Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Justice League #12

written by Geoff Johns    pencils by Jim Lee with cameo pencils by Ivan Reis & David Finch

Since #1 last year Justice League has been one of my favorites of the new 52.  It's exactly what comic books should be - fun.  This issue is no exception.  Picking up from last month's cliffhanger we learn that the League is looking into ghosts pretending to be their dead loved ones (and Cyborg's is himself - what a selfish dick) to try and take over the world!!!  Ok not really but it is a great scene with little character moments that make Johns such a great writer.  The best is that the person who realizes it's all just an illusion isn't Batman this time - it's Green Lantern. 

This arc was called the Villain's Journey.  Showcasing a desperate man with nothing to lose, this arc showed us that the League needs a serious makeover in order to survive.  Some argue that the League fights amongst itself too much but I feel like that's how it would be.  If you bring 6 super-powered beings (and their crazy friend who dresses like a bat) into a room together there is bound to be a clash of egos.  I like that this ended the way Johns ended this issue with the preview of next years stories as well as the Justice League of America pin up we got to catch a glimpse of on Newsarama (link listed at the bottom). 

The highlight of this issue of course came from the much publicized hook up between Superman and Wonder Woman.  Lee makes it look awesome of course but it's Johns writing that let's the reader know that this isn't a stunt - this actually makes sense.  I won't give the moment away here but needless to say it's worth the read.  It honestly doesn't feel like a stunt - it feels more to me like a "What took them so long?" as opposed to "Oh really? I didn't see that coming!".  And that I think is the best compliment I can give to this issue.  The only problem I'm foreseeing right now is that I don't actually read Superman or Wonder Woman comic books . . . I should probably fix that . . . Eh we'll see . . .

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