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THE BEST OF 2010: (at least to the JJ)


Normally when it comes to comics the Geoff Johns titles are near and dear to my heart.  But, I'm a Batman fan first and foremost.  What really sold it to me with this series was issue #10's cover.  It said "The Return of Bruce Wayne starts here".  I thought, "Yeah right."  And much to my surprise and utter delight it was no tease.  It was true!  From that issue forward the comic had new life in it.  Morrison was planting amazing seeds from the true identity of Oberon Sexton (total shock to me by the way) to the return of Professor Pyg and Dr Hurt and finally Bruce Wayne's triumphant comeback - to which I yelled "Fuck Yeah!" aloud after reading it, we were given one of the best ongoing Batman stories in years.  And the real kicker?  It wasn't even Bruce Wayne.  Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne proved to be a new generation's Batman and Robin.  Sounds cliche I know but it's true.


Being that this article is written by me this should come as no shock.  But I promise you I gave this a lot of thought.  Johns, to me, is the best in the business.  He is somehow able to take these absurd concepts (a rainbow of Lantern Corps, time travelling Rogues, even Aquaman for crying out loud) and turning them into, well, awesomeness is the only word I can think of.  I hope that an Aquaman ongoing is planned post Brightest Day with Johns at the wheel.  Plus, there aren't many other writers who can show you all these absurd concepts and really make them feel real.  Granted not real in a mental or physcal way but definitely on an emotional level.  I've been a Geoff Johns fan for 6 years now and I don't see me ever dropping a book with his name on it.


Now THIS was a tough one.  Between amazing work turned in this year by Ivan Reis, Francis Manapul, Shane Davis, Olivier Copiel, and John Romita Jr (to name a few on my pull list) I really had to think hard about who this honor should go to.  Lafuente did what I thought was impossible - he made me forget that Mark Bagley was ever on Ultimate Spider-Man.  I was not really a fan of Stuart Immonen on the book (although he is killin it on New Avengers) and was kinda worried about some unknown dude steppin in and taking over my precious Ultimate Spider-Man.  But lo and behold - this Lafuente guy had some serious talent.  I look forward to seeing what Marvel gives him next after they "kill off" USM.


This is a completely unfair category.  Why, you ask?  Because I've only read one graphic novel this year and it was called Superman: Earth One.  I never reviewed it because, to be quite honest, I felt like I couldn't do it justice in a simple review.  I know this is going to sound ridiculous but this book was a real kick in the ass for me.  After reading it I took away it's most important lesson - When Destiny Calls, You Need to Answer.  Not that that is such a revolutionary theme but for me it was.  For the past three years I've been stuck in this hole.  I felt like I had no way out.  But after reading this book I got back on my feet and started coming up with plans.  Now I have major plans in store for the JJ.  Hopefully they will work out, but if not I can always say I tried.  And I owe it all to Clark Kent looking to make a name for himself on Earth One.


Here he goes again with his Geoff Johns is awesome crap (you are probably thinking).  Well, yes I'm going to once again touch upon that because I believe it to be true.  This comic was exactly what a first issue needs to be.  It established the Flash and his powers, his enemies, his friends, his job, and set up an exciting story arc.  Hell yes!  That's what first issues need to do.  You can't assume every reader knows everything about the character but you also can't assume that the readers are idiots either.  Johns perfectly captures who Barry Allen is and what makes him tick all in one issue.  So go ahead and laugh at me but this comic book has captured my heart and I look forward to every month's new adventure. 


I bet you expected me to say INCEPTION, IRON MAN 2, or some other crap.  Well, the truth is I loved INCEPTION and IRON MAN 2 which was not liked by many but I truly loved it.  However, out of the movies I saw this year TOY STORY 3 was the only one I watched over and over again.  I damn near cried at the end of the movie.  The movie's emotions felt very real to me and I was moved by it.  Again, it was inspiring to see that Andy had to move on without his childhood best friends.  He knows that he left the toys in good hands.  Also, the toys are just as torn up as he is.  All they wanted was one more playtime with their owner and they got it.  Then they were given to a new child who would love them just as much if not more than Andy.  Sniff . . . oh my . . . here comes the waterworks . . .


This show is like a dream come true for me.  It has the craziest characters with the most outrageous plots but somehow manages not to feel too terribly out of the realms of possibility (mostly).  Joel McHale is one of the funniest guys out there and he leads this band on the craziest detours of pretty familiar territory.  Ever feel left out?  Ignored?  Picked on?  Or even the only one who makes any sense in the world?  Well, COMMUNITY has all of that in spades.  Granted those plot devices are used and abused but COMMUNITY finds a way to make them all feel fresh and different.  Also, it's nice to know that Chevy Chase is still funny.  He pretty much wasn't for the better part of the last decade.

For now that is all I got!  I could go on and on about just about everything but that is for another day!  Tune in next week when I reveal what's to look forward to in 2011!   HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!

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We are exactly six months away from the Green Lantern movie!! :)

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I have decided if I ever pitch a TV show I will pitch it to NBC

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RIP Irvin Kershner. You directed arguably one of the greatest sequels of all time and my favorite Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back. You will be missed

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JJ Reacts To:

TANGLED as Disney's "last" fairy tale:

I don't care how old you are.  You can be 3 years old or 70 - Disney knows their shit.  I've just come from the movie theater after seeing TANGLED.  Wow.  I was blown away!  It was so dare I say original!  Granted, it's based on the fairy tale Rapunzel it still felt like it was an original story.  Slightly predictable yes, a little cliche yes, and sappy yes but let's really let's look at Disney's greatest (according to the JJ) - THE LION KING, ALADDIN, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  Hmmm . . . they are all predictable, cliche, and sappy.  Yet they are considered classics. Bazinga!

Now, if this truly Disney's "last" fairy tale (probably for about 3 years or some crap) then they went out with a bang.  The story seemed very epic but was actually quite personal and touching.  It wasn't Simba trying to regain his throne, or Ariel yearning to learn more about the "surface world" (haha, see what I did there? Aquaman reference!!!), it was just a young girl with a dream to see floating lanterns on her birthday.  No, seriously, that was it.  Oh and the guy who plays Chuck on the NBC show of the same name is the main hero.   Uh . . . I'm not really winning points here am I?  Ok well, here we go:

I, like most people, grew up on Disney movies.  I grew up loving ALADDIN, THE LION KING, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, HERCULES, TARZAN, TOY STORY, and so on and so forth. And here is the honest truth - I still love those movies.  Now, I watch them through adult eyes and still find the magic in them.  Not necessarily because they remind me of my childhood (although that is part of it) but because they are well made movies. Well. Made. Movies.  Go watch BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and tell me you didn't tear up at the end.  Tell me that THE LION KING's ending didn't put a smile on your face just now.  The same will be said for TANGLED. 

Also, the acting by the animators was TOP NOTCH!  In my opinion, worthy of any Oscar, Golden Globe, or MTV award (cuz those are cool too).  I saw the 3D version and like AVATAR it seemed like you were a part of the movie rather than just stuff flying at you!  The voice acting was also superb.  Disney sure knows how to cast their movies. 

But the best part, to me, was that this was a musical.  I believe this is Disney's first CGI musical.  The Pixar movies stayed away from that territory (and rightly so, those movies are fine without it) but this is Disney movie making at it's finest again.  I felt like a little kid seeing this and I truly enjoyed myself.  I literally went and bought the soundtrack after seeing it. Listening to it now actually, as I'm writing this.

My recommendation to you is to go see Disney's "last" fairy tale.  I felt like they went out with a bang.  And trust me, you don't wanna miss it!

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JJ Reacts To:


Gasp!  Wow!  I'm . . . It's . . . Oh, I cannot tell you how long I have waited for this!  It's just . . . I  . . . I need a minute . . . Ok . . . here we go . . .

