Wednesday, February 24, 2016


With DC's Rebirth coming up in a few months (as of this writing) it seems all I can do is sit around and wait and speculate as to what that means. At first, a lot of fans assumed it was the comics trying to be more like the movies and TV shows that they are based on. What I mean is that the assumption was the Justice League would look less like the image above and more like Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, and so on. To be fair, it's a safe assumption to make. After the success of the first X-Men film, Marvel changed their costumes to reflect the black leather worn in the film.

Eh . . . Close enough . . . 

The same thing happened after the first Spider-Man film. Instead of Peter having web shooters that he built himself, the film had the webbing be a part of his mutation. The comics followed suit. I never really minded either of these changes but some fans get upset. I've never really understood why people get so upset about it. It's a cosmetic change. Now if the characters were to change from their personality, then yes that would bother me, but a costume change or secondary mutation is nothing really in the long run. And more often than not, it's temporary.

See? Back to normal (ish)

I mentioned before how when Rebirth hits, I'm hoping to see good, quality comics that reflect the current movies and TV shows. Green Arrow for example has been disappointing me lately, as has the Flash comic books. Now, I'm not saying that in order for the comics to be successful they should be the same as the TV shows or even have the same supporting cast. Honestly, that would defeat the purpose. That's what the tie-in digital comics are for. Even Geoff Johns has said as much. He doesn't want the comics to look like the shows or movies. I agree. 

However, like I said with the X-Men and Spider-Man, it's not a bad idea to maybe have the comics, at least on the surface, LOOK like the TV shows or movies. After all, it is a business, and to sell the books to a wider audience, give them something they are a little more familiar with. Having said that (and probably dodging tomatoes being thrown at me), I'd like to elaborate on what I mean here:


Not an uncommon practice in the comics, but let's see a Justice League comic book with the same characters featured in the upcoming film. This shouldn't be too difficult as each of these characters are already starring in the book. I'm not saying that it follows the movie's continuity, but it does feature the same roster. It's happened before. Marvel did the same thing when the first Avengers film was released. 

For a DC post, this thing sure has a lot of Marvel pictures . . .

That comic was really good, successful, and even introduced Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy back into the Marvel mainstream. It didn't follow the movie's timeline, it was firmly in the Marvel comic universe. However, as you can see, it feature the same main six characters that starred in the movie. It was a great way to get audiences to buy a comic with characters that they recognized. It would be smart for DC to do the same thing. Have a new comic, starring the film's characters, that's a great jumping on point for the audience that's curious about the movie but doesn't want to buy a ton of back issues or graphic novels. Speaking of teams . . . 


It's really a dream come true when the Flash and Arrow crossover. Especially this past year, we got to see new characters like Hawkman and Hawkgirl team up with the heroes we are familiar with. I'd like to see a team up book or another Justice League comic reflect this type of crossover. We get a rotating cast of the characters that we see on TV in the comic books. Plus it's a way to get Diggle's Spartan character into the comics. Diggle has already been introduced, but his alter ego from Arrow has yet to debut. Diggle, like Harley Quinn before him, was created on a TV series and then brought into the main DCU. Diggle is actually my favorite character on the show, I'd like to see more of him in the comics. His backstory during Jeff Lemire's Green Arrow run was a little different than the TV show (as it should be) but he can still evolve into this character and join the other characters on their adventures. 

The reason I say "Street Level" is because normally the Justice League is made up of powerhouses like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. In this case, we have characters with lesser powers like Hawkman/Hawkgirl, no powers like Green Arrow and Spartan, mixed with a powerhouse like the Flash. While the Justice League is fighting big ass threats like Darkseid, these guys are taking care of smaller, but still significant threats. Plus, it will give Black Canary a chance to shine with a team. During Brad Meltzer's Justice League of America run a few years ago, she was voted team leader and was great at it. That book helped make her one of my favorite female DC characters.

Oh my . . . 

Speaking of the CW . . . 


