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Please God, let Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis stay with Aquaman post-Brightest Day!

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The title for Nolan's third Batman movie - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Hmmm . . . Well the first one was called Batman Begins, the second the Dark Knight, and now The Dark Knight Rises.  Given that The Dark Knight was WAY more successful than Begins it makes sense they would keep that in the title somehow. Which I'm not opposed to at all.

I like the title.  It's not what I would have done, but then again I probably would've told the Joker's origin again.  And I would have been wrong. 

I've been a Batman fan for my entire life.  The character has always had a spot near and dear to my heart.  I can't really explain why but he has always been my favorite character and always will be.  In my honest opinion I consider The Dark Knight to be the perfect Batman movie.  It had just about everything you need to tell a truly great and powerful Batman story.  Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, and Michael Caine are absolutely great with just about every sentence they say in character.  Bale's Bat-voice might not be great but it's better than nothing.

So this new movie has Tom Hardy, a release date of July 20, 2012, no Riddler (bummer by the way), and no 3D.  I'm actually glad about the lack of 3D.  It's getting annoying.  And it also doesn't always work.  I was really hoping for the Riddler because he is one of my favorite villains (especially John Glover's work in Batman: the Animated Series).  I think Nolan and crew have a LOT of work to do if they expect to even come close to the awesomeness that is The Dark Knight.  But I have faith that they will give us a movie worthy to star Gotham's Dark Knight.

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I've thought about collecting the DVD collections of the old Super Friends cartoons and other assorted animated shows

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I'm a big fan of the original Scream movies.  The first movie scared the beejezus out of me.  And worse I saw it on TV!  Haha, but seriously the first movie was really scary because it seemed so real.  The second one was good too.  The third was kinda meh but I still enjoyed it.  Scream was the first scary movie I felt was actually a good movie and fun to watch over and over again.  It was not afraid to admit the slight absurdity of the situation and compare itself to other movies and such.  Plus who knew that Courtney Cox could be such a bitch? 

When I first heard they were doing a Scream 4 I was like, "Yeah, yeah whatever."  Then they said Kevin Williamson, the original writer was doing the script.  Then Wes Craven said he would be back.  Then the original cast of Cox, David Arquette, and even Neve Campbell said they would return.  My interest was peaked.  But no, they can't top the first one right?  As a rule most horror movies lose their appeal after the first.  It's just hard to scare people the same way twice.  Or whatever.  I dunno, most horror sequels . . . how can I put this delicately?  Most horror sequels blow!  But if the original cast and crew was willing to get together after ten years since the last movie then maybe there was hope!

Except Scream was a trilogy!  By definition it ends at three!  What the hell are they thinking?  "We're working on a new trilogy?"  As far as I know that is unheard of in the horror genre.  Will it work?  Is it going to be successful?  Only time will tell . . .

When I heard that the first teaser preview would be shown during the Scream Awards I made a note to watch it.  I very much enjoyed the preview.  Now, that could be just it.  Maybe it will not live up to the hype.  But, much like the original Scream, the movie seems to recognize that it is in a different time and its audience has certain expectations.  So . . . they seem to be on the right track . . . But that does not mean the movie will be good.  However, I digress.  That is not what this post is about.  I'm excited to see this movie and I think it will be good.  I'm excited to see how it's handled and if the original cast can survive another brush with Ghostface or maybe the killer is one of them??
Turns out it is much easier to live blog an Awards show than any other show. Just an fyi for ya
In Brightest Day In Blackest Night No Evil Shall Escape My Sight Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might Beware My Power GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!

