his reputation) a truly gifted actor.  If you need proof see the movie BURIED (but only see it if you have tissues near by).  Blake Lively is actually really, really good.  I admit I was underwhelmed by the previews of her and the fact that the only movie I've ever seen her in is ACCEPTED.  But dammit if she didn't knock it out of the park.  She really understood the Carol Ferris character and played her as more than just the "damsel in distress".  Mark Strong.  Eh, I'll get to him later ;)   Peter Sarsgaard on the other hand - WOW.  He was just about the creepiest damn thing you ever did see.  And this is BEFORE his head grows ten sizes too big for his body.


Hal Jordan was chosen to be a Green Lantern because he is full of willpower and has the ability to overcome great fear.  But for this movie to work he had to be full of fear and doubt in order to rise above it and save his planet.  Reynolds plays Hal as a man who walks away from situations if they become too hard or if he feels he doesn't have the strength to continue.  I found that to be something that I personally could relate to.  How many of us have had those situations where we just walk away when the going gets tough?  And the best part is that since this a comic book/superhero movie - Hal has the unique opportunity to literally face his fears in the form of Parallax.  While the other members of the Corps fell to his power, Hal stepped up and figured out a way to beat it.  That part of the story, to me, is just great storytelling.


If I was making a GREEN LANTERN movie I would never have thought to cast Mark Strong.  And I would have been dead wrong!  Of all the actors in this movie he proved to be the most versatile and definitely has the most room to grow.  From his first scene arguing with the Guardians, pleading for them to believe in him to defeat Parallax, to his last moment when he slips on the yellow ring, he NAILED IT.  I couldn't have asked for a better Sinestro.  Not only that, but the make up department really did a nice job of helping Strong disappear into his character and become "the greatest Green Lantern".

Well, that's my list.  I have many other reasons to like this movie but these are the most important I feel to get the average person excited for a movie that is very good despite critics bashing it.  So hopefully you will have the opportunity to enjoy the movie as much as I have.   Till next time!  

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JJ Reacts To:

The “New” DC Universe!

My first guy reaction was – WHAT. THE. FUCK.  You’re restarting ALL of your comics at #1?  That’s . . . insane!  Even Action Comics?  That’s the longest running comic book in American history!  What about Batman Inc?  Are there still gonna be Batmen all around the world?  And will somebody please think of the children!!!!!!!  (then there is prolonged sobbing)

But then the more I got to thinking about it the more excited I got.  The truth is (whether the naysayers want to admit it or not) numbers in comic books really don’t mean anything in the long run.  Really think about it.  BATMAN: HUSH started at like 600something but if you pick up the graphic novel at Barnes and Noble or a similar bookstore it’s the first thing you’d ever read and you can follow it pretty easily.  True comic books are serial in nature but they always seem to lend themselves to letting new readers in no matter what the number is.  THAT being said, I totally get DC’s logic with this decision.  It’s about attracting new readers and wanting to excite their current fans.  The reactions whether good or bad show just how passionate their fans really are. 

Truth be told some of the decisions I’m kinda bummed about such as – Stephanie Brown is no longer Batgirl, Swamp Thing has his own comic (seriously, he is a stupid character to me), Wally West is MIA, and Dick Grayson is no longer Batman (although truth be told I knew it was coming [that’s what she said]).  Stephanie is an awesome Batgirl to me and that title is one of my current favorites. Swamp Thing is just a stupid character and I feel like Brightest Day was this huge waste just to bring him into the DCU.  If that’s what they were doing then it could have just been like a six issue mini series called The Return of Swamp Thing (boom! I’m brilliant).  Where is Wally West?  He has not been mentioned in any of the solicitations.  As much as I love Barry Allen as the Flash I still wish Wally could be apart of it in some form or fashion.  But hey, what do I know right?  Also, I feel like Dick has really come into his own as Batman.  He is a very different Batman than Bruce and I feel like that’s what that particular character needed.  But then again, Nightwing is a great hero and I look forward to him returning to that role.