I actually have two suggestions for this book. One is to have a tie in digital comic in the same vein as Arrow Season 2.5 and The Flash Season Zero. I'm sure it will be done but it's surprising to me that it has not been announced yet. Secondly, DC is releasing a comic titled Legends of Tomorrow but it doesn't actually feature this particular roster. I think that's a missed opportunity. The characters, despite some growing pains, actually work really well together and they are a lot of fun to watch. The show is fun and exciting, it makes sense to have a Justice League comic to back it up. Considering Rip Hunter, the Atom, and Hawkgirl haven't had much, if anything, to do in the recent DC stories, let's bring them back and exploit their popularity from the series. Plus the White Canary is a relatively unused concept and could be another case of Diggle/Harley TV/comic crossover. Sara Lance was a creation for Arrow and she became much more than just "Laurel's sister." Also Jefferson Jackson, Jax, is someone else that is not a comic creation, instead created for Legends and the Flash. Now again, this comic wouldn't have to follow the show's storyline or continuity, but I like having a companion comic to back up the show I'm watching. It makes me feel like I'm getting more bang for my buck. Or maybe I'm just greedy . . . 


This is a bit of a cheat, since I kind of mentioned how I want the DC-CW characters to have their own book. However, I'd also be interested in a team up book featuring the Flash and Green Arrow. They are two characters that have never really interacted much in the comic books. Sure they hang out at Justice League meetings, but there's never really been a team up before. Given the huge ratings success that their crossovers have been, it seems crazy to try not to have them team up in the comics more often. Given that Oliver's personality is a little different in the series than in the comics, although he's evolving a bit more into the classic Green Arrow, it might not exactly be the same but it would still be fun right? I love reading books like Batman/Superman because you see how the characters compliment each other with their similarities and their differences. The crossovers have done a great job of highlighting why Oliver and Barry are good for each other. Barry learns he needs to be a little more ruthless and proactive while Oliver learns he needs to lighten up a little. Plus seeing these two characters with their vastly different skill sets is a lot of fun.


Personally, I think this is the biggest shocker of all the series. When Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gained more of a following, the comics followed suit and put Coulson and May in the front of their own comic book teaming up with different Marvel heroes and villains. Now that Gotham is enjoying more success with it's second season, which in my opinion is a vast improvement over season one, I'd like to see DC bring back Gotham Central or something similar. 

Gotham Central was a comic that featured several detectives and officers in the GCPD. It rarely featured Batman but instead had the "every day cops" dealing with Gotham's wacky and eccentric villains. It was extremely well written. As I said, I'm surprised DC hasn't tried to bring it back in some way to capitalize on the show. Although Gotham is more about the rise of the Bat-villains and Batman himself, a comic could still focus on the police and the way they handle the villains. Plus there's an added bonus:

In the current comics, Jim Gordon has suited up as a police-sanctioned Batman in the real Batman's absence. As of this writing, Bruce Wayne is making a comeback. However, I think it would be a waste to lose this new, cool, tough Jim Gordon. I don't think he was made into Batman because of Gotham. I think it was just because Scott Snyder loves Gordon and wanted to shake things up in the Bat-books. But why not keep it going? Have Gordon stay as a police sanctioned Batman helping the police solve crimes while Bruce is busy dealing with . . . Justice League shit or something. 

Or ya know . . . Jim can be on the Justice League and Bruce can stay in Gotham. Whatever . . . 


Now here's where it gets interesting. In Supergirl, it was heavily implied that Hank Henshaw would be revealed as the Cyborg Superman just like he was in the comic books. However, the showrunners took it in a different direction and gave us a legitimate twist with Henshaw's reveal as the Martian Manhunter, J'Onn J'Onnz. If you overlook the fact that he wasn't very "J'Onn like" in the pilot (chalk it up to a last minute change of ideas) this is actually really good news for DC fans. Martian Manhunter is one of their best characters although he is criminally underused in the comics. When the new 52 started, he was no longer a founding member of the Justice League, instead he was a part of Stormwatch. That comic did not last very long, but eventually J'Onn found a place with Justice League of America and later Justice League United (also featuring Supergirl). Like my Arrow/Flash suggestion, I think there is a lot to gain from a team up with Supergirl and Martian Manhunter. I stated in a previous post that I believe DC should release a new Supergirl comic soon, and I believe they will based on the Rebirth teaser image. However, I'd like to amend that slightly and say it would be cool if Martian Manhunter was a regular character in that book considering he's a co-star on her TV series. They have a great chemistry together and it would make sense to capitalize a little bit more on this relationship. It could potentially even lead into a Martian Manhunter spin off. Now THAT would be cool. 

