Monday, August 29, 2016


It was recently confirmed that the Justice League Dark film, long thought to just be a pipe dream of Guillermo del Toro, is actually in development at Warner Bros! Doug Liman was announced as the director. No release date has been confirmed but one would assume that we should be getting some announcements soon. One of those announcements will no doubt be the cast. When these films are announced fans all over the world throw their two cents in as to who should play which character and why. Often, especially when it comes to DC, an announcement will be made and people will be . . . Shall we say . . . Less than excited?

Ring any bells?

Usually I'll have an idea or two on who should play some characters, for example I would have cast Jon Hamm or Josh Brolin as Batman but I was excited to see Affleck's take on my favorite character. Now, I normally don't do this but I thought I would share my thoughts on who I would cast in a Justice League Dark film. 


Right off the bat I'm gonna tell you that this list will probably be full of people you didn't expect. I personally think Miller would be great as Constantine. I'm sure most people would prefer Swan McGregor or even a reprisal from Matt Ryan, but I'm more interested in the left field choices. 

Miller's most popular role these days is no doubt Sherlock Holmes on Elementary. On that show he proves himself socially awkward, cold, distant, but brilliant. Truthfully, it's not that far off from Constantine. John is brutally honest, cold, manipulative, and extremely clever. While this isn't a requirement it's hard to deny that Miller looks quite a bit like Constantine. In my.mind he would be perfect for the role. 


Out of all the casting ideas I think this one is one of my favorites. Not to toot my own horn or anything . . . Uh . . . Anyway! While Marvel has decided to keep Cooper as the voice of a space raccoon I thought I would appeal to something different. Specifically a swamp monster that would probably be mostly CGI/mo-cap. Ok ok! I freaking loved Guardians of the Galaxy and Cooper's performance was wonderful. However, I think Swamp Thing would give Cooper the acting challenge that he craves. 

Alec Holland is a brilliant scientist that either becomes Swamp Thing or Swamp Thing thinks he was once Holland. Either way, it's a very compelling story and I have no doubt Cooper would knock it out of the park. With films like The A Team he's shown is that he's in great physical shape, with Wedding Crashers he showed us his dark side, and with American Sniper he showed us a lot of range. All three of these qualities are essential to Swamp Thing. I haven't read the whole character's history but I was a huge fan of Alan Moore's run and the new 52 volumes by Scott Snyder and Charles Soule. From those texts I have little doubt that Cooper would be the right man for the job. Even if he has to Andy Serkis his way through the performance ;) 


If we're going by looks alone then I think I nailed it! Haha! I'm kidding of course (a little). Again, based on the work of Scott Snyder and Charles Soule during the New 52, I think Anton Arcane is not only a great villain but that Thornton would be perfect for the part. 

In a nutshell, Swamp Thing is the Avatar of the Green and Arcane is the Avatar of the Rot. Basically, anything dead he can control and manipulate. During one such event he was able to take over the world with the Rot, upsetting the balance of the Earth. While that story featured Animal Man and Swamp Thing teaming up I don't see why it couldn't be reworked in some fashion to include the Justice League Dark team. Thornton would be a great addition to that cast. I'm sure most of you know him as Bad Santa and yes I love that part for him, let's not forget he gave memorable performances in Armageddon and Sling Blade. I'd love to see him as Arcane. 

Let me be clear that I don't know if Arcane is the villain in Justice League Dark or not, I just think it's fun to speculate. 


Again, let me reiterate that I don't know if this character will be in the film or not but, in my opinion, he should be. Although he's kind of a weird character he would fit into the magical world that Justice League Dark is all about. 

There have been three versions of the Spectre, Jim Corrigan, Hal Jordan, and Crispus Allen. However, I doubt that Hal Jordan would be introduced as the Spectre in this movie. So we'll look at the other two guys! Allen was black and Corrigan was white. In my opinion, especially the way casting is color blind, it wouldn't matter which version of the character Washington could play. Both are deceased cops brought back to life, possessed by the Spectre - the right hand of God! 

Of course I don't need to go over Washington's resume to explain why he'd be a good choice. He can play good guy, bad guy, and everything in between. Which is perfect for the Spectre! I'd love to see him in a film or TV show. He was hinted at during the short lived Constantine series but unfortunately we didn't get to see him. Maybe now, with this particular project, the Spectre can make his debut. And if he does? My choice would be Denzel for sure. But then again I'd cast him as any of the parts and he would be sure to pull it off :) 


Deadman is definitely one of DC's strangest, but coolest characters. He was an acrobat with the nickname Deadman because he would never perform with a safety net. During one harrowing feat, he was murdered. However, he lived on as a ghost, able to possess any person. Here's the strange/cool part - he's able to be just as acrobatic in whatever body he possesses. Oh and that person speaks with his trademark Boston accent. Weird right? I came to know and love Boston from Brightest Day by Geoff Johns (have I mentioned him before?) and Peter Tomasi. He quickly became a favorite character and I was excited to see more of him.

Personally, I love James Franco. I think he's a terrific actor with a lot of range. However, I feel as though Dave has not been challenged yet as an actor. While I loved his performances in 21 Jump Street and Neighbors, he seems to always be playing the cocky asshole. But that's ok because Deadman is kind of a cocky asshole. However, there needs to be more underneath the character. It's a lonely existence not being able to communicate with anyone and being a ghost for, seemingly, all of eternity. I'd love to see Franco step outside of his comfort zone and try something just a little different. I love it when actors play against type and give amazing performances. I think you'll find that comic book/superhero films are the best way to do that. Especially a film like this which will no doubt be filled with a lot of spectacle, action, and (in this case) horror, there needs to be a cast that surprises everyone. In my opinion, the DCEU has been great at that so far. Let's give this young actor a chance to shine.