As much as I’m not pleased with some of the changes there are a few that I’m very very excited about – Superman’s new costume and history, the return of the classic JLA and a new origin for them (by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee!!!!), Barbara Gordon being Batgirl, Damien being Robin to Bruce’s Batman, and the new Aquaman series.  Superman (in my opinion) was in desperate need of something fresh and different.  Grounded started off pretty awesome but has since been kinda meh (at least to me – but I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that).  Grant Morrison being on Action Comics seems like the best idea since Geoff Johns being on Justice League (the announcement was only a week apart . . . ).  But still!  It’s very exciting to me.  Also, Superman’s history is so well known that at this point it’s pretty stale so a new history along can bring along new stories.  That just gets me excited as a fan.  I’m also tired of reading the same old – I’m Superman and I’m awesome and everyone loves me stories.  It’s about time we got back to some – Well I dunno about this guy kinda stuff again.  I’ve stopped reading Justice League since Dwayne McDuffie left the book because I felt like the stories weren’t up to par with what they should be.  Like, in my mind, the Avengers books were FAR superior because the characters were examined alongside of crazy action stories taking place.  I feel like Johns will be able to bring that back to the book.  And Jim Lee on pencils is just icing on the cake (the best icing ever by the way).  Also, I agree with Lee and Johns that the JLA never had a truly kick ass origin.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store.  Now, as much as I loved Stephanie being Batgirl I’m REALLY looking forward to Barbara putting on the cape and cowl again.  Since I’ve been a comic fan I’ve never actually read a story with her as Batgirl.  This definitely gets me excited to see where the story is gonna go.  Also, Gail Simone writing Barbara Gordon is just genius!!  I’m glad that Damien is sticking around and is gonna continue being Robin.  The truth is that I really really HATED this character when he was introduced.  I actually hated him until Batman and Robin #1.  That’s when I really started to like the character.  He was no longer just a brat who happened to be Bruce Wayne’s son – he was now a young man trying to find his place in the world and live up to his father’s reputation.  THAT’S good storytelling!  The one comic I was truly looking forward to was Aquaman if only for the inclusion of Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis.  They MADE Green Lantern for me.  They really took this character from “eh, the comic is pretty good I guess” to “Holy shit!  This is the best comic ever!!”  From Blackest Night to Brightest Day I’ve never been disappointed with their storytelling abilities. 

Granted, this change may end up not being everything I hope it will be.  But I have high hopes that DC will make this worth our while.  I’ve been promoting this a lot to my friends and family hoping to get some new faces in my local comic book store on Wednesdays.  Good luck DC!  I’m excited to see where this is all gonna go! :D

Ps – When the HELL are we gonna get a release date for Batman: Earth One??                                         

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This may change of course and I'm almost sure it will but for now this is where its at! #DCRelaunch
My DC titles come Seppt will be Batman, Batman and Robin, Batgirl, Green Lantern, Flash, Catwoman, Justice League, Aquaman, & Action Comics

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Coming Soon - JJ's Reaction to the DCnU and more Smallville related articles

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I'm pretty sure a car in the Target parking lot was playing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat #thatsawesome
Hey just think - two weeks from today I'll have seen Green Lantern!

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As crazy as it sounds I'm not against #Superman wearing a black costume. I dunno why but I think it's a cool look. Like SMALLVILLE Season 9

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My 5 Biggest Regrets from SMALLVILLE

As you are all well aware I love SMALLVILLE and almost everything about it.  However, there are a few complaints that I have about the show.  Now, I have lived my life without these things but every now and then (I’m sure like most fans of any long running TV show) I think, “Man wouldn’t it have been cool if . . . “ Or I think “I wish they hadn’t . . .”  Let’s dive in, shall we?

5) LEX LUTHOR’S MINDWIPE – Don’t get me wrong.  I totally get the logic behind this decision.  Obviously Lex couldn’t know Clark’s secret or else it would potentially ruin the relationship that Superman and Lex Luthor have in the comics/movies.  But let’s face it – having Lex know about Clark is a really cool twist and if the show was ending anyway why not let him remember?  It’s not like it would affect future seasons!  Plus, in my mind, it kind of makes Lex’s journey on the show obsolete.  It’s the same reason I was not a big fan of X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. Shooting Logan with an adamantium bullet and forget his past?  Dear God, why??  But I digress . . .   Now I have two theories post-SMALLVILLE that help me cope with this decision.  One is that since it’s a “clone” body of Lex, the real Lex is dead and his memories went with him.  The second theory is that since it’s a “clone” body of Lex that maybe it can one day remember everything or he never forgot anything at all.  After all, as I said, had the show continued that would be something to set it apart from just about any other interpretation of Superman.  Oh well, maybe if that SMALLVILLE SEASON 11/METROPOLIS SEASON 1 comic I’m hoping for ever happens it will be rectified.