Anyway, these are my ideas on ways DC could really kick it up a notch with their comics. As I stated in my previous post about Rebirth, I think DC is on the way to getting back to what makes their characters great. The TV shows have proved that there is an audience and I'm sure, like me, lots of them are curious and maybe even a little greedy for more. So why not jump on that and give us some comics to compliment our favorite TV shows and upcoming films? It's only logical . . . 

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Monday, February 22, 2016


Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment and the coolest dude ever, recently revealed (ish) the details behind DC Comics: Rebirth. Basically, all of the titles (save for Action Comics and Detective Comics) are being renumbered at #1. Each title is getting back to the "core" of each character or team. The model of course being Geoff Johns' work on Green Lantern: Rebirth and The Flash: Rebirth. The idea is that DC is celebrating the past of each character while pushing them forward into the future. That's what happened in Johns' other "rebirths". And it paid off extremely well. If you have not read them, I highly suggest you do so.

Look how pretty!

This too :)
If these previous Rebirths are any indication, I'm willing to bet we are in for a real treat. Truthfully, I've been wanting to write about this for a while. I just didn't know what to say. Then it hit me! The image! There are silhouetted figures! I'm confident that DC marketing put them there for a reason. And if you pay attention to the announcement video that Geoff Johns made, there are clues as to who these figures are. Now, I will admit that I'm quite terrible at this. Just ask my friends when we play Taboo. I'm uh . . . I'm quite bad. But! I'm confident I have some ideas here. First off, here's the image I'm referring to:

Six figures. Most of their logos are easy to spot but it doesn't answer the question - Who are they? They must be important! Let's speculate, shall we? We'll start with the far left and work our way over . . .

Superboy is one of DC's most popular characters. From a great run with Geoff Johns' Teen Titans, Young Justice TV series, and a brief appearance on Smallville, Superboy is one of the most recognizable DC Characters. In my opinion, it certainly looks like this Super-character is wearing a jacket. Is Connor's leather jacket making a comeback? Could be. Could be. The biggest clue comes from the announcement of the post-Rebirth titles, one of which is Super-Sons. The emphasis being a plural there! Well, we know that  Dan Jurgens, current writer of Superman: Lois and Clark, has stated that his characters, pre-52 Superman, Lois Lane, and their son Jon Kent, will play a part post-Rebirth. Super-Sons at least refers to one Superboy, probably Jon Kent. So who are the other "Sons?" One would assume Connor Kent is another. And given the "legacy" comment in the announcement plus Geoff Johns' love of Connor, it's probably a safe bet Superboy will be making a return to form during Rebirth.