Yeah, yeah, yeah! Blah blah blah. He was already Bane. I know. I know. However, remember when the cast of Suicide Squad was first announced? Hardy was cast as Rick Flagg. Unfortunately he had to drop out, but luckily Joel Kinnaman stepped in for him. And he did a great job if you ask me. Anyway! I think Hardy would be absolutely perfect as the Demon in Justice League Dark

The Demon's story is pretty cool as it deals with King Arthur, Merlyn, Morgan Le Fey, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Ok well, not that last part, but you get it. Basically, he was a knight that betrayed his kingdom in exchange for the love of Morgan Le Fey. But she double crossed him. Merlyn cursed Blood to live throughout eternity with the spirit of Etrigan the Demon bound to him. Blood found a way to make this curse work for him and is constantly trying to redeem himself. So you see there's a little bit of awesome Medieval stuff mixed in with some Bruce Banner / the Hulk dynamics. You'll need an actor capable of playing a good looking man that looks like he's hiding from a dark past as well as that same actor being able to turn into a monster with a simple chant. I don't think there's a better choice than Tom Hardy. He's proven himself time and time again to be able to play ordinary people as well as monsters such as in Star Trek: Nemesis and of course, The Dark Knight Rises

Warner Bros, if you're reading this, please, please, please do not let Morgan Le Fey be the villain in this film. We already saw Suicide Squad. Do something different this time, *cough Anton Arcane and the Rot*. That is all


I've mentioned this one before. I had a post about what superheroes I would love to see Tim Burton adapt and Zatanna, played by Christina Ricci, was on the list. I stand by that suggestion, however, I truly think she's too good of a choice to pass up. 

In a nutshell, Zatanna is the daughter of John Zatara. Once upon a time, he trained Bruce Wayne to be an escape artist. Around that time, he had a daughter about Bruce's age and they had a bit of a flirtation going on. Years later, Batman emerged and Zatanna became a popular stage magician. What her audience doesn't realize is that Zatanna has actual magical powers and uses them to protect the world. She's been a member of the Justice League, Batman's love interest, fought off demons, and made a killing on the Las Vegas strip. Not too bad all things considered. 

While this might be my childhood crush talking, I do think Ricci would be a great Zatanna. She's beautiful but seems to have some quirkiness underneath which I think is essential to the Zatanna character. I'm sure Zatanna will be one of the major players in the film. I think it's long past time for Ricci to make some sort of comeback. She's been in some TV shows and on Broadway, but these days doing a superhero film is basically big bucks and big exposure. As an actor, what more could you want? Luckily, Zatanna is a rich enough character that she would add a lot to the film and not just be eye candy. Although . . . there is that . . . and I'm fine with that!

I don't know the Justice League Dark characters as well as I know the regular Justice League. However, I do know these few characters pretty well and I think their inclusion in a JLD film would make for a really unique, exciting film. Plus I have little doubt that if these were the actors that were cast they would totally kill it. So bring it on, WB/DC! Keep that weird casting train running! It's done wonders so far!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Remember how I said that superhero team ups were all the rage these days? Well . . . they are. A few years ago, Netflix and Marvel teamed up to co-produce 5 different Marvel superhero shows, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and the eventual team up The Defenders. We've gotten two seasons of Daredevil, one season of Jessica Jones, and next month, at the time of this writing, we'll get to see Luke Cage. Probably early next year we'll see Iron Fist and then Fall 2017 we'll get The Defenders. That's the plan right now at least. As a comic book fan, there's not much more that I could ask for. Four great characters coming together to kick some major ass in the streets of New York City. I mean . . . that's the dream isn't it? 

I love this city . . . 

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Cage and Iron Fist's shows as well as more solo Jones and Murdock adventures. It's hard not to wonder what will happen when they all team up though. As always, I have a few ideas of what I would like to see during the event. 


When I was a kid I loved the Spider-Man animated series. The Kingpin was a major villain throughout almost the entire series. It seemed like every episode he was creating a new villain for Spider-Man to fight. This is pretty much what happened in a lot of the comic books too. Fisk would cause some super-villain distraction that the heroes would have to take care of while the real crime was taking place on another side of the city. I don't think it will be the case, but I really hope that Fisk is the main villain of the series. I'm sure he'll have some role to play, I mean who wouldn't love some more Fisk action? I'm pretty sure the Black Sky nonsense will end up being the main villain in the series but seriously, let's not leave Fisk hanging. True, it's probably better that his story is saved for Daredevil season 3, but I see no reason why he can't be pulling some strings from prison like he did during season 2. Either way, not using D'Onofrio during the Defenders show would be a mistake in my opinion. Even as just a cameo or something! Come on!


Frank Castle was without a doubt the highlight of Daredevil's second season. Fueled by Jon Bernthal's mesmerizing performance, Punisher fans, like myself, were not disappointed. The only thing missing was the announcement that he would be getting his own series. Luckily, Marvel/Netflix decided to grant fans their wish. However, before we get that show, which is sure to be exciting, why not bring Bernthal in for a guest spot on an episode of The Defenders? We've seen him interact with Daredevil and they came to some sort of understanding by the end of the season, but what would the other heroes think of him? In the comics, the Punisher is a hot button topic among the superhero community. That's something that has never been explored in the Marvel Cinematic Universe because the Punisher has not existed till now. So why not use this opportunity to bring him in and let the debate begin! Or he could just show up and rescue the heroes during some sort of attack. Either way . . . I think the audience would love to see just a little more Frank Castle before his own series begins.