4) CLARK NOT WEARING GLASSES/FLYING – Throughout the whole show, Clark (Tom Welling) never wore glasses except for a few instances such as WHISPER (Season Three), NOIR (Season Six), APOCALYPSE (Season Seven), IDOL (Season 9), and finally almost full time in MASQUERADE (Season Ten).  Now let’s look at that list.  There were 218 episodes of SMALLVILLE. I mentioned five episodes and two of them were “alternate reality” episodes.  That’s a lot of not wearing a “disguise” yet Clark did a lot of (pun intended) super things.  You’d think at some point he would rescue someone and they would say, “Wow, Clark!  It’s me Billy!  We went to Smallville High together!”  Now I believe, and this is a stretch but try to suspend your disbelief, that since Clark was kind of an outsider and didn’t really have a lot of friends in high school that he could have gotten away with it and people would mostly forget about him post-high school.  Plus, in my mind, since Superman shows his face most people wouldn’t think that he has a secret identity.  I don’t know if that’s ever really been discussed in the comic books but that’s what I think.  Also, Clark only flew in a select few episodes.  I was cool with it for the first few years but after a while it’s like, “Come on dude.  You’ve been saving the world for years.  It’s about time you started stacking up some frequent flyer miles.”  But I have to say that between the flying and the glasses I would have taken the glasses because that moment in the finale when he finally did fly and save the world from Apokalips was a great moment I wouldn’t have traded for anything J 

3) SUPERGIRL/KARA – I want to make this very clear right off the bat – Laura Vandervoort was phenomenal as Kara Zor El/Supergirl.  She is one of my all time favorite superheroes thanks to Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner, and Ian Churchill.  If they had done a spin off and she had played that character I would have watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it.  But she just never seemed to fit in the world of SMALLVILLE.  I think part of the reason is that they made her so old.  The story is the same in SMALLVILLE in the comics – Kara is found in a ship that has been lost for many years.  She was supposed to find the baby Kal El and watch over him.  However, since her ship was lost Kal El grew up without her protection and she was in suspended animation for decades.  Again, I love Kara and Laura did a great portrayal of the character.  But at the time they introduced her she was only about 2 maybe 3 years younger than Clark.  That to me is bad because the point of the character is that she is supposed to be 16 and he is 30ish.  That’s a fun dynamic to play off of. Now, some of the stories with her in the show were great but it’s clear the writers couldn’t find too much of a purpose for her since she was not in Season 7 a lot and for a good chunk of it she lost her memory or was “in the past” with Brainiac.  Even though that really felt like a very classic Superman storyline.  But still every time the character came back it still felt forced and odd.  BLOODLINE (Season 8) she was practically a different character and I really felt bad that it seemed like Clark made little to no effort in trying to find her after he destroyed Brainiac.  SUPERGIRL & PROPHECY (Season 10 for both) it felt like she was only brought back because they were bringing back a lot of recurring characters from previous seasons.  And then at the end of PROPHECY she just up and leaves without saying anything to anyone.  Why bother bringing her back at all?  She could have done that either in BLOODLINE or SUPERGIRL and Clark would have at least known she was OK and safe.  Also – did it seem to anyone else like Clark could’ve have cared less about her?  She disappears TWICE in one year and, as I said, Clark makes little to no effort to find her.  It’s like – Dude, way to treat your family like crap.  Oh well, like I said Laura’s performance was always true to the character so I can let these things slide (for now . . . )

