Monday, August 15, 2011

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That's right folks! The always pleasing never teasing JJ is now blogging from his mobile phone! Should be more to come so stay tuned!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

5 Reasons Green Lantern Isn't as Bad as They Say:

Now I'm sure you have seen a list or two like this before but I'm gonna make one of my own anyway.  In my mind, GREEN LANTERN was one of the summer's best movies.  It really bothers me that I'm in the minority with thinking that.  I've seen so-so movies (DAREDEVIL, FANTASTIC FOUR) and I've seen very bad movies (CATWOMAN, GHOST RIDER) and I personally do not think that GREEN LANTERN falls in these categories.  If I were to make a list of the 10 best comic book movies GREEN LANTERN would definitely be on the list.  Now, it may not make the top 5 but you see what I mean?  Anyway here are the 5 main reasons GREEN LANTERN is not as bad as the critics say:

5) ACTING 101:

It takes a truly talented actor to act next to nothing (in terms of green screens) and Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong did that very, very well in their scenes.  Compare this to the acting in the STAR WARS prequels.  Granted someone like Ian McDiarmond and Liam Neeson did well but new and upcoming actors like Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christiansen, and Natalie Portman (who are all great actors) were given poor direction and were not able to act well against nothing.  I call this "Acting 101" because you are told to act when there is nothing around you.  It's literally the first lesson you learn as an actor.  But then again, movie acting and stage acting are two very different concepts.  However, Reynolds, Strong, and even Temeura Morrison did very well in their scenes.  They believed in the situations they were in and were able to look past it and give wonderful performances.


Truth be told the decision to make the Green Lantern suits a CGI creation did not surprise me.  It's a good idea because it totally makes sense.  It's literally in the comic books that he does not put on a costume like Superman or Batman.  The suit comes out of his ring.  Actually seeing it move on screen I admit at first was a little off putting but the more I thought about it (and upon second and third viewings) the suit looks pretty amazing.  I personally think there are moments in the movie when you can't tell that it's a CGI creation anyway.  Also the constructs that Hal and the other Lanterns make look really awesome.  Those are OK to be CGI creations to me simply because they need to look a bit, dare I say, "hollow?"  Plus this is the one time when filmmakers can make the CGI look just a bit off and not have the audience be upset about it.


Just about every actor cast in this movie truly understood their character and performed them very well.  Ryan Reynolds is (despite his reputation) a truly gifted actor.  If you need proof see the movie BURIED (but only see it if you have tissues near by).  Blake Lively is actually really, really good.  I admit I was underwhelmed by the previews of her and the fact that the only movie I've ever seen her in is ACCEPTED.  But dammit if she didn't knock it out of the park.  She really understood the Carol Ferris character and played her as more than just the "damsel in distress".  Mark Strong.  Eh, I'll get to him later ;)   Peter Sarsgaard on the other hand - WOW.  He was just about the creepiest damn thing you ever did see.  And this is BEFORE his head grows ten sizes too big for his body.


Hal Jordan was chosen to be a Green Lantern because he is full of willpower and has the ability to overcome great fear.  But for this movie to work he had to be full of fear and doubt in order to rise above it and save his planet.  Reynolds plays Hal as a man who walks away from situations if they become too hard or if he feels he doesn't have the strength to continue.  I found that to be something that I personally could relate to.  How many of us have had those situations where we just walk away when the going gets tough?  And the best part is that since this a comic book/superhero movie - Hal has the unique opportunity to literally face his fears in the form of Parallax.  While the other members of the Corps fell to his power, Hal stepped up and figured out a way to beat it.  That part of the story, to me, is just great storytelling.


If I was making a GREEN LANTERN movie I would never have thought to cast Mark Strong.  And I would have been dead wrong!  Of all the actors in this movie he proved to be the most versatile and definitely has the most room to grow.  From his first scene arguing with the Guardians, pleading for them to believe in him to defeat Parallax, to his last moment when he slips on the yellow ring, he NAILED IT.  I couldn't have asked for a better Sinestro.  Not only that, but the make up department really did a nice job of helping Strong disappear into his character and become "the greatest Green Lantern".

Well, that's my list.  I have many other reasons to like this movie but these are the most important I feel to get the average person excited for a movie that is very good despite critics bashing it.  So hopefully you will have the opportunity to enjoy the movie as much as I have.   Till next time!