The Marvel/Netflix shows so far have been relatively grounded in reality. It worked for the Dark Knight films and the first two (ish) seasons of Arrow. There's nothing wrong with it, but let's face it - what really made The Avengers work? It was the fact that the film was willing to be a comic book during its action scenes. The story is still, somewhat, grounded in reality but the action scenes are big and bombastic. So far on Daredevil and Jessica Jones it's been pretty realistic. I don't know about you, but I'm kind of looking forward to all these characters interacting and how their powers will be shown together in a fight scene. Think of Legends of Tomorrow - that's a show that is totally wacky in terms of plots and the situations the characters are in, but the performances are all real. When Richard Donner was making Superman he wanted the film to have VERISIMILITUDE. That means that the situations might be crazy but if the film is grounded in enough reality, the audience will buy it. As much as I love the Netflix shows so far, they're just a wee bit too dark. Bringing the heroes together is a great way of making things a bit lighter and, dare I say it, more fun. After all, adults go see superhero movies too! It's nice to have more mature themed shows, but once in a while we like it when it's a bit more fun.


I will never stop banging this particular drum. I think not having Spider-Man show up during one of the Netflix series or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is utterly ridiculous. Now, you'll hear every excuse from actor's salary to scheduling to Movies vs TV to "reasons" and they all have one thing in common - they wreak of bull shit. I kinda get not getting Cap or Iron Man but Spider-Man now being a part of the MCU is pretty monumental. There's no question that Spider-Man is the mascot of Marvel Comics. Three out of four people will tell you that he's their favorite superhero, at least on the Marvel side. Every Spider-Man film, even the ones deemed "unsuccessful" have made over $700 million dollars apiece at the box office. I mean . . . Seriously. That says something about the impact Spider-Man has on our lives. Plus he's a character that lives and breathes New York City. To not include him in a series that exclusively takes place there would be silly. I know it's a long shot and I'll probably never get to see him there, but how great would it be if he got to interact with those characters!

And, as you can see, it's not like it's not in the comics! There's Spidey in his Future Foundation uniform with the Thing, Ms. Marvel, Cage, Daredevil, and Wolverine! I mean . . . seriously! By the way, that's from Brian Michael Bendis's run on New Avengers. One of my favorite comics. While we're at it I guess we should get Brie Larson and Hugh Jackman and . . . whoever they recast as the Thing when Marvel eventually reacquires the Fantastic Four rights . . . But Spidey first! Come on Netflix!


When I talk about DC Comics, I gush about Geoff Johns. Well, on the Marvel side of things, that's Brian Michael Bendis. Back when Secret Invasion was going on, which is my favorite Marvel event by the way, I fell in love with his work. Then the Dark Reign of Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers took over the comics. I started buying New Avengers and Dark Avengers because of him, and Ultimate Spider-Man but that's a story for another day. This was when I discovered characters like Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones. I fell madly in love with these characters. I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Bendis at New York Comic Con a few years ago. I told him, and I still think this is true, that for DC it's heroes trying to be people and at Marvel it's people trying to be heroes. I think Geoff Johns does that well over there and he does it well at Marvel. He agreed with me. It looks like the Netflix shows have definitely taken that to heart. These are real people trying to be heroes. At Marvel, in my opinion, nobody does it better than Bendis. Plus he has a ton of experience with each character. After all, he made Luke Cage into the "underdog" hero we all know and love today. Plus he co-created Jessica Jones! He's got a great grasp of each character and I would love to see him listed as more than just a "creative" consultant on the series. I'd love to see an episode or two penned by him. They would definitely be stand out episodes and would help with that "bring back the fun" thing I mentioned earlier. Man . . . I wanna reread New Avengers now . . . 

Well these are just a few thoughts I have on The Defenders. I have no doubt that the show will not only be worth the wait but will be fun to watch and rewatch as often as possible. It's definitely going to be exciting to see! The suspense is killing me!!

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Monday, August 22, 2016


After some speculation, rumors, and people just saying random things it's finally been confirmed that a true sequel to Man of Steel is in active development at Warner Bros. For fans of the first film, such as myself, this is very good news! While MoS definitely has its critics, it also has a passionate fan base. For my money, Henry Cavill has been a great modern-day Superman. Clark is a very tough character to crack. On the one hand, he needs to be the world's greatest hero. On the other, he's still just a regular guy trying to figure out love, work, responsibility, and all the things that come with being an adult. Some people think that he's unrelatable because he's so powerful but really they are missing the point. Superman may be the most powerful hero on Earth, but Clark Kent is just a man. He's very relatable. I mean, how many of us can relate to being billionaires or Amazon warriors, or being faster than the speed of light? Yeah . . . didn't think so!

With talk of a real sequel to Man of Steel coming up I started thinking about all the things I wanted to see in a new Superman movie. Things we haven't seen before. New takes on old favorites. In my mind, Batman v Superman covered a lot of what I would've wanted to see in a Superman sequel including the world questioning Superman's place, Superman struggling with his identity and what his role in the world is, and even Lex Luthor and his brilliant manipulation of Superman and his loved ones. So what should happen in the next go round? I have a few thoughts . . .