When I first saw the teaser of the teaser online before the Entertainment Tonight preview I was a little annoyed.  It seemed so . . . Ryan Reynolds.  Don't get me wrong, love me some Ryan Reynolds but I don't wanna see Monty from Waiting as the Green Lantern.  I wanna see Hal Jordan.  Nevertheless I thought they had the look down pretty good.  I reserved judgement till I got to see the whole preview.

So I'm watching the preview with a big ten year old grin on my face (granted I didn't get into green lantern till I was 16 or 17 but ya get the idea).  I was very, very impressed.  That teaser of the teaser did not do the actual preview justice.  It was like reading one line out of a newspaper article and judging the whole thing.

The best parts of the preview were the moments where we got to see Reynolds kinda doubt his calling as a Green Lantern.  When we first see Abin Sur (holy SHIT did he look awesome) he gives him the ring and Hal has this look on his face like, "Why me?"  For me, that fits the character.  It's like any great calling - you would not really want it at first, you would be afraid.  Of course Hal will overcome that fear to be the universe's greatest Green Lantern. 

Gotta say though, the most jaw dropping moment for me was seeing Sinestro.  You get one quick shot of him and he is in a couple of the montages but you have to look closely (and I did!).  He looked AMAZING!  It was like seeing Heath as the Joker again.  Based on the costume it's not quite the comic book look but I have this gut feeling that Mark Strong will rank up there with Hannibal Lecter, Darth Vader, and even the Joker as great movie villains (even if it takes two or three movies to get there). 

Now, onto the downsides.  Blake Lively.  While she is super hot and I would love to see her dressed up as a Star Sapphire, is she serious?  "Hal.  This test today.  It's important."  Sure sounds important there, Ms Fembot.  I have a feeling (based on my years of studying movie previews) that that was a mash up of lines so they sound awkward together.  But I can't help but feel like she may have been a bad choice.  Sure she has the look (good God does she have the look) but is she a good actor?  Only time will tell.

Another thing that kinda bothered me is the CGI costume.  Granted I was pretty sure it was gonna look bad.  I mean, it's a fricken CGI costume on a live actor!  It's like the clone uniforms in Episode III with Temeura (spell?) Morrison's head.  You can tell it's fake.  I get the logic.  It needs to look like a construct.  So granted, yes it should look a little fake.  But still, couldn't we have hired a better CG effects house Warner Bros?  You only sank what, 150 mil into this project?  Oh well, I'm sure I will be over it by the time the movie comes out.  Unlike most fans, I don't complain about the things I love.  So take that all you "purists".

All in all I award the trailer 9 rings out of 10.  This movie is gonna be fucking incredible and I'm counting down the days.  Now we just need previews for all the other shit next year:


Captain America: the First Avenger

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (retarded title by the way)

X-Men: First Class

Am I forgetting anything?

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Earth One Speculation

With Superman: Earth One now out for the world to finally see (that is if you can find it! It's sold out everywhere even and Batman: Earth One not too far behind I began to think, "What's next?"  Well, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have been announced for Batman which is perfect casting.  JMS and Shane Davis knocked it out of the park for Superman.  So who would be good choices for other DCU heroes?  I compiled a list of dudes that I think would kick some ass and possibly take names. Here is my "dream team" for more DCU Earth One stories:

AQUAMAN: EARTH ONE by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis:
"Oh my lord JJ!" You must be thinking, "You need to get over this whole Aquaman thing!"  You are probably right.  But for now I could care less what you think!  Geoff and Ivan have made Aquaman (more specifically Arthur Curry) a much better character within Brightest Day than he has been in YEARS.  Plus Ivan's pencils have simply gotten better and better.  Blackest Night proved that he is a superstar to be recognized like Ethan Van Sciver and George Perez.  Plus a character on the C or D list like Aquaman is practically begging to be put back on the mainstream and Johns is the master of that.  Whether it's a "Rebirth" story or an Earth One graphic novel, DC NEEDS to keep Johns and Reis on Aquamn as long as possible.

GREEN LANTERN: EARTH ONE by Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales:
Woo boy!  Who wouldn't want a reunion by the Identity Crisis team?  Granted Rags's work isn't as "high profile" as Reis or Van Sciver or Frank but he does bring a very human touch to his pencils.  And Meltzer is very good at humanizing the DC characters like no other.  Plus the graphic novel format might fit his style more than the 22 page comic format.  I know it's weird that I would suggest Meltzer over Johns but I'm trying to broaden my horizons here!  I loved Identity Crisis.  It felt so real to me.  Superman: EO did that as well, and if there is anyone outside of JMS and Johns who can make Green Lantern (more specifically Hal Jordan) a compelling character it would be Meltzer.  Let's hope that DC gets the ball rolling with more of these Earth One novels!

THE FLASH: EARTH ONE by Grant Morrison and David Finch:
You and I both know this would be a trip!  Forget taking drugs - this is golden shit right here!  When I thought of this I let a very Jokery smile stretch across my face.  Now the story doesn't have to be about Barry Allen.  It could be Wally West or Bart or hell even a new speedster.  Either way Grant would find a way to make the story wilder than you could possibly imagine.  His run on Batman suggests as much.  Remember Arkham Asylum?  Love it or hate it you can't deny the energy within the story.  Plus Finch is proving himself to be DC's go to guy for covers and beautiful interiors.  I think together they could make a Flash story that would not only jump off the page but it would leave you pondering new ideas like nothing else.

WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE by Gail Simone and Ed Benes:
This seems to be a semi-obvious choice.  But to me it would be a match made in heaven.  Anytime I see Benes name on a comic I get excited because like the late, great Michael Turner he draws the most gorgeous women.  Plus the way he draws the men really make them (forgive the pun) super.  But for Wonder Woman?  This would be the Dynamic Duo!  I feel like nobody knows Diana better than Simone.  Not because she is a woman but because she seems to have a deep love for the character.  Like Johns is the Green Lantern master because he loves the character.  Simone knows Diana inside and out and could give us a story like no other!  And Benes would really know how to make her sparkle like she was a brand new character.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: EARTH ONE by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason:
Another Brightest Day team that should totally stick to this character after Day is over.  I'm not normallly a fan of Tomasi's work but I really love his work on J'Onn.  He gives the character a little too much exposition but in a way it's kind of the nature of the character.  He is gonna be a talker and be very empathatic because he is a telepath and knows what everyone is thinking.  Plus Gleason, like Morales, may not be a "superstar" per se but he and Tomasi clearly have a great synergy.  They seem to really compliment each other and would really kick ass taking on this character and re-imagining his origins.

GREEN ARROW: EARTH ONE by: Brad Meltzer and Francis Manapul:
"Meltzer again, JJ?  Really?  No no, Really?"  Yes really!  I like his work!  So sue me!  His run back in the day on Green Arrow was a great character study.  He really dug into the heart of the character, "He's a father to Connor, a father-figure to Roy, and a husband to Dinah.  And he's a bastard to all of them."  His words.  Plus Manapul is proving to be on the fast track to superstardom with his amazing work on the Flash right now.  He and Meltzer could really knock it out of the park (the official catchphrase of this article).  Meltzer could bring his trademark humanity to the character while Manapul just paints us a gorgeous picture.  Green Arrow is another character that I think deserves a shot at the limelight.  Justin Hartley has given the character a lot of respect from Smallville and I think Meltzer would be able to help give Arrow that push into superstardom that the character deserves.

So there you have it.  This is my wishlist for more Earth One stories.  Granted we only have one story to go off of right now in the form of Superman but I believe that DC knows they have something special on their hands and will rise to the challenge.  The challenge of course being the production of more high quality graphic novels.  As Johns himself said at NYC Comic Con, "I don't think we have any C list or D list characters.  They all have the potential to be A list."  Well said Mr Johns, well said . . .                                                   

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Please God, let Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis stay with Aquaman post-Brightest Day!