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Oh hell yeah for Blake Lively!
Well of course fucking Twilight wins Best Fantasy Movie! I wish those movies would die
Rosario Dawson is so damn HOT
Harry Potter is gonna be bad ass!
Could def care less for MIA Although I did like Paper Planes
I can die happy seeing Bill Murray dressed as a Ghostbuster again!
Zombieland deserves Best Horror Movie because Bill Murray is DRESSED AS A GHOSTBUSTER!
Wow Sarah Silverman thats a . . . bit much
Wow I hate Marilyn Manson Oh and of course True Blood won! Even though they just did that farewell to Lost (for no reason now)
Marilyn Manson . . . What a weird dude
Never watched Lost. But Jimmy Kimmel is funny
Wow James Cameron is a douchebag! But I do love the Terminator movies
Avatar is the best 3D movie. Is anyone suprised?
War Machine doing the 3D category
Is it wrong that I think Skyline looks kinda cool? (the answer is yes)
Well I was not expecting this . . . Congrats to Human Centipede (throws up)
I could care less for Best Horror Actor. Oh look It's a dude from True Blood! It's like Twilight and the MTV Movie Awards all over again
These guys? Seriously? But yeah Piranha 3D did look horrible
Wow Walking Dead looks like every other zombie movie! At least Blackest Night had a good hook
Best Comic Book ??? The Walking Dead beat Fucking Blackest Night? What a crock of shit! But I never read it so that's not fair
Love Michael J Fox!
Are we forgetting the episode of Spin City that they did?
These movies seriously had fantastic suspense scenes!
Back to the Future!
She seems like the first one so far that actually likes the award she got lol
And she is still hot!
And Weaver comes out in an Alien egg. Nice touch!
I agree I love Sigourney Weaver
Wow lets not inflate James Cameron's head or anything
I don't think I have a favorite horror actress But to Scream she is Anna Paquin. I can live with that
Wow Scream 4 actually looks cool! Don't worry I'll save the cheerleader (and Neve Campbell)
Comic Con Icon is Ray Bradbury! That is fitting. He was a great sci fi writer
Kristin Stewart is the Best Fantasy Actress? I hate Twilight but she is attractive
It's Two Face! Kinda looks like the dude from Glee
Dude I'm on the floor laughing at the newest PS3 commercial!
Dude the Rite looks kinda cool. Except my cat walked up behind me and scared the shit out of me lol
Hannibal Lecter in the hizzy!
The Holy Shit Scene is . . . (the same movie nominated twice in one category?) AND it still didn't win! Fuck True Blood
This dude is not gonna like Dwight when he is angry . . .
Beers are startin to kick in. Apologies if sum werds r missppellede
Paranormal Activity 2 looks stupid
Best Comic Book writer is . . . GEOFF JOHNS!
It's Thor!
Mickey Rourke as Best Villain for Iron Man 2! Nice
Toe thumbs take the stage!
How did I not about this awesome event before? I love Inception!
Live blogging the Scream Awards
You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one
Two things First we need to get Doug Mahnke off Green Lantern and Second we need more Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis Aquaman

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Blackest Night is my favorite DC Event in recent years.  I felt that the build up, the ancillary stories, and the event itself are what great comics are all about. You're truly rooting for your heroes and their worst enemy which is death itself.  Hal Jordan even says right at the beginning, "When you're a Green Lantern death is the only retirement."  Everyone is afraid of death, or at least the idea of what might be beyond that.  And these particular stories are about emotion and how individual people deal with their emotions.  The Black Lanterns feed on emotions so keeping them in check is the key to defeating them.

This really is the best superhero story out there.  If you have the means I highly, highly recommend picking it up.  This is my list of the top ten greatest moments in both Blackest Night and the Green Lantern main title.  I chose these because of Geoff Johns's writing both titles.  The other titles were good but this is where the magic happened for me.  I have grown to love Green Lantern Hal Jordan and that is due to Johns brilliant storytelling.  So here we go:

10) The Green Lanterns Coming Out of the Crypt (Blackest Night 1) - The first issue ALONE is so chock full of awesomeness that picking one moment was a challenge.  Now I had my doubts about Ivan Reis being the artist because I thought his work was good but not like SUPER AWESOME.  This issue quickly changed my mind.  He has clearly stepped up his game.  This moment underlined by the RISE at the bottom of the splash gave me chills.  As Guy Gardner put it, "What the F#@#!"  The Green Lanterns are gonna be busy with their dead partners in arms. 

9) "Well Now, That Wasn't So Difficult" (Blackest Night 8) - I kept thinking reading this that Nekron has to be defeated somehow!  I wondered why someone didn't just aim for the heart.  Sinestro (now one with the Entity) reaches in and pulls Nekron's heart out.  His line watching Nekron disintegrate is priceless!  Who would have thought that Sinestro would be the one to save the universe?  Or did he . . . No, no he didn't.

8) The Secret Origin of Black Hand (Green Lantern 43) - Not technically a moment I love about this issue, just the whole thing in general.  Johns's talent seems to be dusting off old, shitty characters and making them either terrifying, interesting, or bad asses.  With Black Hand he did all three in one issue.  When Black Hand took on Green Lantern back in issue 6 I knew that couldn't be the end.  Then Black Hand's symbol was on the black rings previewed at the end of Sinestro Corps War.  Ah so . . . This issue illustrates Johns's range as a writer.  Black Hand is very different from most other characters he has written and in this issue he is truly terrifying. 

7) "I'm as Powerful as Superman!" (Green Lantern 44) - Something about J'Onn J'Onnz makes him a great character but ultimately a throwaway.  But as I said throwaway characters seem to Johns speciality.  And here he shows us that the Martian Manhunter is anything but a throwaway. He is a force to be reckoned with.  Not only that, but an evil version of him?  That makes him an opponent more deadly than you can imagine.  His frustration at everyone's dismissal of him is heard when he rips off the front of a fire station looking for Hal and Barry.  Wouldn't wanna make that guy angry.  I would probably not like him when he is angry.

6) Indigo-1's Introduction (Blackest Night 3) - Just when you think that things are never going to get better the Indigo Lantern's show up and save the day!  Speaking an unknown language but with the answers that our heroes need.  Which is usually how it goes isn't it?  But still she shows up and they help the heroes kick some Black Lantern ass.  Like all great epics, help comes from unexplained places and knows the history of the universe.  Ok well not ALL epics but this one at least.