One of the things that I absolutely loved about the Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition was the inclusion of more Clark Kent. They fleshed out his story as an investigative reporter and a champion of the little guy. That's something that has always been important to Superman's history. While Clark may be invincible, he still has bills to pay and he's not exactly the richest guy in Metropolis. It makes sense that he would want to make sure all the people of Metropolis are being treated fair and as equals. I would definitely like to see more of Clark as the Reporter. It's definitely something that has never really been explored in the other Superman films. It was done a little bit on Smallville and Lois and Clark but I would love to see a sequel that focuses on Clark Kent's reporting skills and what makes him worthy of sharing a by-line with the "great Lois Lane". Speaking of which . . . 


One of my favorite parts of Man of Steel was how Lois figured out Clark's abilities. She even helped stop the Kryptonians by the end of the film. Then in Batman v Superman, she started off strong investigating the incident in desert and Lex Luthor's involvement with it. Then by the third act of the film, it just seemed like she was getting in the way or constantly needed Superman to save her. That's not Lois Lane to me. Lois needs to be the type of woman that can stand up to any threat that comes her way. She doesn't need Superman to save her. She is more than capable of taking care of herself. We saw a lot of that in MoS but less in BvS. That bothered me. I want a strong, tough, takes no bull shit Lois Lane. The type of character that shows no fear standing next to General Zod. The type of woman that Superman looks up to. I hope to see more of that Lois Lane in Man of Steel 2 and especially in Justice League. I mean, she's Superman's best friend/lover/life-mate! She's gotta be tough!


Again, I loved Man of Steel. Great film. Awesome action scenes. Good stuff there. But . . . I can't argue with the critics when they say there was a filter on the camera that made everything look a bit darker. Honestly, it's probably why the film has more critics than it probably deserves. The darker color scheme is a visual trick used in some horror or drama films that kinda brings the mood down. For those types of films, it makes perfect sense to bring the mood down. After all, you want people to feel uneasy during a horror film and in a drama you want the audience to have be in a place where the emotional moments are going to hit them just a little bit harder. However, that type of filter has no place in a summer blockbuster, let alone one about a flying man wearing a bright red and blue suit. While I don't expect to see Henry Cavill's costume start looking like Christopher Reeve's costume, I would like to see that filter taken off the lens during the editing process. Superman wears primary colors proudly in the comic books. Let's not forget that during his cinematic adventures! And speaking of brighter . . . 


Throughout Man of Steel, we're told a few times that the "S" on Superman's chest stands for HOPE. Yet, we don't get much of that in the first film. While I think he did inspire hope in quite a few people, including Batman, during BvS, I think it was lost a bit in MoS. Supergirl has done a fantastic job of showing that the House of El is full of people willing to inspire the people around them. Jor El was not able to do it on Krypton, but his hope was that Kal El could do it on Earth. I think that should be shown more in the new film. Show Superman  as a symbol of hope. Plus, it will be interesting after his inevitable resurrection in Justice League what that will mean for the people of Earth. Does that mean hope never dies? Supergirl was trying to send a message of inspiration and hope throughout her first season, and I imagine that it will continue during season two. I'd love to see more of that in the films. Christopher Reeve was great at seeming like he could either kick your ass into the ground or be your best friend depending on what side you chose. I think Cavill needs to be a bit more like that. He's already a very intimidating man given his size. But I'd love to see more of the softer side of Superman. That's very important for his character to emphasize going forward post-BvS and Justice League. Especially considering that the world is going to be very wary of aliens after those films. It will be important to show Superman as "the good one" so to speak. He's the one we can count on to save us, even if there are others trying to kill us. Because that's what Superman does. He gives us hope! But not everyone will agree . . . 


As far as villains go, this is one thing we've never seen in a Superman film to date. We've never really had a great team up of Superman villains. I mean sure we had Superman II with Zod and Luthor but that wasn't really a team up as much as it was . . . whatever it was. I don't really know how to describe it. I'd love to see a true villain team up. Granted that can spell disaster for a superhero film, just look at Spider-Man 3 and the Amazing Spider-Man 2

These guys just can't catch a break!

Superman doesn't really have the BEST rogues gallery out there, ironically that would be Spider-Man and of course Batman. But he does have some pretty heavy hitters. I think a return of Lex Luthor mixed with Metallo, the Parasite and Bizarro would be an awesome idea for a sequel. First of all, it kind of does away with the alien invasion story that had been done in Man of Steel plus what's being done in Justice League and it's sequel (we assume). I'd love to see more man made villains that come after him due to either a personal vendetta or because they want to prove how tough they are by taking down the Man of Steel. It would be something different to do with a Superman movie. While Kal is trying to inspire hope these guys are doing the opposite, not by tarnishing his name but by trying to kill him and showing the world that they can do it. Oh man . . . yeah! That's exactly what they should do!.

These are just a couple broad ideas that I'd love to see tackled in a new Superman film. When I was a kid I was such a huge fan of the Christopher Reeve Superman films. I've spoken already about how much I loved Supergirl season one. I've been a Superman fan for a long, long time. I have high hopes for anything involving the character. While I've enjoyed the most recent films, I still feel that there is more that can be explored with Clark Kent and Superman. In the meantime though, I'll just geek out over (hopefully) seeing Superman in the black costume. 


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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The first season of any show can easily make or break it. Look at how many shows do not get picked up for a season 2 or barely make it out with a first season.

Too soon?

However, Supergirl, unfortunately, seemed to face much more of an uphill battle that other TV series. First of all, the show is about a female superhero which, for no reason science can explain, seems to be the kiss of death. Look at all the female led superhero movies that have come out recently!