JJ Reacts To:

The title for Nolan's third Batman movie - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Hmmm . . . Well the first one was called Batman Begins, the second the Dark Knight, and now The Dark Knight Rises.  Given that The Dark Knight was WAY more successful than Begins it makes sense they would keep that in the title somehow. Which I'm not opposed to at all.

I like the title.  It's not what I would have done, but then again I probably would've told the Joker's origin again.  And I would have been wrong. 

I've been a Batman fan for my entire life.  The character has always had a spot near and dear to my heart.  I can't really explain why but he has always been my favorite character and always will be.  In my honest opinion I consider The Dark Knight to be the perfect Batman movie.  It had just about everything you need to tell a truly great and powerful Batman story.  Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, and Michael Caine are absolutely great with just about every sentence they say in character.  Bale's Bat-voice might not be great but it's better than nothing.

So this new movie has Tom Hardy, a release date of July 20, 2012, no Riddler (bummer by the way), and no 3D.  I'm actually glad about the lack of 3D.  It's getting annoying.  And it also doesn't always work.  I was really hoping for the Riddler because he is one of my favorite villains (especially John Glover's work in Batman: the Animated Series).  I think Nolan and crew have a LOT of work to do if they expect to even come close to the awesomeness that is The Dark Knight.  But I have faith that they will give us a movie worthy to star Gotham's Dark Knight.

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I've thought about collecting the DVD collections of the old Super Friends cartoons and other assorted animated shows

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JJ Reacts To:


I'm a big fan of the original Scream movies.  The first movie scared the beejezus out of me.  And worse I saw it on TV!  Haha, but seriously the first movie was really scary because it seemed so real.  The second one was good too.  The third was kinda meh but I still enjoyed it.  Scream was the first scary movie I felt was actually a good movie and fun to watch over and over again.  It was not afraid to admit the slight absurdity of the situation and compare itself to other movies and such.  Plus who knew that Courtney Cox could be such a bitch? 

When I first heard they were doing a Scream 4 I was like, "Yeah, yeah whatever."  Then they said Kevin Williamson, the original writer was doing the script.  Then Wes Craven said he would be back.  Then the original cast of Cox, David Arquette, and even Neve Campbell said they would return.  My interest was peaked.  But no, they can't top the first one right?  As a rule most horror movies lose their appeal after the first.  It's just hard to scare people the same way twice.  Or whatever.  I dunno, most horror sequels . . . how can I put this delicately?  Most horror sequels blow!  But if the original cast and crew was willing to get together after ten years since the last movie then maybe there was hope!

Except Scream was a trilogy!  By definition it ends at three!  What the hell are they thinking?  "We're working on a new trilogy?"  As far as I know that is unheard of in the horror genre.  Will it work?  Is it going to be successful?  Only time will tell . . .

When I heard that the first teaser preview would be shown during the Scream Awards I made a note to watch it.  I very much enjoyed the preview.  Now, that could be just it.  Maybe it will not live up to the hype.  But, much like the original Scream, the movie seems to recognize that it is in a different time and its audience has certain expectations.  So . . . they seem to be on the right track . . . But that does not mean the movie will be good.  However, I digress.  That is not what this post is about.  I'm excited to see this movie and I think it will be good.  I'm excited to see how it's handled and if the original cast can survive another brush with Ghostface or maybe the killer is one of them??
Turns out it is much easier to live blog an Awards show than any other show. Just an fyi for ya
In Brightest Day In Blackest Night No Evil Shall Escape My Sight Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might Beware My Power GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!

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Oh hell yeah for Blake Lively!
Well of course fucking Twilight wins Best Fantasy Movie! I wish those movies would die
Rosario Dawson is so damn HOT
Harry Potter is gonna be bad ass!
Could def care less for MIA Although I did like Paper Planes
I can die happy seeing Bill Murray dressed as a Ghostbuster again!
Zombieland deserves Best Horror Movie because Bill Murray is DRESSED AS A GHOSTBUSTER!
Wow Sarah Silverman thats a . . . bit much
Wow I hate Marilyn Manson Oh and of course True Blood won! Even though they just did that farewell to Lost (for no reason now)
Marilyn Manson . . . What a weird dude
Never watched Lost. But Jimmy Kimmel is funny
Wow James Cameron is a douchebag! But I do love the Terminator movies
Avatar is the best 3D movie. Is anyone suprised?
War Machine doing the 3D category
Is it wrong that I think Skyline looks kinda cool? (the answer is yes)
Well I was not expecting this . . . Congrats to Human Centipede (throws up)
I could care less for Best Horror Actor. Oh look It's a dude from True Blood! It's like Twilight and the MTV Movie Awards all over again
These guys? Seriously? But yeah Piranha 3D did look horrible
Wow Walking Dead looks like every other zombie movie! At least Blackest Night had a good hook
Best Comic Book ??? The Walking Dead beat Fucking Blackest Night? What a crock of shit! But I never read it so that's not fair
Love Michael J Fox!
Are we forgetting the episode of Spin City that they did?
These movies seriously had fantastic suspense scenes!
Back to the Future!
She seems like the first one so far that actually likes the award she got lol
And she is still hot!
And Weaver comes out in an Alien egg. Nice touch!
I agree I love Sigourney Weaver
Wow lets not inflate James Cameron's head or anything
I don't think I have a favorite horror actress But to Scream she is Anna Paquin. I can live with that
Wow Scream 4 actually looks cool! Don't worry I'll save the cheerleader (and Neve Campbell)
Comic Con Icon is Ray Bradbury! That is fitting. He was a great sci fi writer
Kristin Stewart is the Best Fantasy Actress? I hate Twilight but she is attractive
It's Two Face! Kinda looks like the dude from Glee
Dude I'm on the floor laughing at the newest PS3 commercial!
Dude the Rite looks kinda cool. Except my cat walked up behind me and scared the shit out of me lol
Hannibal Lecter in the hizzy!
The Holy Shit Scene is . . . (the same movie nominated twice in one category?) AND it still didn't win! Fuck True Blood
This dude is not gonna like Dwight when he is angry . . .
Beers are startin to kick in. Apologies if sum werds r missppellede
Paranormal Activity 2 looks stupid
Best Comic Book writer is . . . GEOFF JOHNS!
It's Thor!
Mickey Rourke as Best Villain for Iron Man 2! Nice
Toe thumbs take the stage!
How did I not about this awesome event before? I love Inception!
Live blogging the Scream Awards
You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one
Two things First we need to get Doug Mahnke off Green Lantern and Second we need more Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis Aquaman

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Blackest Night is my favorite DC Event in recent years.  I felt that the build up, the ancillary stories, and the event itself are what great comics are all about. You're truly rooting for your heroes and their worst enemy which is death itself.  Hal Jordan even says right at the beginning, "When you're a Green Lantern death is the only retirement."  Everyone is afraid of death, or at least the idea of what might be beyond that.  And these particular stories are about emotion and how individual people deal with their emotions.  The Black Lanterns feed on emotions so keeping them in check is the key to defeating them.

This really is the best superhero story out there.  If you have the means I highly, highly recommend picking it up.  This is my list of the top ten greatest moments in both Blackest Night and the Green Lantern main title.  I chose these because of Geoff Johns's writing both titles.  The other titles were good but this is where the magic happened for me.  I have grown to love Green Lantern Hal Jordan and that is due to Johns brilliant storytelling.  So here we go:

10) The Green Lanterns Coming Out of the Crypt (Blackest Night 1) - The first issue ALONE is so chock full of awesomeness that picking one moment was a challenge.  Now I had my doubts about Ivan Reis being the artist because I thought his work was good but not like SUPER AWESOME.  This issue quickly changed my mind.  He has clearly stepped up his game.  This moment underlined by the RISE at the bottom of the splash gave me chills.  As Guy Gardner put it, "What the F#@#!"  The Green Lanterns are gonna be busy with their dead partners in arms. 