2) NO SUPER-FIGHT WITH DOOMSDAY – The truth is – I really, really liked the character of Davis Bloome.  Making him a weird doppelganger for Clark was a very bold, risky, but ultimately rewarding choice on the producers’ part.  However, they faced so many limitations with the character of Doomsday himself that it almost seemed not worth it.  As I have said before, one of my favorite episodes is BRIDE (Season 8) if for no other reason than I thought that Doomsday got a great entrance into the show.  Portraying him in a very CLOVERFIELD-like manner and having Clark not be able to stop him was very true to the character.  But the problem with Doomsday is that he probably cost the show so much money just to have the actor put on that costume they couldn’t do much with him.  Also, after re-watching DOOMSDAY (Season 8), it would have looked a little silly for Tom Welling to be punching a stunt double in a Doomsday costume.  Even that short fight in that episode looks a bit off-putting.  Again, probably just because the costume itself had its own limitations.  However, even if it had just been Sam Witwer (Davis Bloome) in some sort of makeshift half-Doomsday costume duking it out with Clark I would have enjoyed it a lot more than just a 2 minute fight. They had a little fight in BEAST (Season 8) which, to me, was much more of a superior episode to DOOMSDAY.  But again, being an optimist, we can say that Clark got off easy just fighting Doomsday/Davis for a moment so he might get cocky thinking he can stop him easily in the future.  Little would he know that the character WILL kill him. 

1)      BRUCE WAYNE – As much as I loved seeing Arthur Curry, Bart Allen, Oliver Queen, Zatanna, John Jones, etc they still fall short of the one man I always wanted to see on SMALLVILLE – Bruce Wayne.  Batman is my all time favorite superhero.  I do realize that he would not have been Batman in his appearance but it still would have been cool to see him in some fashion.  Granted in the episode FORTUNE (Season 10) Chloe mentions she’s discovered a “billionaire with lots of gadgets.”  That was a cool moment for me and also in the episode REUNION (Season 6) one of Oliver’s old friends mentions going back to Gotham.  But still, it would have totally made my life if Bruce Wayne had paid a visit to SMALLVILLE.  And there were so many opportunities for it!  He could have been a classmate of Lex and Oliver!  Clark’s parents could have known Bruce’s parents!  Or he could have just been in town to do some random “Batman in training” thing!  I don’t know!  I read an interview with former show runner Al Gough where he said they wanted to introduce Bruce Wayne and they had some ideas but they never were able to do it due to legal issues.  Here is my question – WHAT F*#@$ING LEGAL ISSUES? Batman and Superman are owned by Warner Bros!  Warner Bros produces SMALLVILLE!  And don’t say because Christopher Nolan made BATMAN BEGINS.  Bryan Singer was still allowed to make SUPERMAN RETURNS while SMALLVILLE was still on the air.  No excuse!  Being the optimist that I am I will justify this decision by saying that it’s Ok that Clark never met Bruce Wayne because it’s probably better that he met him later in life as Batman after he becomes Superman.  But then again, Adam Knight was the closest thing we got to Bruce Wayne on SMALLVILLE. Some argue Oliver Queen/Green Arrow was at first but that was not the case for me.  He was his own character and true to it.  Oh well . . . if I had to sacrifice Bruce Wayne on SMALLVILLE for BATMAN BEGINS then so be it! J  