Taking again into account Johns' comment about "legacy" the first Flash was Jay Garrick. In the 1940s he received his power from "hard water" (ya know, ice) and was granted superspeed. He modeled his costume after Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods. When the in the 60s when the characters were retweaked, Jay Garrick was the Flash that Barry Allen read about in comic books, also where he got the name the Flash. Eventually, Garrick and other Justice Society members found their way to our Earth and helped train newer heroes.
During the new 52, Garrick was reworked yet again, this time he was a young man granted speed by the actual god Mercury to protect the Earth in case of another attack from Apokalips (which he believed was coming soon). The Rebirth image shows a character wearing a helmet much like Garrick's. But is it the Flash or possibly a character like Sgt. Rock? Are the WWII heroes from Easy Company or the Losers making a comeback? It could be. After all, how does one define legacy? Only time will tell . . .
There is a hooded figure in the image. Granted, there are a few options in the DC Universe, Spoiler, Azrael, even Damien's Robin costume. However, given the popularity of Arrow, I'm willing to bet Green Arrow is at the forefront of Rebirth. Granted, the character in the image is not sporting a quiver or a bow, it could be a misdirect. I don't think it is though. It's been a while since Green Arrow the comic book was really spectacular. Back when Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino were on the book, it was epic and exciting. Since then, the book has been good to mediocre (if not worse). With Green Arrow a hot commodity, the comic book should follow suit. I hope that we get to see a really great Green Arrow comic again. It makes me sad watching Arrow and not being able to follow similar, exciting adventures in the comics. No offense to the current guys, but it just ain't cuttin it for me. Hopefully Rebirth will bring Green Arrow back into the Justice League and the forefront of the DC Universe in a big way.
Ask any fan of the new 52 and they'll tell you the main thing it's missing is Wally West. Sure there is a Wally in the Flash comics now, but he's nothing compared to the original Wally West. When Barry Allen died (excuse me, was lost to the Speed Force) Wally was the Kid Flash. But he stepped up and became the Flash to protect Keystone City. After Barry returned, Wally remained the Flash and helped Barry protect Keystone and Central City. When the DC Universe was reset with Flashpoint's conclusion, Wally was nowhere to be found. Eventually, he did show up as a punk kid who resented the Flash. During Futures End, we got to see the hero Wally will eventually become, but he has yet to become that hero in the present day.
Wally is one of Johns' favorite characters. I mean, his whole career is partially owed to his super-successful run on The Flash for many years. More so than any other character, Wally West is at the top of fans' wish lists. I love Barry Allen. And the Flash TV series makes me love him more every day, but I will admit I do miss Wally. He was a great character. Like Dick Grayson, he was someone that might have been reluctant to take up the mantle of their predecessor but he not only honored their memory, but strengthened it. Like with my Arrow suggestion, I think Wally will be a significant character going forward with Rebirth. At least, I hope so! I mean come on, DC!
Speaking of Geoff Johns, I think we're gonna see one of his creations at the forefront (damn I say that a lot) of Rebirth. Now, Cruz may not be the obvious choice, but allow me to elaborate. Jessica was chosen by the Power Ring, an alternate version of the Green Lantern ring from a parallel Earth (DC comics are awesome). Because she's cowardly, the Power Ring was drawn to her to use her to destroy the Earth. With the help of the Justice League, Jessica is able to control the Power Ring and use it for good. In Green Lantern #20, it's stated that Simon Baz, another human Green Lantern, helped train her as she was the first female human Green Lantern.
Given that Green Lantern and the Corps is one of Johns' specialties I wouldn't be surprised if we see Jessica Cruz as a Green Lantern (finally) at the helm of a Green Lantern title. Lately, DC has been all about diversity. It makes sense that one of their most popular titles would be headlined by a female character. I'd like to believe that Johns will keep the promise from GL #20 and we'll get to see Jessica Cruz kick ass as a Green Lantern. I mean . . . Come on . . . Let's do this!
This one seems pretty obvious right? With the popularity and success of CBS's Supergirl, it seems that Supergirl herself is primed for a "Rebirth" in the comic books. I will admit, that she is one of the weaker DC Characters. She's had a hard time breaking out of the trope of being "Superman's cousin." When Jeph Loeb brought her back in his Superman/Batman run, I really liked the character. I felt like she had a lot of potential and could grow into a unique hero. Unfortunately, she never really struck a chord with me post-Jeph Loeb. Even after the new 52, the character was taken in a new direction and it didn't stick with me. However, the TV show has impressed me and made me a fan of Supergirl. I'm sure I'm not the only one and I'm also sure that DC editorial and Geoff Johns are aware of this.
It's past time that Supergirl have not only a quality TV series (she's got it now) but a quality comic book to back it up. The important thing is that Supergirl establish herself as more than just "Superman's cousin." The first few episodes of the series suffered from this, but I think since then the show, and more importantly the character, has established itself as it's own thing. The fans are there, let's give them something to read! Rebirth will do just that!

I've been a comic book fan all my life. Green Lantern: Rebirth helped turn me into a monthly comic book reader. I have no doubt that DC's Rebirth will help get me back into DC Comics in a big way. With Geoff Johns at the helm, I have no doubt that I'll be purchasing many, if not all, of these books! Let's hope that DC doesn't disappoint! I'm sure they won't. I've always been a DC fan at heart :)
Till Next Time!
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I think at this point it's safe to say that DC's Legends of Tomorrow is a hit for the CW. It's not surprising given that the show features fan-favorite characters from the Flash and Arrow and is produced by the same guys. True, the first couple of episodes might have suffered a bit from too much exposition but that's to be expected with a new show. So far we've seen a dystopian future ruled by Vandal Savage, the present day, and 1975. This week's episode will go to the 1980s. It's also been confirmed that we will see Star City in 2046 with a bad ass, one armed, goateed Oliver Queen and the Old West featuring Jonah Hex.