9) "Well Now, That Wasn't So Difficult" (Blackest Night 8) - I kept thinking reading this that Nekron has to be defeated somehow!  I wondered why someone didn't just aim for the heart.  Sinestro (now one with the Entity) reaches in and pulls Nekron's heart out.  His line watching Nekron disintegrate is priceless!  Who would have thought that Sinestro would be the one to save the universe?  Or did he . . . No, no he didn't.

8) The Secret Origin of Black Hand (Green Lantern 43) - Not technically a moment I love about this issue, just the whole thing in general.  Johns's talent seems to be dusting off old, shitty characters and making them either terrifying, interesting, or bad asses.  With Black Hand he did all three in one issue.  When Black Hand took on Green Lantern back in issue 6 I knew that couldn't be the end.  Then Black Hand's symbol was on the black rings previewed at the end of Sinestro Corps War.  Ah so . . . This issue illustrates Johns's range as a writer.  Black Hand is very different from most other characters he has written and in this issue he is truly terrifying. 

7) "I'm as Powerful as Superman!" (Green Lantern 44) - Something about J'Onn J'Onnz makes him a great character but ultimately a throwaway.  But as I said throwaway characters seem to Johns speciality.  And here he shows us that the Martian Manhunter is anything but a throwaway. He is a force to be reckoned with.  Not only that, but an evil version of him?  That makes him an opponent more deadly than you can imagine.  His frustration at everyone's dismissal of him is heard when he rips off the front of a fire station looking for Hal and Barry.  Wouldn't wanna make that guy angry.  I would probably not like him when he is angry.

6) Indigo-1's Introduction (Blackest Night 3) - Just when you think that things are never going to get better the Indigo Lantern's show up and save the day!  Speaking an unknown language but with the answers that our heroes need.  Which is usually how it goes isn't it?  But still she shows up and they help the heroes kick some Black Lantern ass.  Like all great epics, help comes from unexplained places and knows the history of the universe.  Ok well not ALL epics but this one at least.

5) Heroes and Villains Deputized (Blackest Night 6) - Definitely a moment  I was not expecting.  Seems only fair though.  At the end of issue 5 Nekron recruited the resurrected heroes to his cause, why shouldn't the heroes do the same.  And the choices could not have been more perfect.  Barry Allen as a Blue Lantern, Scarecrow as a Sinestro Corps member, Mera for the Red, the Atom for Indigo, Wonder Woman for the Violet, and Lex Luthor as the new Agent Orange.  I thought the moment was absolutely perfect.  It only made me wonder who else might have been chosen . . .

4) Atrocitus vs Larfleeze (Green Lantern 48) - The best part of the build up to Blackest Night was the introduction of the other corps and their leaders.  Atrocitus and Larfleeze are fantastic characters.  It did not occur to me that they had never met.  And here (for some reason) Atrocitus is trying to steal Larfleeze's Lantern.  But no one takes anything of Larfleeze's without a fight!  This was the moment Larfleeze became a more three dimensional character for me rather than just a normal villain.  Also we learned (as Sinestro pointed out) that Atrocitus is not as fearsome as once believed.  And THAT ladies and gentleman is what makes Geoff Johns AWESOME!

3) Sinestro Feels More than Fear (Green Lantern 47) - Abin and Arin Sur are now Black Lanterns and have come back to haunt Sinestro and Hal Jordan.  I think we all knew that Abin Sur coming back was inevitable but Arin his sister and Sinestro's former lover?  That's the catch that made this particular encounter exciting.  Even better was that Sinestro puts on a brave face but inside is just like the rest of us - full of emotion.  He can't quite bring himself to destroy this tainted lover of his until the last minute.  When questioned he simply shrugs it off.  Sinestro is a fantastic character and (forgive the pun) shines even brighter during the Blackest Night.

2) "But I'm Faster" (Blackest Night 6) - I grew up with Wally West as the Flash.  Even still, I was never really a big fan of the character.  Sure I liked the Flash, but he didn't really do much for me.  Then Geoff Johns came along and resurrected Barry Allen (well technically Grant Morrison did but whatever).  Rebirth really got me into the character of Barry Allen.  And Blackest Night made me a fan of his character permanently.  Right at the beginning of the issue, Hal and Barry are trying to outrun the Black Rings bent on turning them to the dark side of the Force (lol).  However, Barry has an idea and grabs Hal.  The best part about Barry's line is that there is no trace of cockiness.  It's all confidence.  Barry outran death once, and he knows he can do it again.  As Dr. Sheldon Cooper would put it, "Bazinga!"

1) Black Lantern Batman (Blackest Night 5) - This was the moment I was waiting for!  Since Batman: RIP and the build up to Blackest Night were going on at the same time I kept thinking, "What are they gonna do about Bruce Wayne?"  My original theory was that he would not be among the rising heroes and someone would notice and say, "He's still alive!"  I was half right.  Black Hand was using the Bruce Wayne skull as a way to piss off the other heroes and then Nekron gave it life.  My only wish was that there had been more of a fight between Black Lantern Batman and the other heroes.  An evil, heartless Batman?  Yeah, you're done.  You might as well just not even try.  But the usage of the character was great in turning the tables even moreso on Nekron's side (who thought he could get any more powerful).  I'll never forget the moment I saw that double page splash of Batman thinking, "That's fucking bad ass!"  Oh Ivan and Geoff, ya got me again!

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Clark and Lois said I Love You! It was really good
<=The JJ=>
Nice Chloe cameo!
Oliver you don't have to take that shit!
I was definitely not expecting that moment with Raknid. Very nice . . . Although something tells me Brainiac was behind it
That dude in the helicopter looked like Paul Rudd
Tom Welling in the glasses! Fucking A!
Oh no! Clark is in the future and Lois is in danger in the present! Ouch . . . Sorry bad Heroes flashback
What a bitch!
Lovin the Christmas Carol vibe
I was kinda hopin for a quick throwdown with Bug Boy or Raknid as his vanity plate indicated. Thats actually not a bad name
Clark did you lose faith in your powers AGAIN? Maybe being King for a day will do the trick
I like the season one callbacks
Bugboy is back! And no one remembers Lois!
Brainiac! I totally met him last week
Oh Lois you dont have a real education Its adorable
Live blogging Smallville 200!

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Good bye New York! You have been wonderful and we shall meet again
I cant believe its over! I'm now waiting for my bus to go home

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I just got PATRICK STEWARTs autograph
<=The JJ=>
A very successful second day! Got Geoff Johns and Brian Michael Bendis and Francis Manapul and Ivan Reis autographs! Yay for me
Ok the Jim Lee line is almost as long as Long Island so I might skip it
Oh gross some dude breathed on me
Francis Manapul signed my comic and drew me a watercolor of the Flash!!
People bring their kids when they are still in strollers! I wonder who is getting the bigger kick out of it?
The weirdest thing about Comic Con is seeing people and wondering who they are dressed as lol
Day Two! :)

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

NYC here I come! Well first a layover in Norfolk but then I'm there!
Today I am on my way to NYC Comic Con! You will of course receive numerous updates

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It's freakingbimonthly and I'm pretty sure that Ultimate X is behind schedule. Sigh It's what I should expect from Jeph Loeb though

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Overall it was a good premiere. Good set up for the year. Last year felt like a desperate attempt to stay on the air But this year is not like that Sweet :)
<=The JJ=>
Twist from Jor El! But I like it. Kinda like Spider-Man 3 the hero has too much pride . . . But that movie sucked . . . Oh no
Oh snap! He saved the Daily Planet globe!
<=The JJ=>
Great Lex stuff!
I take it back He is a good Lex! Still miss Rosenbaum but this dude is good too
Nice Season One callback
Eh would've been better if it was Michael Rosenbaum
Apparently Lex is the Jango Fett of the Smallville universe
Wait . . . I was wrong. Gotta stop jumping around Although naked Tess is a plus
Chloe is the new Dr Fate? I can dig it
Erica Durance is so great as Lois Lane! And her banter with Tom Welling is great
Agents of Apokalips! And Lex Luthor!
I've just decided to live blog the season premiere of Smallville. Great opening scene. Glad Allison Mack is still in the opening credits
Heat vision on Smallville is like the grapple hook in Batman the Animated Series. Gets the hero out of almost every situation

