Friday, August 24, 2012

Smallville Chapter 14

Written by Bryan Q Miller Pencils by Chris Cross

If you are a regular reader of this blog (and if you are I apologize for the lack of posts) then you know Im a huge SMALLVILLE fan. I've loved the show from day one and now that it has continued in comic book form is just a dream come true for me. Even better that it's written by former show writer Bryan Q Miller. Miller is a favorite writer of mine from his amazing preNew 52 Batgirl series to one of my all time favorite SMALLVILLE episodes Luthor.

This particular arc is one that I have waited for since the Pilot: Batman Last issue's introduction was pretty standard Batman stuff. Not bad not bad. This issue however did not include the Caped Crusader. To the casual fan that would be very bad news. By casual fan I mean asshole commenter on Facebook, Twitter, etc But to me this issue was a really good post-Smallville Superman/Lex story. Does Lex remember Clark's secret? Will Clark figure out how to stop Lex tracking him? Was that kid on the bus Billy Batson? Where was Batman?

Posing interesting questions like this is what makes an awesome comic book. I don't have much to say other than I really enjoyed this issue and can't wait for more! Except the art is subpar compared to Pere Perez on the first arc. Although the problem might be that the artist's name is Chris Cross Yeesh

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