I'm not going to share a picture because, as of this writing, there are none that have been successful. So the show was already a risky venture. Factor in the fact that it was premiering on CBS rather than the more appropriate CW, which has been (thankfully) changed for season 2. Then there's the "obvious" thing that all executives always ask themselves, "Will guys like the show? Will girls watch a superhero show? Will it appeal to everyone?" Translation - if it isn't a white male in the lead then the odds of it being a successful superhero show/film are extremely rare. 

This hadn't premiered yet! Plus Netflix is the exception to the rule! (Jerks)

The first few episodes of season one were good but they were no where near the caliber that Arrow and the Flash first seasons were at. After rewatching the series I figured out the problem: the show started off too formulaic. The show had to have the best friend that was in love with the protagonist (Winn), the new guy that she meets that she instantly falls in love with (James), the sister (Alex), and the overbearing boss (Cat, and to an extent, Hank). Plus there were the constant references to Superman. It was the same problem that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. suffered from. "Hey we know Superman! But you'll never see him!" It's like a constant reminder to the audience that they're never going to see what they "really want" and instead they're getting second best. Once the producers/writers realized that they don't HAVE to fall into those stereotypes the show vastly improved. Basically, the "girls can do anything boys can do" theme was dropped. Instead, the theme became "a young person discovering herself in a complicated world". Now THAT'S a story that anyone can relate to! Once the Superman references died down and the love stories took a backseat (ish) to the main action and storytelling the show became much more exciting and fun!

While there are still cheesy moments, after all it is a comic book show, the show lived up to its hype in my opinion. After watching the wonderful first season, I thought I would share the best things about it. Hopefully you will want to check it out on DVD or Netflix when it inevitably gets there!


This is quite possibly my favorite twist that the show provided. When the series was first announced, David Harewood was cast as Hank Henshaw. This of course led to speculation that he was going to be the main villain of the series as the Cyborg Superman. And while that would have been a good show to watch, it wouldn't have been very interesting. During the first few episodes, it was clear that Hank was hiding something. As the audience, especially those of us that are well versed in comic book lore, the secret was probably that he was a robot with the powers of Superman. However, the wrtiers and producers had a very different and much better idea - he was J'Onn J'Onnz, the last survivor of Mars. I'll never forget the episode where it was revealed. My jaw dropped to the floor. I cheered and couldn't wait for the next episode to see more of one of my all time favorite Justice League members. J'Onn was so awesome during the animated Justice League Unlimited. He was a wonderful character and I was so stoked to see more of him in live action. 

While the Cyborg Superman story would have been cool with the whole "is he really a bad guy or can he be redeemed" type of story, I must say that Martian Manhunter was a WELCOME change of pace. It added much more of the "lonely survivor from a dead world" story to Kara's journey. Plus, it opened up the show to have his rogues gallery, specifically the White Martians (more on that later), make appearances and terrorize National City. His story was a tragic one but very different from Kara's story. However, there is a lot of similarities between the two and the chance to explore that in the series made it so much more exciting for fans. 


One of the MANY issues with adapting a superhero to TV (or film for that matter) is the villains. You don't want the villain to overpower the hero's story but you also don't want them to be bland and uninteresting. It's a very delicate balance and it's very hard to achieve. Luckily, I think Supergirl did a good job of having interesting, if not at least fun, villains to fill up an hour long show with. While the show did have its duds, it did have some wonderful actors come in and bring us some cool threats for Kara to face every week. Villains like Bizzarro, Livewire, Silver Banshee, and Reactron while somewhat cheesy were still fun to see brought to life and make life hard for Kara. It helps that the series made a genuine attempt for Kara to try to see the good side in every villain she faced. She tried her best to redeem them or talk them out of their evil ways before trying to fight them. It's exactly the kind of hero that Supergirl needs to be. It's the type of hero that Superman tries to be. It's wonderful to see her reach out and try to help everyone, even if it seems like they do not deserve it. 


Here's a character that could have been either really bad or really cheesy, which is arguably worse than being bad. When Mehcad Brooks was first announced to play Jimmy Olsen on Supergirl, let's just say there were some fans that were less than excited. I had never heard of him so I had no opinion on the matter. Just like Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin and even Melissa Benoist I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Luckily, I was not disappointed. Brooks proved himself to be a very capable actor - he was good at comedy, drama, and action. Jimmy Olsen needs to be all of those things. You don't get to call yourself "Superman's pal" for nothing ya know! He was everything he needed to be at first which was Supergirl's confidant and potential love interest. Then he grew into more than that. He was a hero in his own right. When he found out there was a bomb at the station where Lucy Lane was at, he didn't hesitate to run to her rescue. When Kara lost her powers, he did everything he could to help the people of National City. Plus, and this is important, just like Kara's gender didn't become much of an issue in later episodes as it was in the first couple, Brooks' race was not a factor. It would have been very easy to make him a stereotypical "black man trying to make his way in a white man's world" character. While there were hints of that and it was discussed here and there, it did not overpower his arc this season. He was able to a person. Just like Kara was able to be a hero and her gender didn't make a difference anymore, his race was unimportant. It's a very powerful message to send to the haters and non-haters alike - He might look different but he's just a man trying to be the best he can be just like you! Plus - this dude is hot as hell! I mean damn man! (I have no shame in saying that)


Winn was a character that seemed so easy to figure out in the first few episodes. He was Ducky from Pretty in Pink. He's the best friend that's in love with the female lead and he's going to go crazy in the Friend Zone. The actor, Jeremy Jordan, was announced as playing Winn Schott. Just like with the Hank Henshaw name, that had resonance for us Superman fans. The next stage was thinking, "Oh here it comes! He's going to become the Toyman!" In the first few episodes, it seemed that our suspicions were spot on. He pined after Kara and was jealous that she seemed so interested in James Olsen. It didn't seem like so illogical that the next step was "proving" himself to her by building toy bombs and terrorizing National City. However, just like with the Hank Henshaw twist, the producers had another idea, a far better one. Winn is instead Winslow, Jr and his father, Winslow, Sr is the real Toyman and has been in prison for a long time. This made for a far more interesting story than if Winn decided to become evil to try and "Winn" Kara's heart.