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Nemesis - Makes Kick Ass look like shit . . . No not really I enjoyed Kick Ass way more than Nemesis. But Superior does sound pretty awesome

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If you people spent less time thinking about sex & more time concentrating on comic books we would far fewer of these embarrassing moments

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            This is another one of my amazing lists that most people will probably not agree with.  Now just as a warning, I have only included 20 because I’m too lazy to go through all of my comics and find more. This is not about the issue itself.  Just the cover itself!  (more on the issues later)  But this is a good list and I think is worthy of being in Wizard!  Eh?  Eh?  No?  Whatever, here’s the list:

AVENGERS #1 (2010):   John Romita Jr.  I’m actually not a big fan of his work.  (ducks to avoid impending blow).  But I had to stop myself when I saw this cover and think, “Gosh, that Romita guy knows how to make a cool looking cover!”  The five big guns of the Marvel universe all lookin at you like, “You wanna piece of this?”  I would like a piece!  A piece of . . . uh . . . . cake? 

19. ULTIMATE COMICS: AVENGERS 2 #1 (2010):  In my opinion this should be a movie poster.  You have Samuel L Jackson (I mean Nick Fury) and Captain America hovering behind the Punisher.  And then there is the Punisher laying waste to the mob.  Well, we assume it’s the mob.  It could just be a funeral home.  Either way stories with Captian America and the Punisher always get me excited.  The characters are like Superman and Batman on acid – they have high moral beliefs but on opposite ends of the spectrum.  Plus the Punisher has an awesome visual.

18.    ACTION COMICS #890 (2010):  If you know anything about me you know that I love all things Blackest Night.  I also love David Finch’s work.  So seeing David Finch draw Lex Luthor in his Orange Lantern get up make me do a Joker grin.  It feels like Lex is looking at you and that he wants to recruit you into his Orange Lantern Corps.  And that’s not a good thing!  But with Finch’s pencils it sure is tempting . . .

17. ACTION COMICS # 845 (2008):  As far as villains go, Batman has the best.  But the Super-rogues have some great freaking visuals.  Superman tearing the chains off his chest is such an iconic image that the flip side, the Bizzarro side is truly frightening.  Instead of triumphantly ripping them off his chest he tears them apart like a wild animal.  Plus – look at those eyes man!  It’s like 1930’s horror movie coming to say, “GOOD BYE!”

GREEN LANTERN #16 (2009):  Takes the zombie concept to a whole new level!  Here is the Flash (who has recently been resurrected), Green Lantern (recently resurrected), and the Martian Manhunter (semi-resurrected) fighting over the grave of Batman (recently Omega Sanctioned).  I’m not a huge Doug Mahnke fan but this cover gave me total goosebumps.  Unlike other covers, I KNEW this throwdown was gonna happen in the comic and I couldn’t wait to open this comic.  Just . . . hold on, I’m still looking at the cover . . .

NEW AVENGERS #48 (2008):  This cover is what got me back into buying New Avengers on a monthly basis.  Wanna know why?  Captain freaking America!  I felt that the New Avengers were missing Captain America.  Even though it’s Bucky and not Steve Rogers I agree that Cap needs to be on an Avengers team.  Ares says so in Dark Avengers #1.  And who am I to argue with a god of war?  Unless you’re the Sentry hahahaaha (too soon?)

ALL STAR BATMAN & ROBIN: THE BOY WONDER #8 (2008): I for one never imagined seeing the Joker with a tattoo.  Let alone a giant freaking dragon tattoo that stretches over his back onto his arm.  But for some reason it works for me.  You can probably count on one hand the number of times you have seen the Joker without a shirt on so who is to say he doesn’t have a tattoo?  Plus, he is wiping blood of his hands with the goddamn Batman’s cape!  Oh snap!  This is getting serious!

BATMAN : STREETS OF GOTHAM #1 (2009):  Ok, yes!  There are a lot of first issues on this list and most of the covers are very recent.  But shut up!  This is my generation.  I was not around for the famous Neal Adams stuff in the 70s and the Romita stuff in the 60s or even really the dozens of great Superman covers in the 90s or Dave Gibbons or Frank Miller stuff in the 80s.  This cover is one of those iconic Batman shots.  The signal behind him and the cape flowing behind and in front him.  It’s so Batman it deserves to be on any list!
DARK AVENGERS #2 (2008): ASSEMBLE!  Yikes!  It’s a great cover for two reasons – 1 it’s very heroic and bad ass and 2 it stills puts you off a little.  These are the Avengers so you should be rooting for them but you know going in that they are the bad guys.  Although Norman is trying to the hero.  But he sucks at it.  So here we are with an amazing Mike Deodato cover.  No one else should be allowed to draw the Dark Avengers.  Well, I guess Oliver Copiel did Ok . . . whatever . . .

 BATMAN #612 (2003): There are only so many times someone can say “Dude, Superman would totally kick Batman’s ass!” before I show them this and they say, “Yeah see I’m right?”  And then I realize the Super-ass kicking is IN the issue.  But this is still an amazing cover.  This is probably the cover that got Jim Lee the job doing Superman in the For Tomorrow arc (yuck by the way – but the art is good).  And Scott Williams inks make Jim’s art jump out at you.  Also, you know there is is something wrong when you can’t see Superman’s eyes.  Scary shit man.  But don’t worry, Batman always has a way out.  Unless he forgot the Kryptonite ring on his dresser . . .

 BATMAN #673 (2008):  When I first heard that Tony Daniel was gonna be the primary artist on Batman I got so excited.  His Teen Titans work was amazing.  This is one of the classic Batman “concepts” (for a lack of a better word).  He is who he is because of that night.  And to have that mirrored in the pool of blood is tragic, strange, and chilling all in the same moment.  Come to think of it those words also sum up Morrison’s run on the Bat-books.  Damn I’m good.

  1. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #32 (2010): This issue is called “Buffy has f@#$ing superpowers!”.  And this cover turns that exclamation point into a question mark.  Wait, why is she flying?  Also, why is she smiling?  She never smiles!  Also, her boobs look a little too big.  Not that I’m looking or anything.  Jo Chen really knows how to make these iconic covers that make you wish they were the jackets for the season sets.  Maybe someday . . .

  1. GOTHAM CITY SIRENS #1 (2009):                                                                                               Please excuse me while I turn into a drooling dog.  Man!  You see the ass on Harley Quinn?  Damn, Ivy’s got some great boobs!  And man Catwoman can rob my house any night!  Ok . . . that’s it.

  1. SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN #1 (2009):  I always think it’s funny when artists do their own variants.  This variant I think is pretty awesome.  This could almost be the poster for a new Superman movie.  Or the jacket for Smallville Season 10.  Hint hint Warner Bros . . . But this is a great cover and these characters (under Gary Frank’s hand) have never looked better! 

  1. TEEN TITANS #24 (2007):  Oh snap!  Superboy shaved his head and his now shaving his shirt!  That’s messed up!  Oh . . . He’s trying to make himself look more like Lex Luthor.  I get it.  That’s cool . . .

SUPERGIRL #1 (2004):  Man I miss Michael Turner.  He seemed like such a great guy.  And his Supergirl was just fucking hot!  I mean wow.  Gorgeous.  She looks innocent yet feisty. She has big curious eyes and long beautiful hair.  And I think I’m in love with her.  It’s just how it is.

  1. BLACKEST NIGHT #6 (2009): If you know anything about me you know how much I love Blackest Night!  And this cover is another one that could be a movie poster.  Each leader of the different corps looks bad ass and ready to take down some Nekron!  I realize that previous sentence sounded very Andy-ish (from the Office).  Ivan Reis is officially my new favorite artist (on Green Lanern).