5) Heroes and Villains Deputized (Blackest Night 6) - Definitely a moment  I was not expecting.  Seems only fair though.  At the end of issue 5 Nekron recruited the resurrected heroes to his cause, why shouldn't the heroes do the same.  And the choices could not have been more perfect.  Barry Allen as a Blue Lantern, Scarecrow as a Sinestro Corps member, Mera for the Red, the Atom for Indigo, Wonder Woman for the Violet, and Lex Luthor as the new Agent Orange.  I thought the moment was absolutely perfect.  It only made me wonder who else might have been chosen . . .

4) Atrocitus vs Larfleeze (Green Lantern 48) - The best part of the build up to Blackest Night was the introduction of the other corps and their leaders.  Atrocitus and Larfleeze are fantastic characters.  It did not occur to me that they had never met.  And here (for some reason) Atrocitus is trying to steal Larfleeze's Lantern.  But no one takes anything of Larfleeze's without a fight!  This was the moment Larfleeze became a more three dimensional character for me rather than just a normal villain.  Also we learned (as Sinestro pointed out) that Atrocitus is not as fearsome as once believed.  And THAT ladies and gentleman is what makes Geoff Johns AWESOME!

3) Sinestro Feels More than Fear (Green Lantern 47) - Abin and Arin Sur are now Black Lanterns and have come back to haunt Sinestro and Hal Jordan.  I think we all knew that Abin Sur coming back was inevitable but Arin his sister and Sinestro's former lover?  That's the catch that made this particular encounter exciting.  Even better was that Sinestro puts on a brave face but inside is just like the rest of us - full of emotion.  He can't quite bring himself to destroy this tainted lover of his until the last minute.  When questioned he simply shrugs it off.  Sinestro is a fantastic character and (forgive the pun) shines even brighter during the Blackest Night.

2) "But I'm Faster" (Blackest Night 6) - I grew up with Wally West as the Flash.  Even still, I was never really a big fan of the character.  Sure I liked the Flash, but he didn't really do much for me.  Then Geoff Johns came along and resurrected Barry Allen (well technically Grant Morrison did but whatever).  Rebirth really got me into the character of Barry Allen.  And Blackest Night made me a fan of his character permanently.  Right at the beginning of the issue, Hal and Barry are trying to outrun the Black Rings bent on turning them to the dark side of the Force (lol).  However, Barry has an idea and grabs Hal.  The best part about Barry's line is that there is no trace of cockiness.  It's all confidence.  Barry outran death once, and he knows he can do it again.  As Dr. Sheldon Cooper would put it, "Bazinga!"

1) Black Lantern Batman (Blackest Night 5) - This was the moment I was waiting for!  Since Batman: RIP and the build up to Blackest Night were going on at the same time I kept thinking, "What are they gonna do about Bruce Wayne?"  My original theory was that he would not be among the rising heroes and someone would notice and say, "He's still alive!"  I was half right.  Black Hand was using the Bruce Wayne skull as a way to piss off the other heroes and then Nekron gave it life.  My only wish was that there had been more of a fight between Black Lantern Batman and the other heroes.  An evil, heartless Batman?  Yeah, you're done.  You might as well just not even try.  But the usage of the character was great in turning the tables even moreso on Nekron's side (who thought he could get any more powerful).  I'll never forget the moment I saw that double page splash of Batman thinking, "That's fucking bad ass!"  Oh Ivan and Geoff, ya got me again!

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Clark and Lois said I Love You! It was really good
<=The JJ=>
Nice Chloe cameo!
Oliver you don't have to take that shit!
I was definitely not expecting that moment with Raknid. Very nice . . . Although something tells me Brainiac was behind it
That dude in the helicopter looked like Paul Rudd
Tom Welling in the glasses! Fucking A!
Oh no! Clark is in the future and Lois is in danger in the present! Ouch . . . Sorry bad Heroes flashback
What a bitch!
Lovin the Christmas Carol vibe
I was kinda hopin for a quick throwdown with Bug Boy or Raknid as his vanity plate indicated. Thats actually not a bad name
Clark did you lose faith in your powers AGAIN? Maybe being King for a day will do the trick
I like the season one callbacks
Bugboy is back! And no one remembers Lois!
Brainiac! I totally met him last week
Oh Lois you dont have a real education Its adorable
Live blogging Smallville 200!

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Good bye New York! You have been wonderful and we shall meet again
I cant believe its over! I'm now waiting for my bus to go home

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I just got PATRICK STEWARTs autograph
<=The JJ=>
A very successful second day! Got Geoff Johns and Brian Michael Bendis and Francis Manapul and Ivan Reis autographs! Yay for me
Ok the Jim Lee line is almost as long as Long Island so I might skip it
Oh gross some dude breathed on me
Francis Manapul signed my comic and drew me a watercolor of the Flash!!
People bring their kids when they are still in strollers! I wonder who is getting the bigger kick out of it?
The weirdest thing about Comic Con is seeing people and wondering who they are dressed as lol
Day Two! :)

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NYC here I come! Well first a layover in Norfolk but then I'm there!
Today I am on my way to NYC Comic Con! You will of course receive numerous updates