Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Before Watchman: Dr Manhattan #1

Written by J Michael Stracynski Art by Adam Hughes

Ok so JMS finally redeemed himself after that crappy take on Nite Owl! Seriously that was very not cool dude . . . Anywho . . .

The basic idea I took away from this story was Philosophy vs Quantam Mechanics. It seemed to be very involved in itself. That probably sounded a bit like I'm insulting JMS but I'm not! The book should be confusing, involved, and maybe a bit off cuz that's the nature of the Dr Manhattan character. He's not emotionally accessible like Nite Owl or emotionally closed off like Rorschach. He's something in between they I don't know how to describe and I think JNS hit that note perfectly.
None of the BW titles have been what I expected. But that doesn't really mean anything cuz I now realize that I didn't know what to expect with the stories. For the most part they have all been hit or miss. This one luckily was a hit. I highly recommend.
Also it occurs to me that I don't think I've ever read anything with Adam Hughes art. Huh . . . I liked it!

Rating: Four and a half blue penises out of five

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