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THE BEST OF 2010: (at least to the JJ)


Normally when it comes to comics the Geoff Johns titles are near and dear to my heart.  But, I'm a Batman fan first and foremost.  What really sold it to me with this series was issue #10's cover.  It said "The Return of Bruce Wayne starts here".  I thought, "Yeah right."  And much to my surprise and utter delight it was no tease.  It was true!  From that issue forward the comic had new life in it.  Morrison was planting amazing seeds from the true identity of Oberon Sexton (total shock to me by the way) to the return of Professor Pyg and Dr Hurt and finally Bruce Wayne's triumphant comeback - to which I yelled "Fuck Yeah!" aloud after reading it, we were given one of the best ongoing Batman stories in years.  And the real kicker?  It wasn't even Bruce Wayne.  Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne proved to be a new generation's Batman and Robin.  Sounds cliche I know but it's true.


Being that this article is written by me this should come as no shock.  But I promise you I gave this a lot of thought.  Johns, to me, is the best in the business.  He is somehow able to take these absurd concepts (a rainbow of Lantern Corps, time travelling Rogues, even Aquaman for crying out loud) and turning them into, well, awesomeness is the only word I can think of.  I hope that an Aquaman ongoing is planned post Brightest Day with Johns at the wheel.  Plus, there aren't many other writers who can show you all these absurd concepts and really make them feel real.  Granted not real in a mental or physcal way but definitely on an emotional level.  I've been a Geoff Johns fan for 6 years now and I don't see me ever dropping a book with his name on it.


Now THIS was a tough one.  Between amazing work turned in this year by Ivan Reis, Francis Manapul, Shane Davis, Olivier Copiel, and John Romita Jr (to name a few on my pull list) I really had to think hard about who this honor should go to.  Lafuente did what I thought was impossible - he made me forget that Mark Bagley was ever on Ultimate Spider-Man.  I was not really a fan of Stuart Immonen on the book (although he is killin it on New Avengers) and was kinda worried about some unknown dude steppin in and taking over my precious Ultimate Spider-Man.  But lo and behold - this Lafuente guy had some serious talent.  I look forward to seeing what Marvel gives him next after they "kill off" USM.


This is a completely unfair category.  Why, you ask?  Because I've only read one graphic novel this year and it was called Superman: Earth One.  I never reviewed it because, to be quite honest, I felt like I couldn't do it justice in a simple review.  I know this is going to sound ridiculous but this book was a real kick in the ass for me.  After reading it I took away it's most important lesson - When Destiny Calls, You Need to Answer.  Not that that is such a revolutionary theme but for me it was.  For the past three years I've been stuck in this hole.  I felt like I had no way out.  But after reading this book I got back on my feet and started coming up with plans.  Now I have major plans in store for the JJ.  Hopefully they will work out, but if not I can always say I tried.  And I owe it all to Clark Kent looking to make a name for himself on Earth One.


Here he goes again with his Geoff Johns is awesome crap (you are probably thinking).  Well, yes I'm going to once again touch upon that because I believe it to be true.  This comic was exactly what a first issue needs to be.  It established the Flash and his powers, his enemies, his friends, his job, and set up an exciting story arc.  Hell yes!  That's what first issues need to do.  You can't assume every reader knows everything about the character but you also can't assume that the readers are idiots either.  Johns perfectly captures who Barry Allen is and what makes him tick all in one issue.  So go ahead and laugh at me but this comic book has captured my heart and I look forward to every month's new adventure. 


I bet you expected me to say INCEPTION, IRON MAN 2, or some other crap.  Well, the truth is I loved INCEPTION and IRON MAN 2 which was not liked by many but I truly loved it.  However, out of the movies I saw this year TOY STORY 3 was the only one I watched over and over again.  I damn near cried at the end of the movie.  The movie's emotions felt very real to me and I was moved by it.  Again, it was inspiring to see that Andy had to move on without his childhood best friends.  He knows that he left the toys in good hands.  Also, the toys are just as torn up as he is.  All they wanted was one more playtime with their owner and they got it.  Then they were given to a new child who would love them just as much if not more than Andy.  Sniff . . . oh my . . . here comes the waterworks . . .


This show is like a dream come true for me.  It has the craziest characters with the most outrageous plots but somehow manages not to feel too terribly out of the realms of possibility (mostly).  Joel McHale is one of the funniest guys out there and he leads this band on the craziest detours of pretty familiar territory.  Ever feel left out?  Ignored?  Picked on?  Or even the only one who makes any sense in the world?  Well, COMMUNITY has all of that in spades.  Granted those plot devices are used and abused but COMMUNITY finds a way to make them all feel fresh and different.  Also, it's nice to know that Chevy Chase is still funny.  He pretty much wasn't for the better part of the last decade.

For now that is all I got!  I could go on and on about just about everything but that is for another day!  Tune in next week when I reveal what's to look forward to in 2011!   HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!

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We are exactly six months away from the Green Lantern movie!! :)

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I have decided if I ever pitch a TV show I will pitch it to NBC