Here's Old Man Oliver doing his best Sean Connery impression

Personally, I think the crazy future stories are much more interesting than going to the past (although the costume choices are awesome). This got me thinking, where else could the Legends end up? The "Old Man Oliver" cameo is going to be based on Oliver's appearance from The Dark Knight Returns. What other futures will the team see? Maybe not even futures, but maybe alternate timelines? I'm curious . . . 


As of this writing, the most recent episode of the Flash gave us a brief hint of the Legion of Superheroes. In my personal opinion, I think those characters are better suited for Supergirl than Legends or the Flash but hey . . . what are you gonna do? No matter what network they appear on, it would be great to see these characters brought to life again. They were previously seen on Smallville (in an episode written by the great Geoff Johns, no less). However, there they got the "no tights, no flights" rule. They were not in costume, instead they were jackets hinting at their comic book outfits. It was clever and looked cool for Smallville but now that we're used to seeing superpowered people with crazy outfits, let's see them here! 

As far as the actual episode goes, I'd like to think that Rip and his team would accidentally travel too far in the future and meet the Legion. It doesn't have to be the whole group, after all there are like 100 of them! But maybe a core group of 3-5 would be awesome to see. Plus, it would provide great banter for the characters seeing a group of heroes from all over the galaxy, each with their own personality quirks. And who wouldn't want to see Martin Stein try to out-think Brainiac 5? 


One of the things established by the Flash's first season was that technically the characters are living in an alternate timeline. When the Reverse Flash killed Barry's mother, he changed history. Granted, history corrected itself (mostly) with Barry still becoming the Flash, but it happened because Thawne (disguised as Harrison Wells) made it so. Now, I love that aspect of the show but it always made me wonder, what was the other timeline like? We know Barry and Iris get married, Barry is the chief of police in Central City, and he is still partnered with Green Arrow and Hawkgirl. Also there was a Waynetech nod! Come on!  . . . 

Anyway, I think it would be really cool for the Legends to stumble into an alternate timeline where we see that future with Barry and his friends. Maybe in that timeline Ronnie is still alive as Firestorm (or not). Maybe Cisco is more active as Vibe. Maybe Harrison Wells is still alive and just a friendly scientist with whom the Flash consults with once in a while. After all, it was established that Wells was a good man with big dreams for S.T.A.R. Labs with his wife.  It's something I've wondered about since day one of the Flash and I'd like to see it. Speaking of the Flash . . . 


All of season one of The Flash was leading us to think that it was going to end with the famous Flashpoint story from the comics coming to life. In hindsight, it's great that they didn't do that and instead gave us the Multiverse to explore in season 2. Granted, Flashpoint could still happen in a future season or maybe it will happen on Legends of Tomorrow. Maybe it won't happen exactly like it does in Flashpoint (considering that the Flash is not a main character). But something like that where history is altered by Barry and the Legends help him restore the timeline. 

Flashpoint is one of my all time favorite comics. Most of the themes of the actual story were covered in season one of the Flash but I think seeing an alternate reality where all the heroes are affected would be really awesome to see. Basically we see each one of the Legends turn out differently but only one of them remembers what the world is supposed to look like and it's up to that one hero to fix everything. Plus it's an excuse to get more Flash on TV and that can only be a good thing ;) 


Honestly, I'm quite surprised we have not yet seen Booster on Legends yet. Booster is probably DC's most famous time traveler. He's one of my favorite characters. Also, apparently he is Rip Hunter's father . . . What are the odds? I'm willing to bet that we will see Booster on the show sooner rather than later. 

Booster is a great character. He was a pro athlete in the 25th century that started betting on his own games, deliberately throwing them to make some money. When he was found out, he was kicked out. He worked as a janitor in the Superman museum, stole a Legionnaire flight ring and the tools to make a superpowered costume. He traveled to our time and tried to make himself into the world's greatest hero. It didn't work out too well for him. The other heroes often see him as a joke or a sell out. He's always trying to make a lot of money. Underneath it all, he does have a good heart and does step up when needed. However, it usually takes a minute for him to get going. 

Like the Legion, Booster was brought to life in a Geoff Johns penned episode of Smallville. It was one of my favorite episodes. They perfectly captured Booster's cockiness and arrogance. Basically, he was Ron Burgundy. The actor that played him nailed it! I was always hoping they would cast him in the Booster Gold TV show that was rumored a few years ago. Oh well. Maybe now he'll get his shot with the Legends of Tomorrow.


