Wednesday, August 29, 2012

American Vampire #30

written by Scott Snyder       art by Rafael Albuquerque


Hunting down vampires never looked so good!!  Ech, sorry that was a terrible thing to say.  Like on at least 3 levels.  But anyway, this issue sees the continuing adventures of Skinner Sweet and Pearl out killing vampires even though they are vampires and Pearl's husband is dying and Skinner used to be a bad guy but now he's not . . . Yeah I'm a bit lost.  But that's only cuz I'm very late to the game.  I haven't read much American Vampire save for the first two volumes, the Lord of Nightmares spin off and this recent arc of The Blacklist. 

A good chunk of this issue is spent with Pearl reminiscing about her husband and feeling a crazy amount of guilt over his current situation (spoiler alert - he's probably dying cuz of the vampires).  But Soothing Black Guy who I imagine has Terrence Howard's voice tells her to keep on with her mission and kill dem vampires dead! 

Ok - quick note - I don't know why I keep saying vampires or making bad puns but it's probably not gonna stop so just deal with it.

I must say that this issue disappointed me.  I love the character of Skinner Sweet.  I think he's kind of pulled a Spike and is trying to redeem himself but let's face it he's still an asshole. But I saw that twist of Skinner and Pearl hooking up coming a mile away.  I gotta say for as good a writer as Snyder is that's a bad cliche to fall back on, especially given how the first half of the book was dedicated to Pearl pining over her dying husband.  Ugh, come on Scott!!! You're better than that!

Despite that hiccup I must say that Rafael's art is just fucking great.  It's not the kind of style I usually like in comic books but I LOVE it in American Vampire. Rafael is a master of vampire fights.  I almost wish he would guest on an issue or two of Buffy.  But I prefer he not because he's awesome on AV and I want Georges Jeanty to stay on Buffy. 

I look forward to seeing more from Snyder/Albuquerque next month but I'm disappointed right now.

Two Golden Bullets out of Five.

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