But seriously, having the father be the crazy one and try to reunite with his estranged son was a far better story, and more shocking to the audience, than if Winn had turned out to be a bad guy all along. Plus the episode where Toyman returned finally brought to a head the feelings that Winn had for Kara. There was the awkward kiss, the rejection, and then the eventual rescue from Psycho-Dad that romantic comedies are known for. Well maybe not that last part, but you get the idea! Either way, the producers were able to resolve the Winn-Kara romance swiftly and better than if that particular subplot had been dragged out for another season or two. The actors, Benoist and Jordan, were able to perform it believably and when it was resolved it felt natural and realistic. It was a great way to utilize the Toyman storyline without having to destroy/villianize one of the show's best characters. 


One of the things that anyone would ask when making any sort of Superman-related project is, "Where is Lex Luthor?" He's Superman's #1 adversary and one of the best characters in the DC canon. But since the DC Film side of things are stupid jerks, we were not going to get Lex Luthor on the show.

I'll calm down now because I loved his performance (stupid jerks)

Instead, the producers needed a different billionaire to oppose Supergirl and give the "human" villain that we all crave and need with these types of shows. Or maybe not need . . . It does happen a lot though . . . ANYWAY! Peter Facinelli was cast as Maxwell Lord, a billionaire narcissist that loves to invent new and cool things for the world and hates aliens. So . . . he's pretty much Lex Luthor. Well, in the hands of a lesser actor, he would have been, yes. Luckily, Facinelli proved to be much more than a Luthor-lite and gave us a rich, complex character that I hope we get much more of in season two. He was funny, fun, charismatic, and had real chemistry with his co-stars. Although he started off as just a billionaire hell-bent on destroying Supergirl's reputation, he became much more than that. He was a real person with a real motivation for disliking not only aliens but the government as well. In the last few episodes he even proved himself as an invaluable resource to the DEO in stopping Non's plan to destroy the world. 

Let the record show that I truly hate the Twilight movies and everything they stand for. When I heard it was Facinelli that was cast I was not pleased. Much to my surprise and pleasure, he turned out to be a wonderful addition to the story. What could have easily been a disposable, unlikable character became one of my favorite villains and one that I couldn't wait to see more of. I'm hoping that he returns for season two for more Lord shenanigans. Given how the first season ended with him and General Lane, I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back better and stronger than ever!


For someone like me, seeing The Flash and Supergirl work together was nothing short of a dream come true. For a non-fan, it had to have been at least a super fun episode! In the episode, Barry is stranded on a different Earth but decides to team up with Kara to face two of her deadliest opponents, Silver Banshee and Livewire. While the episode wasn't without it's flaws, I will maintain that it was definitely the most fun episode of the entire season. Anytime the superheroes team up, it's a joy! Luckily, the producers were smart about it and were able to tie it into the Flash's story from his series as well as find ways to have him shake up the dynamics of the series. He was able to be a great friend to Winn because they are both geeks, a rival for James because Kara was seemingly interested in a new guy, and he was able to give the people within the show, like Cat, a new hero to get excited about. In short, the crossover was very successful in what it was trying to accomplish. Also, was anyone else rooting for Kara and Barry? I mean not as heroes but as a potential love story? I mean, seriously! They were so cute together and so fun to watch. They had instant chemistry and I was sad when Barry left at the end. Hopefully season two will have the two Earths merge, like Flashpoint did in the comics, and we'll get to see more crossovers with Barry and Kara. 

They've already announced a musical two-part episode so . . . yes. Now please! Thank you!


Whether we want to admit it or not, special effects can make or break a superhero show. When Lois and Clark premiered it was considered ground breaking. A weekly superhero show? Let alone a complicated one like Superman? Given the restrictions and expense of CGI back in the early 90s, that series did well for itself. When Smallville premiered it was the same story. Luckily the producers were smart and kept most of Clark's powers restricted to "growing up" and all that jazz. They were able to limit what they could do based on the character's age. They still pulled off some impressive effects even for a show that was on basic cable back in 2001. Then suddenly, the CGI craze was huge! Arrow was a little more grounded so the CGI was limited to just a few shots per episode. 

Fun fact - All the arrows he shoots are CGI because it's too dangerous for everyone on set to have real arrows in the bow.

Then there was the Flash! I'd like to think that that this particular show really made it possible to do almost anything the writers could imagine in a weekly series that was therefore unheard of just a few years prior. So then it came time for Supergirl. Not only could the main character fly, but she was super strong, had heat vision, super speed, arctic breath, and faced a super-powered adversary on a weekly basis. Smallville was good at that but that was before people were comfortable with the main characters wearing fantastic costumes and having goofy code names. Plus a character like J'Onn J'Onnz and his backstory requires an expensive CGI makeover. Luckily the series not only provided this but exceeded my expectations on what a weekly series can do. Hopefully the move from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada won't have too much of an effect on this going forward. However, I'm still confident that we will see exciting, groundbreaking visual effects from Supergirl


What people love to see on weekly TV series more than anything is drama. The Will They - Won't They story is a trope that so many shows do these days. Luckily, a lot of producers have gotten to the point where they get to the "Why they won't/can't" sooner rather than later. We can't always be dealing with 10 years of Ross and Rachel ya know! However, not everyone can relate to the "Will They Won't They" story so there is another trope that shows use - Family. There are two types of family stories that just about anyone can relate to - the family you're born with and the family you choose. I have many friends that will call themselves brothers, sisters, sons, daughters to someone that they have absolutely no blood relationship to. This is because at a certain point in your life you become family with the people you care most about, even if they're not the ones you go home to see at Thanksgiving. 