Ok so it's HIGHLY unlikely that we will ever see Batman Beyond on Legends of Tomorrow. BUT! I'm willing to bet that OMAC is a concept that will rear its ugly head sooner or later. OMAC is an extension of Brother Eye. Brother Eye was created by Batman to monitor the superhuman population on Earth. However, as is usually the case with artificial intelligence, Eye turns against Batman and attempts to kill all the metahumans on the planet. It was a little different with Futures End where Brother Eye turned all the superheroes into cyborg slaves. Either way, or some combination of the two, would be perfect for the Legends to face. OMAC has already been established as something that Queen Consolidated was working on before being bought out by Palmer Tech. Why not expand on that? Granted, if this storyline does make it on Legends it will probably be a season 2, 3, etc arc. Either way, it would be great to see a Terminator type story unfold on the DC CW-verse. 

Well . . .  those are my ideas on where I want to see the Legends go to. The nice thing about the DC universe is that it's actually a multiverse meaning they could go anywhere. True this year they are stuck just doing the time travel thing, but hopefully next year, or even later this year, we'll see them branch out and go anywhere the writers' imaginations can take them! 

Till Next Time!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Comic books are awesome. I love them. I bet you already knew that though, given my nickname is The Comic Junkie. One thing that's great about comics is the visual medium. Sure books are great and I've read plenty of books, but comic books have that added bonus of the images in your face! In my opinion, a great artist can make or break a comic book. If the writing is bad but the art is good, then at least I can enjoy that aspect (and vice versa). A lot of my favorite comics have had a great syncing of writer and artist. But let's face it - a lot of times the artist has to be the main selling point. Unless you know specific writers, you're more likely to pick up a comic based on if you like the cover or the interior art. It's similar to movies - you may not like football but if you like Adam Sandler then you'll check out The Longest Yard. 

Not his worst but also not his best . . . 

I've been noticing more and more that my favorite TV shows and movies are adapting specific panels and comic books covers in their films. For example: 

That's the cover to The Dark Knight Returns #1 next to a shot of Batman from the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That's pretty bad ass if you ask me. This got me thinking, what other covers would I love to see adapted on the screen? Panels, moments, character beats are one thing, but covers? That's a cool concept. It's what sold us on the book in the first place. I actually collect a lot of covers that I think are cool. Some I buy just to get signed at Comic Con. It's uh . . . what I do! Anyway! Here's the list! 


Whew! That's a good one! Freaking Iron Man with the Infinity Gauntlet. I'm not really a betting man, but I think it's safe to say we will see something like this when Avengers: Infinity War Part II hits theaters summer 2019. 


One of my absolute favorite covers/comics of all time. I've been wanting to see this brought to life for many, many years. Hopefully, if it doesn't happen in Batman v Superman then we can see it in a future Justice League or other type of team up film. 


Given that Anthony Mackie is a star on the rise and Marvel is really pushing the Falcon to be in more films, given his appearance in Ant-Man, I have a feeling that this will happen in a later film. Rumor has it that Steve Rogers might meet his maker in either Captain America: Civil War or possibly Avengers: Infinity War. If that's the case, then the next Cap is right here! 


While this is highly unlikely, I still think it would be kind of a cool twist if Lex's journey in the films mirrored that of the recent comics. Yes, Lex Luthor is on the Justice League in the current comic books. How cool would that be if he joined up with the League to fight Darkseid in a Justice League film? Oh yeah . . . and Captain Cold is there too . . .


While Venom was introduced in Spider-Man 3, we have yet to see him really do anything more than just . . . It's probably best not to think about it. I'd like to see Marvel revive Venom for their new crop of Spider-Man films. This image in particular, of Venom howling at the moon, is really scary. Let's see him come into the films and be a worthy nemesis for Spider-Man.


This might just be wishful thinking on my part but wouldn't this be great? I'd love to see a rebooted Green Lantern team up with Ben Affleck's Batman. And I'd love to see Batman either take the right or have it given to him momentarily to keep on fighting. Also, this is my favorite comic book cover ever. I love it!