  1. THE FLASH: REBIRTH #1 (2009):  Ethan Van Sciver.  That guy is a genius.  Look at this freaking cover!  I could look at it all day.  Actually (true story), I did look at it all day.  I took a day off work and just stared at the cover.  I didn’t even read it!  Still haven’t.  I just love the cover too much.  I’m just kidding by the way.  I didn’t stare at it ALL day . . . haha . . . so on to #2 (snicker)

FINAL CRISIS: RAGE OF THE RED LANTERNS ONE SHOT (2008):  I love how they keep calling Shane Davis a star on the rise.  This dude is a shooting star that is just circling the Earth . . . a lot.  Or something. Either way this Davis guy is freaking awesome.  The only thing I regret is that he could not on Green Lantern full time.  Instead they got Doug Mahnke now.  But Shane’s got Superman: Earth One.  Which might join some list in the future . . . Actually it definitely will haha.  But for now please enjoy this cover and know that it is sublime.

BATMAN #700 (2010) : I love Batman.  Always have and always will.  And this is David Finch’s first cover for Batman.  And it’s also the first cover I ever saw.  No it’s not.  But it is the first cover that I loved more than my father.  Ah!  That’s not true.  I’m just trying to put this cover into perspective for you.  It’s the best cover that I’ve ever seen.  David Finch is a great artist and should stay at DC FOREVER.  And then he could do BATMAN FOREVER.  Haha, you see what I did there? 

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Here I thought a holiday delay would be a bad thing for my comics. It was worth the wait!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer #36

written by Joss Whedon  with art by Georges Jeanty

I was going to try to refrain from doing single issue reviews so I can focus my lenghty reviews on whole arcs but dammit this issue was great!!!

First of all, I love Buffy.  LOVE.  I own every season including the comic form Season 8.  Joss and his merry band have done an excellent job of continuing the Scooby Gang's story as well as bringing in new characters and new adventures.  The best part of it is that the writers are bringing in some old friends and letting them play around in this new comic universe.  Faces like Ethan Rayne, Warren Mears, and now freaking Spike!

This issue centers around bringing to light the mystery of Angel's new powers as Twilight.  It's explained in the usual Whedon fashion - WTF mixed with LOL.  It works, but it's not 100% clear yet.  In this issue we also get a view into Spike's role in this.  He showed up in the last issue saying he could help them stop the Twilight.  Now Buffy has to figure out what part he is playing.  Spike explains that they gotta go back to Sunnydale and get the "Seed of Wonder".  Little do they know that the Master (the first Big Bad in the Buffy universe!) is waiting for them.

Well done Mr Whedon.  Well done.  I can still hear James Marsters as Spike.  He is still pining for Buffy and calls her out for doing the super-f*cking with Angel.  Also, Dawn flipping out about Spike's crew being giant bugs was so damn funny (also Spike's interaction with the Bugs). And of course Georges drawings, still looking just like the TV actors, is top notch and perfect for this series.  I can't imagine it any other way. 

The only thing left to wonder is who will Whedon kill off?  Cuz ya know it's not a Joss Whedon story unless someone dies . . . (my money is on either Willow or Dawn)

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If you are not reading Buffy the Vampire Slayer than you are missing out my friend!

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10 BEST GEEK OUT MOMENTS (in recent memory):

I admit right off the bat that this is a slightly cheesy list.  This list could go on and on and on.  But first let me define GEEK OUT for me: GEEK OUT - is when I either jump up in the air, or laugh hysterically, or think a moment is so pulled from the comic books that I cannot contain my excitement and probably embarass my friends at the movie theater.  These moments are usually accented with a "Fuck yeah!" or a "Hell yes!" or a "That was fucking awesome." By the way these are in no particular order. So here we go:

  1. SPIDER-MAN 2 (swinging through the semi truck) - The first time I saw this part was in the previews.  Spidey is doing his classic swinging through New York City and he glides right through the crack between the truck and the trailer of a semi.  My eyes bugged out of my head and my jaw dropped.  You always wonder what the comic book pages would look like in real life but that moment topped it all!  Luckily Spider-Man 2 has the luxury/honor of having the best CGI effects of all the movies. 
  2. BATMAN BEGINS ("I'm Batman") - I knew from the moment the director, actors, and assorted crew were announced that this movie would be fantastic.  When the first trailer came out I had a geek out moment but nothing compared to seeing and hearing Batman say, "I'm Batman!"  I mean Falcone's all freaked out, "What the hell are you?" and Batman breaks through his sunroof and pulls him out.  Actually that whole scene is amazing.  They portrayed Batman almost like a serial killer in a horror movie.  Which is the most accurate portrayal of Batman. Also, Christian Bale's voice in Begins was way better than the voice he tried in The Dark Knight. 
  3. THE DARK KNIGHT ("A little fight in ya.  I like that!" "Then you're gonna love me!") - Again, another great moment from the previews but dammit if it wasn't just as amazing in the movie!  The line is kinda cheesy but ya know what?  That's what makes these movies great!  The villains are evil and the heroes always have a good quip up their sleeve (or in this case in their utility belts lol!!  Ahem . . . ) I could probably give about 900 geek out moments in this movie (and from Heath's Joker alone) but I narrowed it down to this because it felt like something out of the comic.  The Joker is too busy threatening Rachel to realize that a man dressed as a giant bat is standing next to him.  It's a classic Batman/Joker moment in my book.
  4. SUPERMAN RETURNS (flying up the elevator) - Say what you will at Bryan Singer's attempt at doing a sequel to the original Richard Donner Superman: the Movie.  Yeah, the movie is a little boring and Superman doesn't really do anything except admit he had a bastard child with Lois Lane (who is failing gym class?  what a dork!)  When he learns that Lois is trapped out at sea he sneaks over to the elevator.  This is actually a very subtle moment but to me it's so iconically Superman that it gives me chills.  I love how he just quietly takes off his glasses and undoes his tie as he shoots upward.  I love how simple that shot is.  That's what makes it totally awesome for me.
  5. THE BIG BANG THEORY (Sheldon dresses up as the Flash) - I didn't think I would like this show.  I don't know why though.  This show is very, very funny.  I never thought I would get to see a show where a comic book store is a regular standing set.  In Season Two, Penny develops "Penny Blossoms" and the gang stays up all night making them.  Penny convinces Sheldon to drink coffee and he is just high on the caffeine.  The best is the very end of the episode, Sheldon has been off camera for a while and little did we know he was putting on his Flash costume.  He runs out of his room screaming, "ZOOM! ZOOM! ZOOM!" It was one of the few moments in sitcom television where I laughed so hard that I almost fell out of my chair. 
  6. IRON MAN ("I am Iron Man") - This movie impressed me on a number of levels.  I was very excited to see it but much like the parody done on The Onion I felt like the best parts were in the previews and the movie would not live up to its hype.  Fortunately for me, it not only lived up but exceeded the hype.  Then there was the end of the movie.  They come up with an alibi for Stark and he proceeds to read the cards he's given.  I sat there thinking, "Oh come on!  They can do better than this!"  And then, much to my delight, they did do better.  He puts the cards down, smirks, and says, "I am Iron Man!"  I couldn't believe it!  I couldn't remember another comic book movie where the hero did something like that.  It really helped to set it apart from everything else I had seen.
  7. STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE (Darth Maul vs the Jedi) - I was a kid when I saw this for the first time so unlike most of the diehard fans I thought it was fantastic.  But one thing I shared with those diehard fans was when Darth Maul showed up giving the Jedi that, "Let's fuck some shit up" look and Qui Gon stepping up and saying, "Bring it."  It remains my favorite lightsaber battle of all the Star Wars movies.  Although in Revenge of the Sith it was totally brutal and intense, this one set the stage for what was to come.  And I think I cried when Darth Maul died but not when Qui Gon died.  Is that bad?
  8. SMALLVILLE (Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions) - Much like the Dark Knight,  there are probably hundreds of moments I could mention.  However, this (as of right now before season 10 starts) remains one of the best for me.  As I have said before, Season Six is my favorite season and this moment stands out to me as one of the best in any season.  The Justice League has teamed up for the first time to take on their enemy, Lex Luthor, and then they channel their inner Lonely Island and walk away in slow motion from the explosion.  Then the camera zooms in on Clark Kent.  It's hard to think of Superman as a bad ass but dammit if Tom Welling doesn't make you nod and say, "That guy's a bad ass!"
  9. TRANSFORMERS ("Megatron!" "Prime!") - This movie is like Michael Bay's dream come true.  He gets to blow things up legally.  This movie is actually not too bad.  I'm not really a Transformers fan.  But you have to admit, fan or not, that the movie had some pretty awesome CGI for the robots.  My favorite moment in the movie is when they have the fight in the city.  Optimus Prime joins the fight, transforming from his truck mode to his fighting mode.  Then he stands up and yells, "Megatron!" And Megatron, tossing aside Jazz, screams, "Prime!"  You can just feel their hate for each other in those two words.  I let out a, "Whoa!" and watched as those two giant toys went about trying to tear each other apart.  Sweet . . .
  10. SAW (Jigsaw stands up) - This is not a comic book movie but this moment does stand out to me as one of the best "WTFs!" in almost any movie I've ever seen.  The first Saw is one of the better horror/thrillers I've ever seen.  I knew when Adam and Gordon killed Zepp I knew that he was not Jigsaw.  I pretty much rolled my eyes when Adam found the tape recorder in Zepp's pocket.  But then the dead dude in the middle stands up, cracks his neck and pulls of the prosthetic off his face.  I literally stood up and yelled, "What the fuck?!"  I was amazed!  Now THAT was a twist I did not see coming.