In Kara's case, her family died years ago on Krypton. Much to her surprise tho, she finds out that her mother's twin Astra and her husband, Non, are on Earth and looking to take over (or save as they put it) Earth. That's family that Kara was born with, but she chooses to reject. This is a family that is blood related but is doing terrible things that she does not agree with. Let's just say I can relate to that. We all have family that we're told that we need to "love no matter what" because they're family. For Kara, believing in people is her greatest superpower but she still struggles with dealing with her feelings for both Astra and Non. However, lucky for her, she was also given a second family on Earth, the Danvers. 

Yeah! There they are!

They raised her like she was their own daughter along with their actual daughter, Alex. It was a great arc throughout the first season where we see how much Kara misses her mother Allura on Krypton but also loves her adopted mother Eliza just as much. It's the extended family that we're told to love just as much as we love our parents and siblings. Kara struggles with that not only because she grew to love the Danvers so much, but because Non and Astra are . . . you know . . . trying to destroy the world. But . . . 


There is always the family you choose. One of my best friends introduced his brother to me. They both looked alike and had a similar sense of humor. It wasn't until a few months later I found out that they were not actually brothers. They chose to call each other that because they had been through a lot together and were such great friends that the word "friend" or even "best friend" was not enough for them. I found that to be an exceptionally heart warming story. I was reminded of that while watching Supergirl. Kara was adopted by the Danvers family but still only refers to Eliza as her foster mother. However, she doesn't hesitate to call Alex her sister. Alex and Kara have a bond that is clear from the pilot. As the show goes on, their sisterly relationship is clearly what defines these two women as they go forward with their lives and their life choices. Not only that, but when the series begins it's clear that Alex looks up to Hank, especially after losing her father at a young age. As the series goes on, and Hank's true identity is revealed, it's clear that he regards Kara and Alex as daughters he never had. Or rather the daughters that he lost and he now has a second chance with. 

J'Onn lost his family on Mars and came to Earth as a refugee. Jeremiah Danvers recognized his gentle nature and bonded with him. When it seemed as though Jeremiah was dying, he asked J'Onn to look after his family. J'Onn did that and bonded with the two Danvers women. To them, he is a father figure that every young woman needs. To him, they are the young women he is proud to look after and watch grow up. It's a story that a lot of people can relate to and honestly brought tears to my eyes watching them bond over the first season. 

And this image I chose for this entry? That's one of my favorite scenes from any of the DC TV series. Seriously, heartwarming as all get out! :')


For anyone out there that complained about Man of Steel or Batman v Superman not living up to the message of HOPE that Superman is supposed to embody, look no further than Supergirl. In the first episode, Kara says how the "S" doesn't stand for super, it's her family crest for the House of El. Later she states how it means "stronger together" which is what the House of El tried to live by on Krypton. As the series goes on, she begins to understand that, to the people of Earth, that S shield means a hell of a lot to them. For the people of Earth, it means hope. It means that help is coming. It means strength. It stands for Truth, Justice and the American Way. Kara realizes that during the finale when it's time to help the people of Earth save themselves from Non and Astra's evil plan. She broadcasts the S shield to them as a way to inspire them out of being mindless drones for the Kryptonians and to stand up for themselves as human beings. It's something that Clark tells her he's proud of her for and, as a fan of the comic books, I was proud too. 

The producers stated early on that they hoped their series would serve as loving homage to the Christopher Reeve Superman films. I think that with the message they tried to send, especially in the finale, and the way Kara grew as a character from the pilot, they more than succeeded in that endeavor. The show is full of fun, optimism, and excitement. It's something that I can recommend to children, boys and girls alike. I really can't say enough about this show. There is a definite message of hope and inspiration in there. Not because someone has come to save us, but because she has inspired us to save ourselves. That's really the ultimate goal of Superman. He wants us all to be super. So does Kara. 

Season one of Supergirl is now available on DVD. I highly recommend this series to anyone that's a fan of comic books but also to fans who love to feel good about the shows they are watching. The show was full of great moments and picking just 10 to discuss was hard to do. This show definitely put a smile on my face and I can't wait to see what happens next!

CYBORG SUPERMAN! I'm calling it!

Till Next Time!

JJ - The Comic Junkie! 

Monday, August 15, 2016


Every year it seems that Arrow and it's various spin offs have tried to make an annual event out of a crossover. Technically, it started with Barry Allen being introduced during season 2 of Arrow. The next year we were treated to a two episode crossover. The year after that we got a glimpse of what was going to happen on Legends of Tomorrow. This year, the producers and CW executives have promised the biggest crossover yet! With Supergirl officially joining the other Greg Berlanti produced superhero shows, we'll get to see some sort of 4-part crossover that will kick all the other crossovers' butts! Or . . . I assume.

The word from the producers is that the crossover will actually center around Supergirl herself. Well that's interesting considering that Supergirl, as of now, takes place in an alternate universe. How will the shows crossover? They will literally have to cross dimensions to do it! We've seen this already on The Flash but I'm kind of thinking that that would be too much work. But then again, maybe they'll build up to it . . . Who knows?