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How do you sum up ten years of your life in a few paragraphs?  That’s the issue I faced when sitting down to write this essay (if ya wanna put a label on it).  SMALLVILLE has been my favorite TV show for the last ten years.  It’s gotten me through high school, my “taking a year off” hiatus after that (which turned into four years but let’s not get into that), my move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, and through multiple issues in my life that existed in between those things.  So why did I stick with SMALLVILLE when so many people seemed to abandon it?  One reason – it always remained a wonderful show to me.
            It always bothered me when people would say, “Oh SMALLVILLE sucks!”  “He’s not Superman!”  “He doesn’t even fly!”  “That show’s still on?”  It’s hard for me to understand why those people hated the show so much.  The show wasn’t always great but it was never so bad that I never wanted to watch it again.  Of COURSE he’s not Superman!  That’s never been what the show was about.  Although, the flying I kinda have to give to those people.  Not like it was a HUGE deal but it still would’ve been cool.  Although, there were many times when Clark would do a “tall leap” so in a way the show was more faithful to the original Superman comics than anything that came before it.  However, I don’t wanna dwell on the negativity.  This is meant to celebrate SMALLVILLE’S life on TV.
            I remember when the show premiered 10 years ago.  I had heard that there were plans to create a Bruce Wayne TV show.  I remember thinking (and I still think this) that it would hard to pull that off because, at least to me, the show would have to take place all over the world to match Bruce Wayne’s training to become Batman.  Then they decided to scrap that idea and go ahead with a Clark Kent TV show.  In the end it ended up being for the best because the Bruce Wayne TV show sounded kinda dumb.  Granted I still would’ve watched it.  Anyway, I’ve always been a huge superhero fan and was excited to see what happened.  Not long after that previews started showing up on the WB network for SMALLVILLE.  At the time I was big into BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL. I was very excited to see what would happen with this show.  The previews were really cool.  I remember thinking, “Hey that lady was in SUPERMAN III!  And Lex is that one guy from URBAN LEGEND!” 
            Then on October 16, 2001 I sat down with my sister and watched the first episode of SMALLVILLE.  I was completely blown away.  It was so different and interesting but still felt like Superman to me.  I was in love at first sight.  I never lost that feeling. Tom Welling really felt like Clark Kent to me.  Michael Rosenbaum was so different as Lex it was hard to get a read on him.  Was he a villain?  A hero?  I pretty much had a crush on Kristin Kreuk for a good long while throughout my adolescence.  Also, John Schneider and Annette O’Toole were the greatest parents anywhere could ever have. 
            The funny thing about the show was that sometimes I would get so frustrated that was still not Superman.  Then I would watch the show and get so swept up in the action, drama, romance, etc that I would forget all about that.  The producers always did a good job of keeping the show so interesting that, at least for me, it never really bothered me that Clark was not Superman.  Although to be honest it did bother me that he didn’t wear glasses!  Oh well, nothing I can do about that now . . . ;)
            I remember one day I was driving and thinking about the show.  It suddenly occurred to me that the main reason I was OK with Tom Welling never technically portraying Superman is that the show really felt like the greatest love letter that anyone could write to/about Superman.  Also, as the seasons progressed it became more and more of a Superman show anyway.  In season 8-10 especially the show shifted gears and really became about the classic Superman we all know and love.  From a budding romance with Lois Lane, to team ups with the Justice League/Society, dealing with villains seemingly more powerful than himself (Doomsday, Zod, Darkseid), working at the Daily Planet (without a college degree?), and even more frequent appearances from Superman’s rogues gallery (Metallo, Toyman, Bruno “Ugly” Manheim, Silver Banshee, Parasite).  The series became increasingly more like a Superman show every week.
            SMALLVILLE has been a big part of my life and something that I will always hold near and dear to my heart.  As I write this I realize that I have never missed a season premiere.  The show has always found a way to impress me.  Ten years and I loved it every week.  My favorite years are definitely seasons 6 and 9.  They felt the most “Superman” to me.  But they also had the best episodes of any year.  Episodes like PROMISE AND CROSSFIRE that were very much about Clark’s love life and how it’s never easy whether you’re from Krypton or from Earth.  Or even episodes like JUSTICE and ABSOLUTE JUSTICE that were superhero extravaganzas!  Not that the other seasons were bad, but in my opinion 6 and 9 were the best.
            The show began with a “freak of the week” vibe not unlike how BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER began but the show quickly found out that whatever monster/alien/meteor freak was thrown at Clark his biggest enemy was always himself.  Luckily, Clark managed to break free of his personal demons and become the world’s greatest hero – SUPERMAN.
            I certainly hope that DC plans to continue SMALLVILLE in some fashion such as a “season 11” comic book ala BUFFY SEASON 8 comic book by Joss Whedon.  That would certainly be something I would be very interested in.  I don’t know if there are any plans like that now but maybe someday.  Either way, SMALLVILLE remains the one show I have followed and loved closely for a good chunk of my life.  I feel lucky that the show remained loyal to the fans as the fans remained loyal to SMALLVILLE.  Maybe we will meet again someday.  But for now, I will be happy knowing that it went out with a bang!  Or should I say UP, UP, AND AWAY!