This one will probably never happen in our lifetime. Which is a damn shame cuz who doesn't want to see 90 minutes of Hugh Jackman vs Mark Ruffalo? I mean, that probably doesn't sound exciting - but a live action Wolverine vs the Hulk would be amazing. We all know it and they know it too! Come on Fox and Marvel! Quit being assholes!


I'm not exactly sure HOW they would do this . . . but wouldn't it be cool? I mean not necessarily the Joker with the ripped off face (cuz that's a bit too much) but the Joker dancing with a bloodied up Batsuit is pretty disturbing. And from what we know about Suicide Squad it sounds like Jared Leto's Joker is pretty disturbing. So . . . let's do it!


This is another that's unlikely, but should still happen! Even though Marvel has the rights to the Punisher and Spider-Man (kinda), it's been said that Marvel TV and Marvel Films don't play so well together (that was deliberately bad grammar btw). Which is a shame because it would be great to see the Punisher vs Spider-Man. 


Yes! This one! This cover could actually almost be real but both networks would have to play nice with each other. Granted, there's no reason not to do it! The Flash is exploring the Multiverse and Supergirl has discussed alternate dimensions, like the Phantom Zone. It's not out of the realm of possibility to happen sometime in our future! Let's do this!

Out of the millions of comic book covers out there, these are the ones I chose! You know what, this was kind of fun! I think I'll do it again soon. In the meantime, what say you, Comic Junkies? Any covers you'd like to see come to life? 

Till Next Time! 

JJ - the Comic Junkie 

Monday, February 1, 2016


We're gonna go a little off topic here today. Usually I talk about comics or movies or some combination of the two. However, today we're gonna go a different route. You know what I've been noticing lately? There are a crap ton of TV shows that are based on horror books, comics, movies, etc. We've got The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Scream (is that show still on? Was it good? I don't know. I don't care), and soon Damien based on the Omen films will be joining those ranks. There are probably a few I'm forgetting, but you get my drift. It's kind of interesting that there are so many scary stories that people are gobbling up on a weekly basis.

My personal favorite of the ones I listed

What is it about scary stories that gets people so excited? I mean, no one really likes to be scared right? No one wants to live in a constant state of fear! I'm sure there are some studies out there that say that people like the "thrill" or the "mystery." Then again, maybe people are just really fucked up in the head. They like weird, scary shit! That's ok. I'm one of those people! I'm intrigued by the "good vs evil" concept, which is why I like comic books so much. Every now and again, it's interesting to see something scary because often, the characters don't get a happy ending. In a sad way, that's relate-able isn't it? 

I'm sorry . . . Kind of a downer . .  .

Anyway! I started thinking about what other stories out there could be adapted into TV shows. I mean if Scream can be a TV show than anything can right? Huh? Am I right? HAHA! Anyway, here it goes . . . 


Written by one of my favorite comic book writers, Scott Snyder, American Vampire is one of the most original and creative tales of vampires. I won't bore you with the details but suffice it to say that it's not the usual garlic, stakes, sunlight that can kill these guys. Each vampire species from different regions has their own weakness. The story is also great in that it travels through time. Not like literally! I mean it starts in the Old West and goes all the way up the 1920s, 1950s, etc, etc. I'd love to see a cool type of ensemble show that follows different vampires and vampire hunters through history. Stylistically, it would be a very unique type of show. It could be filmed differently based on the different time periods. The costumes would be different, the sets, gosh it would be pretty incredible to watch! The comic already has a unique feel to it, despite it being about vampires (a common subject on TV and in movies). I'm a fan of the comic and I'd love to see it adapted in live action.


Another favorite of mine written by Scott Snyder. I mean, the dude can write some scary shit! Wytches was another unique twist on a classic tale. Instead of beings with pointy hats, cauldrons, and warts, these were other worldly monsters that barely resembled anything close to human. Granted, it was a mini series comic book, with a possible sequel in the works, but I think there is a rich storyline to draw from here. The Wytches are terrifying and mysterious. In the comic, you never really get a good look at them. In a TV series, I think that would be somewhat frustrating to watch. You'd want to see the monsters. Apparently the rights have been optioned for a film. Granted the story might fit better in a film, but I would argue that a TV show could be much more exciting. There would be a lot more character development as well as mythology to build up about the wytches. I think a 10 episode mini series or anthology series (like AHS) would be really exciting and a lot of fun. And scary. Terrifying really. I mean, this comic was scary dude! 