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Superman: Secret Origin

written by Geoff Johns  with art by Gary Frank

This is I believe the conversation that happened between Dan Didio and Geoff Johns before Geoff started writing:

DAN - Hey Geoff, I was think it would be cool if you wrote a Superman origin story like you did with Green Lantern.

GEOFF - Uh . . . Don't people already know the Superman origin?  Hasn't it be told like eighteen times this past decade alone?

DAN - No.  Uh . . . nope.  I don't know it anyway.  Never heard it.

GEOFF - What? Yes you have!  We just watched Superman: the Movie and you said it was the best Superman origin story ever!

DAN - You must have me confused with Jim Lee (our other editor).  Happens all the time.

GEOFF - What?
DAN - Anyway, I called Gary Frank and he's on board to do the artwork.

GEOFF - I dunno Dan.  I'm busy with all this other stuff.

DAN - That's too bad . . . I guess I'll have to give it to James Robinson . . .

GEOFF - No, fuck that guy.  I'll do it.

DAN - Good deal!  Take your time, I'm pretty sure everyone knows how it's gonna end.  Wink.

GEOFF - Did you just say, 'Wink' instead of doing it?

Please be clear that I don't think Geoff Johns hates James Robinson or that Dan Didio is such a weird guy (but maybe).  Anyway, I think it's pretty clear how I feel about this particular story.

While, normally Geoff Johns name on a comic book gets me all excited (and this is not necessarily an exception) and Gary Frank is an added bonus, this story got me feeling kinda meh . . .

It's still a fantastic origin story but to be honest I felt that the origin of Metallo, Lex Luthor, and Parasite was a lot better than the origin of Superman.  Geoff handles all the elements correctly, they just fit together so well you would think this story has been told a dozen times before.  Plus we have ANOTHER one coming out this fall with Superman: Earth One by JMS and Shane Davis.  But that one actually does sound cool and original.  This story felt more like if Geoff Johns wrote Superman: the Movie.  Which is what he was probably going for.

All in all it's a good read, fun and a (slightly) new take on the Superman origin.  It's good but it's not great.  Oh well, better luck next time Johns/Frank (Batman: Earth One!!!)

Batman # 700 - 702

written by Grant Morrison with art by Tony Daniel, Frank Quitely, David Finch, and Andy Kubert

Nowadays when I hear the words, "Grant Morrison writing Batman" I get very excited.  But I have to remember to put my thinking cap on.  Morrison does not write for the small minded.  I personally think that the best artist to cater to his unique style is Frank Quitely.  But then again, you can't quite imagine RIP being drawn by anyone else.  I'm getting off track - back on topic!

#700 is a milestone issue so naturally DC wants it to be something special.  Getting four amazing artists and one amazing write will make it quite special indeed. "Time and the Batman".  Interesting concept given Bruce Wayne's recent tour of history via Darkseid's Omega Sanction set to 1.21 jigawatts.  We get to have three different but intertwined Batman stories with Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, and Damien Wayne all donning the cape and cowl.  Also a cool cameo by Terry McGinnis as Batman Beyond. 

# 701 and 702 did not really impress me at first.  I'm all for "filling in the blanks" which was the attempt here by DC.  You learn what happened to Bruce in between RIP and Final Crisis.  At first I felt like, "Yeah we know all this already, what's the big deal?"  Then I realized, we don't know everything.  Morrison is simply giving us an insight into the thought process of Bruce Wayne.  Bruce is a very smart man.  He is basically unbeatable.  In these issues we see him needing to stop and breathe just like the rest of us.  This issue made me wonder if Bruce could have possibly prepared for this mission.  Somehow, he is ready and takes on a god of evil with a smirk and a "Gotcha."  Hell yes if you ask me.

Morrison always intrigues me because his work is always better as a whole.  And with this particular story you need all the pieces to fit together.  Morrison's pieces fit together but like any good puzzle it's gonna take ya a while to figure it out.  I personally love me some Dick Grayson as Batman but I can't WAIT to see Bruce put that cowl back on.

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It has been a crazy week so the posts have not been coming that often (that's what she said) but yesterday was new comic day so there will be some soon!

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Ah yeah! I got to add the Black Lantern Batman to my collection!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


A wise woman once said, "It's just another manic Monday.  I wish it was Sunday.  Cuz that's my fun-day.  My I don't have to run-day."  Well maybe not words of wisdom but certainly true.  Working a 9-5 job I can certainly relate to hating Mondays.  Also, Tuesdays seem to be the day that just plains SUCKS.  I don't know why but they do.  Thursdays are only relieved by the fact that the next day is Friday (also NBC tends to have the best comedies on Thursdays).  Fridays are great because they are the end to a long and stressful week.  Saturdays and Sundays can go either way - kinda depends on the person.

But JJ (you may ask) you left out Wednesdays.  Why? Well, I'll tell you - Wednesdays are great because it is new comic book day.  I try to look forward to every day and hope that it will be better than the first but sadly this is not always the case.  However, Wednesdays seldom disappoint. 

Since I'm in a small town there is not much to do - but it is a college town so the night life tends to be quite interesting (if you're into that kind of thing).  I've only been here a couple years so Wednesdays have almost become my favorite day of the week.  My lunch break is spent getting a quick meal and jumping in my car to the comic book store. 

My list has gradually grown over the past few years.  My "gateway drug" back into monthlies was the Batman storyline Hush by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee (a full review will be here soon).  That led to Superman/Batman, Supergirl, Green Lantern: Rebirth to my now extensive almost $50 a month list.  I'm sure other guys spend more than that in a week but it's enough for me now.  Although I'm sure it won't take long for the comic book publishers to entice me with a new exciting sounding book. 

Wednesdays used to be just another day of the week.  Nowadays they are something very special to me.  Movies come out every week, but let's face it only a handful a year are actually worthwhile but pretty much every Wednesday we can look forward to an exciting new superhero adventure!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

NYC Comic Con is coming up ! Sigh what am I going to wear? Also I need a new camera

Friday, August 20, 2010

I keep thinking as amazing as David Finch's Batman looks I would love to see more of his Flash. His shot of him on Brightest Day 0 just isn't enough!