Anyway, I was thinking about Supergirl and the other shows and I wondered, what could bring them all together for a huge event? Last year it was Vandal Savage and the introduction of the Hawks. Let's run down a list of possible events big enough to warrant a four-part mega event like this!


While slightly far-fetched, this one is definitely not out of the realm of possibilities. Let's assume that the producers decide to keep Supergirl and the other heroes on separate Earths. It's been established already that there were heroes on Earth 2 and Jay Garrick was from Earth 3. Whatever number Supergirl's Earth gets assigned is irrelevant, because she'll be the one that realizes there's something wrong in the Multiverse and she travels to the other Earths trying to save them and enlists the help of the Flash, Green Arrow, and the Legends. 

During my Green Lantern post I said how the producers love to go big or go home. It's why most of Green Arrow's rogues gallery was introduced in the first season of Arrow, or why Gorilla Grodd and King Shark were able to be such prominent villains during the Flash, or how all the Legends with their various powers could come together on a weekly basis! These people LOVE to push the envelope! An adapted Crisis event is something I'm sure they are planning whether it's this year or next or whenever! The only reason I think it won't happen during this crossover is because it's too big a story for a mid-season event. This would have to be like a season finale crossover or like a TV movie that's produced or something! In my opinion it's a matter of when it happens, not if.


This one I believe is the most likely scenario. Given that the White Martians were introduced during Supergirl's first season and there was talk of "more of them out there" it's definitely a safe bet that we will see them one way or another. I think the best way to do it would be do that would be during the mega crossover. It makes sense considering that the White Martians were introduced during the famous JLA arc written by Grant Morrison. The Justice League were being upstaged by a group of heroes claiming to come from another world to protect Earth. They were actually the evil shape-shifting White Martians. They used the guise of heroes to earn the people's trust and then turn on them. They almost took out the Justice League but they pulled through and saved the world!

Yeah . . . THIS is what they should do! Now, let's assume that Supergirl now takes place in the regular Earth of the other shows. I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be done due to "Flashpoint" happening on The Flash and there is talk that those events will alter the other shows as well. Also, since Miss Martian has been cast for Supergirl it makes sense for this storyline to be where she is also introduced. It fits with the "new hero(es) being introduced every year" theme that the shows like to do. The White Martian Invasion IS another case of when not if. I'm thinking the crossover would be a great place to do that. 


Out of the suggestions I've made thus far, this is probably the most far-fetched. However, I'm still going to bang on this drum till my hands fall off. Green Lantern and the Corps absolutely should be introduced into the DC CW-verse. The crossover event, as stated, is one of the best places to do it. Those episodes tend to get higher ratings due to the epic nature of putting together these shows and bringing in major threats for all of them to face. A threat that starts with Supergirl meeting a Green Lantern and then consulting the other heroes would be pretty epic and amazing. 

While this suggestion is unlikely, I'd like to think it's still in the realm of possibilities. It seems like every couple of weeks we are hearing about a new superhero casting - Miss Martian, Citizen Steel, Vixen, Stargirl, the list goes on! Why not bring in a Green Lantern or two? While it's great to see the members of the Justice Society and other "lesser known" heroes get the spotlight in a big way, it's also awesome when the more popular ones get their time to shine.

Plus, remember what I said in the previous post? Who doesn't love a good redemption story! Let's give one to Green Lantern and give him some friends to back him up!


Ok so of the long shots that I could take, this is the longest. With Gotham on FOX and Ben Affleck currently working on a solo Batman movie there is little to no chance in this story happening any time. However . . . Anything is possible! I never thought we would get to see Superman on Supergirl and yet . . . he's going to be in at least the first two episodes!

So exciting!

It's highly unlikely that Nightwing, Oracle, Robin, Azrael, Batgirl, Red Hood, or even the Bat himself will make an appearance, it would still be a hell of a gimmick and possibly the best crossover ever!


So . . . I have this theory. Since it was revealed that the Hank Henshaw on Supergirl is not actually Hank Henshaw but J'Onn J'Onnz in disguise. At one point Hank Henshaw and Jeremiah Danvers (Cain) were working together to track aliens, which is how they met J'Onn. Henshaw died but Danvers is presumed to still be alive within Project Cadmus. I have this theory that the next time we'll see Dean Cain he will be the Cyborg Superman, meaning Henshaw's brain will be in his body - albeit a robot body. It's a little out there mind you, but I'm willing to bet that something like this will happen. Using the Hank Henshaw name and not doing a Cyborg Superman story would be crazy talk! 

I loved the twist in the series when Henshaw was revealed to be Martian Manhunter. To me, that was an excellent idea and totally unexpected. In the same vein, it would be awesome if the real Hank Henshaw was still alive and in a different body. I mean, all sorts of crazy shit happens in the comic books all the time! What's to say that one man's brain can't be put in another man's body and then that body be turned into an evil robot Superman? Stranger things have happened . . . 

Theses are just a few ideas/suggestions that have been floating in my head regarding the upcoming crossover. I'll never forget when Barry Allen was announced as a guest star on Arrow. Then he got his own show, then Firestorm showed up, then the Atom, Black Canary, and it just went on and on! I love all four of these shows and I get so excited to see what they'll do next. Despite being cable shows, they have far exceeded my expectations in terms of the stories they've told and the types of villains they've introduced. I can't wait to see what they come up with next! 

As long as it involves Green Lantern of course ;)

Till Next Time!

JJ - The Comic Junkie!