This one is a bit of a cheat because I read that there is a pilot in the works based on this material. There have been several attempts to make a sequel, spin-off, what-have-you of the Exorcist over the years with varying degrees of success. In my opinion, the closest (in terms of scares) was the Exorcism of Emily Rose. Now, here's a little known fact about me - this is the scariest movie I have ever fucking seen. I watched this with my sister and my dad when I was a kid. My sister and I couldn't sleep for weeks. What made is worse was on a family road trip, my dad told us we were driving through the town that the actual exorcism happened. Needless to say, my dad thought our fear was hysterical. What a bastard . . . eh . . . I'll probably do it to my kids . . . 

Anyway! That was a terrifying movie and one that I don't think I could watch again at night (but maybe!). However, I won't deny that a series based on Exorcisms or demons or whatever would pique my interest. A limited series or anthology type show would be really cool and scary. Or perhaps a show that followed the Exorcist himself would be interesting. Not necessarily as a demon fighting bad ass like in Supernatural, but a subdued, quiet priest that travels from place to place trying to rid the world of evil. That would be cool . . . And fucking terrifying. I take it back. I don't want this!!! (if you listen closely, you can hear my dad laughing at me) 


Yes. Technically, another Scott Snyder property. But he's awesome ok?? Believe it or not, one of my favorite comic books is Swamp Thing. I've read Alan Moore's twisted, heartfelt run. I've read Scott Snyder's scary, twisted run. And I read Charles Soule's inspired, twisted run. Basically, in some way shape or form, Swamp Thing is twisted. It's a strange tale of what it means to be a man, destiny, evil, the balance of nature, and love. Supposedly, Warner Bros is working on a live action Dark Universe movie that would feature Swamp Thing as a main character. Granted, I'm all for that, but I think an adaptation of the comics would be perfectly at home on television. There was a Swamp Thing TV show years ago based on the movie directed by Wes Craven (yes . . . you read that right) but it didn't last. It's a tough, and probably expensive source material but it would also be really, really cool. It's got everything people love - Monsters! True Love! Evil zombie things! Corruption (sort of)! Also, there's a great Jekyll and Hyde aspect that people can't seem to get enough of in modern storytelling. I'd be all for seeing Swamp Thing on television or possibly Netflix. Plus it would be an excuse to bring back Matt Ryan as Constantine. 

That just NEEDS to happen! 


One of my favorite horror stories of all time. It is one of those stories that leaves you wanting more but afraid to ask (in a good way). There was a TV movie adapted several years ago, memorable for the children's dynamic and Tim Curry's terrifying performance as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Topping that performance alone would be tricky. There was a two part film in the works not long ago and it even had Stephen King's blessing, but unfortunately it stalled out. Hopefully, this will turn out to be a blessing in disguise because It would make a fantastic series. The book is filled with a rich, deep mythology and wonderfully fleshed out characters. Even as a limited series, as long as it's lovingly and faithfully adapted, it would be truly exciting not to mention scary as hell. 

I'm a big fan of the TV movie, despite it not having aged very well. However, even just reading the first few chapters I noticed just how much of the story was left out. In a series, that could easily be rectified and even expanded upon. The mythology behind Pennywise, his origins, past killings, etc would be really interesting to see. Also, the town of Derry, Maine as a main character (similar to White Pine Bay in Bates Motel) would be fascinating to see. How does the town react to this creature? Who else has been affected by IT? I'd love to see that! Damn! I'm getting myself all worked up at the possibility! Let's make It happen! Haha . . . get it? 

By the way - I didn't realize how many times I would use the word "it" in describing this. It was unintentional yet kind of funny . . . Anyway . . . 

These are my suggestions of horror stories I'd like to see adapted to the small screen. Great television, if done right, can have a lasting impact. Given the longer narratives there is more time for character development, mythology and world building to happen. There's a reason that people get sucked into shows and binge watch them on Netflix or Hulu. Movies are great and all, but for people that prefer more fleshed out "universes" (if you will), TV is the way to go. And for some reason, horror stories fit well into binge watching sessions. Dang . . . now I kinda want to get caught up on American Horror Story! 

Till Next Time!

JJ - the Comic Junkie!