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Coming Soon

Soon I will be doing a retrospective of SMALLVILLE. The show has been a huge part of my life and I wanna honor that. I will work on it and get back to ya ;)
I wish you could see the grin on my face! AWESOME ENDING
YES! I knew it! He did it! He flew! BECAUSE HE'S SUPERMAN
I just had a geekasm for that scene with Clark and Lex! Just about the equivolent of the interrogation scene from The Dark Knight!
Oh my god its really Michael Rosenbaum :D
WOW! I . . . I . . . Just wow! Darkseid!
Its Lionel!
Dammit Schneider! Youre gonna make me cry
AND a Green Lantern preview? Best day ever!
Now THIS is a super fight
Well of course the wedding couldnt be PERFECT lol
Oh my god! Clark is supposed to be marrying Lois and he said Lana's name! (just kidding Friends reference lol)
Also Pa Kent makes a great Mag Wan Kenobi
I'm pretty sure Jimmy Fallon and Alyson Hannigan are at this wedding
I'm about to cry! Lois and Clark and so awesome together!
Erica Durance is the PERFECT Lois Lane
John Schneider! :)
I kinda like Oliver and Chloe together
Damn Suddenlink!
Aaron Ashmore? WHAT?
What we couldnt fork over the extra bucks for no commercials? Lol jk CW
Here we go Great opening
Tonight I will be live blogging the very last episode of SMALLVILLE!

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Happy Easter everyone! Hope the Easter bunny brings you . . . stuff . . . I guess

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I can't wait to act again!
Ya know what? I'm actually excited for the new X-Men movie LMAO I can't believe I got that out with a straight face! (thats what she said)

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I'm the one who wants to be with you Deep inside I hope you feel it too

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I would love to do a fan commentary on something like Smallville or Dark Knight or something like that. That would be freakin awesome

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Are the writers closet Superman fans? Between the Brainiacs and Sue calling herself General Zod I'm betting yes

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Some people smoke Others eat a lot Yes these are unhealthy obsessions . . . I on the other hand read and think about comic books all day

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Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis staying on Aquaman post-Brightest Day! My Twitter prayers have been answered! :D

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Sometimes when I sing along with songs I replace the word Baby with JJ. I dunno why

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Chewbacca tries to get into a nightclub. The bouncer stops him. Chewbacca screams. The manager comes out and says, "Hey let the Wookie in"
I'm really not understanding why its cold today

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New favorite song: Reminder by Jay Z. Its in the Hangover Part II preview. If you have not heard it don't worry I will be driving by soon ;)

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A Jedi Knight?! I'm out of it for a little while and everyone gets delusions of grandeur

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Kevin Costner is gonna be Jonathon Kent in the new Superman movie. Hmmm . . . I approve of this!

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RIP Michael Gough (Alfred in the original Batman movies) You will be missed

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I think next time I find a little R2 D2 toy I'm gonna buy it and put it at my desk (yes I've given this way too much thought)
Is it Ugly Tuesday at this restaurant? The servers are all hot but the customers are ugly! I've never felt so out of place . . .

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I'd go to the doctor but I'm pretty sure he would diagnose me with a case of the Mondays
Work today has some new job responsibilities First song I hear on my Ipod when I sit is the Darth Vader theme Sigh . . . I think its a sign

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I wanna work for Verizon just to say to new customers These arent the droids you're looking for (ha ha you see what I did there?)
<=The JJ=>
There is not enough Star Wars in this house. I must remedy this immediately!

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I really hope Charlie Sheen doesn't think I'm a troll. Or a warlock. Or anything really. That dude is messed up in the head!
Everybody look out I'm not in a good mood today

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Well it's a new day. It has been an interesting week. I went from Holy Crap I hate my life to Eh it's not so bad. I've made some mistakes and have paid for them but it is no use dwelling on it. Now I'm living my life. Dunno where this blog is gonna go but I hope we will soon know.

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If there was a problem yo I'll solve it! Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it!

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I've read the article in EW about Henry Cavill playing Superman and all I can think is Wow He is a good looking dude! . . . I risk my masculinity saying that

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Everyone says how they wanna update Superman and make him cool. Well . . . He already is! What's uncool about wanting to be a good person?