Smallville Favorites

So here is the deal - I'm a huge Smallville fan.  Have been since day one.  This particular post will show you my favorite episodes from each season.  I've been a fan for all nine years and will continue watching through the end of the upcoming season ten.  Ten years!  Wow, I was in eighth grade when the first season premiered and now I'm a grown man watching the end.  And yes, unlike some people, I've loved every year.  Sure there have been some bad episodes but there have always been gems and they more than make up for the bad ones.  So let's get started:

• PILOT (Season One) – It’s a little cheesy picking the first episode of the series but as far as Superman origin stories go, this is one of the best. Having Clark not immediately accept his destiny, making it more like a guilty conscience making his choices, was a totally new idea. Tom Welling, in just a one hour pilot, proved to be a great Superman even without the “tights and flights”. Even Michael Rosenbaum was amazing as Lex Luthor. It takes true talent to make the world’s greatest supervillain and make him likable. I thought the idea of Lex and Clark becoming best friends was also a wonderful twist on the Superman mythology. Plus, Clark has a super-fight with his first villain and it was very good. I’ll never forget the previews for this episode and waiting with great anticipation to watch it. It’s hard to believe it was ten years ago! I was there for the beginning and I will be there for the end. And it all started with this episode.

• RED (Season Two) – Clark Kent is a great hero. But what happens when his inhibitions are taken away? Well, this episode has one advantage of being written by one of my favorite comic book writers, Jeph Loeb. One of the great things about this episode is that most Smallville episodes where someone is “changed” they don’t remember it - No such luck for Clark. As far as great drama TV goes, this one has a great ending. Clark wants to tell Lana how he feels but can’t because it will compromise his secret. It was like Ross and Rachel from Friends. Sort of . . . Anyway, I love personality shifts in shows. They tend to be some of the best episodes of ANY show. Tom Welling really showed off his acting well in this episode. It’s not easy to play your character a totally different way. Plus Kristin Kreuk is not the damsel in distress and it’s clear she has feelings for Clark but is very betrayed by him. She pulled it off really well, making her decision to shun Clark a believable one. Not all the red Kryptonite episodes were winners but being the first – this also makes this the best.

• ASYLUM (Season Three) – I’ve always wondered what the show would be like if Lex knew Clark’s secret. It was hinted at for 7 years but in season three when he found out he was going crazy (literally). This is a real shiner (no pun intended for baldy) for Michael Rosenbaum. He plays the victim really well. You are really rooting for him to escape and remember Clark’s powers. Also, having three villains come back and attack Clark is something he should get used to when he finally puts on the costume. Plus Eric (from LEECH) is one of my favorite Smallville villains and it was cool to see him again. I hope he comes back for season ten. That would be sweet. But anyway, Lionel plays the villain so well in this that you truly hate him. It’s also great to see Clark have to face the fact that he lost this battle and it was a huge win for the villain.

• ONYX (Season Four) – Personality shifts are the best episodes. But let’s be fair – this one BARELY qualifies. Lex, throughout most of the series up to this point, has been one of the heroes. To see him truly become the villain of the piece is amazing. “You were right about me all along Mr. Kent. I am the villain of the story.” That is one of the best lines in the entire SERIES! Rosenbaum is phenomenal at playing both the good and evil sides of Lex. Also, having a green Kryptonite ring was a nice touch. It’s also great to see Clark’s reaction to how evil Lex really is.

• VOID (Season Five) – There are a lot of great episodes. There are great Lex moments, great Clark moments, great Lois moments, etc. But this episode and it’s whole Flatliners vibe is pretty awesome.  Now you might be thinking this is an odd choice.  But this episode is great for its subtle moments. To be honest, the true highlight of this episode is when Lex and Clark “die”. Lex’s follow up with his mother after the events of LEXMAS (Season Five) is truly chilling. Rosenbaum plays his shock and fear at what he will become very well. His lie to Lana later is also a good tear jerker. On the flip side, Clark’s moment with Jonathon is probably John Schneider’s best performance since LEGACY (Season Three). His pride when he looks at his son, knowing what he will ultimately become, is also a tear jerker (in a good way). I also loved how they made it so Jonathon could forgive Clark since it was basically his fault he died. When he says, “You’re gonna be a symbol of hope and justice” to Clark I cheered. Sometimes those little moments are as exciting as the big ones (like Clark wearing the “S” in season nine). And that’s just great television.

• JUSTICE (Season Six) – I know what you’re thinking, “Come on, JJ! That’s a good one but surely you can find a better one! You love Season Six!” Yes, season six is probably my favorite. And yes, there are many gems, ZOD, LABYRINTH, FREAK, PROMISE, NEMESIS, NOIR, and PHANTOM. Wow, that’s a lot. Anyway, what makes this one special? Well, unlike my Season Five choice it’s for completely obvious reasons. It’s the freaking Justice League! Just like my Season Three choice (ASYLUM) where the villains team up it’s nice to see the opposite happen where the heroes team up. It was such a nice touch having all the previous heroes come back. And each actor captured them perfectly. It’s also great to hear the names Impulse, Cyborg, and Aquaman used not as jokes but as their actual codenames. Also, the fact that they team up against Lex Luthor (which will happen many times in the future) for the first time is as awesome as it gets. Plus, that shot at the end where they pull a “Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions” is fucking amazing! If you are not cheering then you are stupid!

• PERSONA (Season Seven) – To be honest, it was between this and ARCTIC. I love that last moment with Lex and Clark in the Fortress of Solitude but that doesn’t compare to this entire episode. From the great drama of Clark and Lana when she realizes she has been sleeping with his evil twin (who was not so evil to her) and Lex’s heart break when he has his (cloned) brother murdered is just great television. Even if it’s a little weird. Seeing Brainiac again is definitely a highlight. James Marsters is a wonderful actor and is a truly magnificent manipulator when he gets Clark and Bizarro to fight while he looks to save himself. And again, Welling plays the villain in the piece but not as straight forward as the last time we saw him. You see that he genuinely cares for Lana but can’t help his true nature. Kinda like Lex in season six.

• BRIDE (Season Eight) – As far as entrances go, Doomsday gets one of the best of the series. I dunno how everyone else reacted but I really liked the idea of making Doomsday a human and making him a weird doppelganger for Clark. The whole Cloverfield bit in the beginning is one of the best teases I have ever seen. This episode really changed the whole course of the season with the almost-kiss between Lois and Clark, Lana coming back, Green Arrow willing to commit murder, and especially Clark’s embarrassing failure at stopping Doomsday. I also love that the show broke a few unspoken rules – like Chloe was saved from Brainiac’s influence in the previous episode (ABYSS) but is now back under his control! I thought that was cool and a good way to trick the audience. But the best moment has to be the ending where we see that Lex has been watching this whole time! I haven’t had a geek out moment like that since they played the Superman theme in ROSETTA (Season Two).

• ABSOLUTE JUSTICE (Season Nine) – I gotta break my own rules here. This is technically two episodes but since I watched it as one two hour event the night it premiered it counts as one to me. I haven’t been more excited for a television event in a long, long time. Mostly Smallville moments like the PILOT, ROSETTA, CRUSADE, JUSTICE, LEGION, and this one. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and now Fridays I have looked forward to the show. But to be super excited for just one episode? You know it’s gonna be something special. The highlight for me is that this was written by Geoff Johns, my favorite comic book writer. Not only that but this episode is so chock full of great DC moments that the geek outs were almost orgasmic! From Dr Fate’s conversations with Lois and Clark to the final battle, what wasn’t there to love about this episode? The Justice Society makes a very believable entrance into the show and it’s clear that Amanda Waller, Checkmate, and the Suicide Squad are going to be formidable opponents for our heroes. Plus the Apokolips reference was a great surprise!

Don't worry, my season ten favorite will be posted next spring after the finale.  I do have a feeling that it will be the actual finale but ya never know . . . (no but it probably will be)