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Henry Cavill has been cast as Clark Kent/Superman in the Zack Snyder directed MAN OF STEEL! Good luck buddy! You will need it ;)

Friday, January 28, 2011

JJ Reacts To:


When this was first announced I was at work.  A friend of mine texted me with the info.  I thought he was joking.  My first thought was, "I thought Talia and Hugo Strange were in it?"  Then I realized that this particular friend was not privvy to pranks.  I immediately looked up the info for myself (still at work, so I hope my boss is not reading this haha).  My jaw dropped.  "Hell yes!" I said aloud.  Also some various other obscenities I will not repeat here.

I've taken some time to think about this and I wanna start by saying - What's wrong with Anne Hathaway?  I've been hearing that a lot of people are mad at the casting.  Ummmmm . . . why?  She is a great actress!  I mean look at her career - The Princess Diaries, Havoc, Brokeback Mountain, The Devil Wears Prada.  That's a pretty wide range of films.  Sounds familiar doesn't it?  It should because a man named Heath Ledger had an equally diverse body of work.  And he KILLED IT as the Joker.  So there is no doubt in my mind that Hathaway will equally kill it as Selina Kyle/Catwoman.  Side note - the press release indicates she is playing Selina Kyle, not Catwoman.  But let's not forget that the press release for Batman Begins had Christian Bale cast as Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight's release had Aaron Eckhart cast as Harvey Dent.  So no fear.  Although if Nolan does not have Hathaway in the Catwoman persona I will scream.

Now, on to the more shall I say controversial casting (in my opinion) - Tom Hardy as Bane.  I did NOT see that one coming.  I was pretty convinced that Hugo Strange was gonna be the villain.  I was all for that.  Or my choice for the movie would have been Hush/Tommy Elliott.  There's a great character I would not have minded seeing on the big screen.  But Bane?  It's still a little hard to get the taste of Jeep Swenson out of my mouth from Batman and Robin.  Also, for a while there I didn't feel like he fell into the "realistic" category that Nolan strives for in his Bat-movies.  Venom seemed like a far-fetched concept as well as a dude who essentially "hulks out" when on the drug.

But JJ!  I reminded myself, remember Ra's Al Ghul?  They hinted at his "immortality" without really having to get into it.  Also, the Scarecrow still had his fear gas.  The Joker had a white face and a permanent grin on his face (how did he get those scars?).  Two-Face still had a, well, two-face and a double sided suit AND coin.  So maybe there is a way to get away with Bane.  It's not unheard of for a person to be on some sort of "performance enhancer" (lookin at you Major League Baseball).  He doesn't necessarily have to grow two or three times his size to kick some ass.  He could just as easily take the drug and go on a rampage and kick the crap out of our beloved Dark Knight. 

There is a lot of speculation as to what the plot will be.  Obviously, it's gonna be based on Knightfall and Catwoman (instead of Azrael) will be Bruce's replacement to the mantle of the bat.  Totally kidding of course.  I can only assume that Catwoman will be running around robbing shit and Bane will be punching holes in brick walls and Batman will growl and "go to work".  Seriously though I have no idea.  I'm still kind of hoping that Hugo Strange and Hush are in the movie.  Let's go all Spider-Man 3 on this bitch and throw in as many plots as we can think of! Ha ha, no thank you! 

I'm very much looking forward to the progression of this film from production stills to the trailers to toys to the film itself.2012 will be a year to remember indeed.  Fingers crossed lightning will strike 3 times for Team Nolan on the Batman franchise they have successfully created!
COMING SOON - JJ's reaction to Dark Knight Rises casting . . .

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises July 20 2012 and the villains will be Bane played by Tom Hardy and freaking Catwoman played by Anne fucking Hathaway!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Look! Up in the sky! It's a Zeta-Bird! It's an AirCar! No It's BATMAN!

Friday, January 14, 2011

All day people have been like JJ are you awaited for Green Lantern? Well yes I am but its Green Hornet that comes out today! Get it right!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I think its time we get some previews for Captain America and X Men First Class